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Canon DR-4580U Instructions Manual

Universal document scanner
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Please read these instructions carefully before using this product, and save them for future reference.



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  Summary of Contents for Canon DR-4580U

  • Page 1 Instructions Please read these instructions carefully before using this product, and save them for future reference.
  • Page 2 Other Notices • The information given in these Operating Instructions is subject to change without notice. partner, Canon Electronics Inc. has determined that this product guidelines for energy efficiency. Office Equipment Program is an international program...
  • Page 4 If you lose the fuse cover the plug must not be used until a replacement cover is obtained. A replacement fuse cover can be purchased from your local Canon Dealer.
  • Page 5: General Safety Warnings

    General safety warnings Always follow these general safety warnings to prevent personal injury. Working around the scanner Follow these warnings while working around the scanner. • To avoid the hazards of fire and electrical shock, never expose this device to rain or any type of moisture. •...
  • Page 6: General Operating Precautions

    General operating precautions Never use this scanner for the following illegal purposes. • Copying currency, coins, securities. • Copying copyrighted material for any purpose other than personal reference. • Copying any kind of public or private document issued and controlled by law birth certificates, operator licenses, passports, etc.
  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents General safety warnings --------------------- 3 Working around the scanner ----------------------- 3 General operating precautions ------------- 4 Before you begin ------------------------------- 6 Welcome! ------------------------------------------------ 6 Outstanding features --------------------------------- 6 Conventions -------------------------------------------- 7 Important terms you should know ----------------- 7 Choosing a location for the scanner -------------- 7 Unpacking the scanner ------------------------------ 9 About the metal clamp ----------------------------- 10...
  • Page 8: Before You Begin

    Thank you for purchasing a Canon Document Scanner DR-4580U. These instructions show you how to operate and maintain the Canon Document Scanner DR-4580U. Before you use the scanner, read these instructions. Keep these instructions and all the other documents you re- ceived with the scanner in a safe place where you can find them for future reference.
  • Page 9: Conventions

    Conventions The following conventions are used in this manual. ( 12) A number enclosed in parentheses refers to a page number that contains more infor- mation about the previous sentence or paragraph. Note: Notes provide tips about procedures and how to avoid minor difficulties. Caution! Cautions alert you to procedures or circumstances that you should avoid in order to prevent damage to the scanner.
  • Page 10 Before you begin General Location • Make sure there is enough space around the scanner as shown in the illustration. 200 mm (7.9") • The scanner should not be exposed to direct sunlight. If this is unavoidable, install heavy curtains on the windows. •...
  • Page 11: Unpacking The Scanner

    Unpacking the scanner Check each item against the list below as you remove it from the box. If any item is missing, contact the supplier. Document Scanner DR-4580U Manuals License Agreement Note: Save the original box and packing material for re-packing the scanner if you need to transport it. ISIS/TWAIN Driver Operating Instructions Warranty...
  • Page 12: About The Metal Clamp

    Before you begin About the metal clamp To avoid damage during shipping, the optical unit of the scanner is secured with a metal clamp. Before moving or installing the scanner, you must install the metal clamp in the specified position. If you fail to install the metal clamp in the specified position when setting up the scanner, a warning message will be displayed on the LCD and you will not be able to use the scanner.
  • Page 13: Important Parts Of The Scanner

    Important parts of the scanner ADF door release (Inside ADF door) ADF door Front door Manual feed selector Exit substopper Front door release (Inside the front door) Exit document stopper Hopper extension tray Power switch | On O Off AC inlet Fan exhaust vent Before you begin Hopper...
  • Page 14 Before you begin With the document cover open Standard mark Document glass (Flatbed) With the ADF open Cover sheet (white sheet) CIS glass Scanning section glass...
  • Page 15: What Is On The Display Panel

    What is on the display panel? You can use keys and display panel message to set up scanning jobs. Scan Counter Home Imprint Others Menu keys How to use the display panel Press the keys to use the display panel. Scan Scan Opens the Scan setting menu on the...
  • Page 16: What Is On The Lcd

    Before you begin What is on the LCD? The LCD displays the messages about the scanner status during scanning jobs and displays the menus and settings for the menu setup mode. The Ready message (stand-by mode) The Ready message tells you that the scanner is standing by and ready for operation. After changing menu settings, or before starting a scanning job, make sure “Ready”...
  • Page 17: Setting Up The Scanner

    Setting up the scanner Follow the instructions in this section to set up the scanner. Before you set up the scanner, make sure that you have: • Prepared a suitable location for the scanner ( • Unpacked the scanner and made sure that you have everything ( •...
  • Page 18: Switching The Scanner On/Off

    Setting up the scanner In the case of “Update Device Driver Wizard” (Windows 95), click Next and then click Finish on the next screen. In the case of “Add New Hardware Wizard” (Windows 98), follow the procedure described below. 1 . Click Next. 2 .
  • Page 19: Selecting The Display Language

    Selecting the display language Follow this procedure if you want to select another language for the message displays. Three languages are available: Japanese, English, and German. Scan Counter Home Imprint Others 2, 4 If the scanner is on, switch it off. Press and hold down the Home key, then switch on the scanner.
  • Page 20: Setting How The Scanner Operates

    Setting up the scanner Setting how the scanner operates Before each scanning job, you can set up operation parameters that determine how the scanner operates. In this section, we will show you how to open and use the menus to perform operation settings. Setting the scan mode Press the Scan key to open the Scan menu and select the scanning density, scanning speed, and other settings that determine the conditions of the scanning job.
  • Page 21 Summary of the Scan menu modes and settings Number, mode and default display 01 Front side brightness 0 1 . F . B r i g h t n e s s D – – – – + – – – – L H o s t 02 Front side image emphasis 0 2 .
  • Page 22 Setting up the scanner Number, mode and default display 08 Back side contrast 0 8 . B . C o n t r a s t L – – – – + – – – – H H o s t 09 Back side halftone 0 9 .
  • Page 23 Number, mode and default display 14 Double Feed Action 1 4 . D o u b l F e e d A c t i o n B u z z e r 15 Setting the sensitivity of double feed detection 1 5 .
  • Page 24 Setting up the scanner Number, mode and default display 19 Load scanning settings 1 9 . L o a d S e t t i n g D e f a u l t Note • When scanning confidential documents, make sure that the number of pages scanned displayed in the LCD matches the actual number of pages scanned.
  • Page 25: Setting The Counter

    Setting the counter Press the Counter key to open the Counter menu and select the method of counting scanned document pages. If your software application is capable of performing these settings, you do not need to perform the settings manually with the display panel. Display panel Scan Counter...
  • Page 26 Setting up the scanner Summary of the Counter menu modes and settings Number, mode and default display 01 Select the counter displayed on LCD 0 1 . D i s p . C o u n t e r S c a n 02 Setting the user counter 0 2 .
  • Page 27: Setting The Imprinter

    Setting the imprinter Use the Imprint key to open the Imprint menu and define text that can be used to stamp the front pages of scanned documents. Selecting a setting other than Host will invalidate any settings made by the appli- cation running on your host computer.
  • Page 28 Setting up the scanner Summary of the Imprinter menu modes and settings Number, mode and default display 01 Setting the imprinter data 0 1 . P r e I m p r i n t H o s t 02 Setting the imprinter start position 0 2 .
  • Page 29: Performing Scsi And Other Settings With The Others Menu

    Performing SCSI and other settings with the Others menu Use the Others key to open the Other menu to define the SCSI ID for the scanner, terminator setting, buzzers sound setting, confirm the scanner version number, and so on. Note: These settings can be performed only with the scanner display panel. Display panel Scan Counter...
  • Page 30 Setting up the scanner Summary of the Others menu modes and settings Number, mode and default display 01 Checking the firmware version 0 1 . V e r s i o n 02 Setting the buzzer 0 2 . B u z z e r 03 Setting the SCSI ID 0 3 .
  • Page 31 Number, mode and default display 07 Checking the roller modules replacement warning 0 7 . R e p l a R o l l . W a r n i n g 07 Clearing the roller modules replacement warning 0 7 . R e p l a R o l l .
  • Page 32: Operating The Scanner

    Operating the scanner Using the ADF With the ADF you can load and scan a stack of document pages for continuous scanning. Before you use the ADF, however, you should know about the following recommendations and restrictions. ADF loading guidelines Check the stack of sheets before you load it in the ADF and follow these recommendations: •...
  • Page 33: Loading Documents In The Adf

    Loading documents in the ADF Follow this procedure to load documents into the ADF. To prevent double feeding, separate sheets before you stack them and load them in the ADF. Caution! Check the sheets and make sure all fasteners such as staples, pins, etc. have been removed.
  • Page 34 Operating the scanner Place the stack on the hopper with the side to be scanned facing up, then push the stack in the direction of the arrow until it stops. You can load up to 200 sheets of paper in the hopper, but you must not exceed the load limit mark.
  • Page 35 Perform this step if you are loading very long or very narrow paper. Long paper: When loading long paper in the ADF, pull out the hopper exten- sion tray. Set the exit document stopper slightly longer than the actual length of the document pages by pressing down slightly and sliding it in the direction of the arrow.
  • Page 36: Feeding A Document Manually From The Adf

    Operating the scanner Feeding a document manually from the ADF Follow this procedure to set the ADF to feed one sheet at a time. Set the manual feed selector to MANUAL. The hopper rises automatically to the cor- rect height for manual feeding. Set the document guide to the width of the sheet.
  • Page 37: Using The Flatbed To Scan Documents

    Using the flatbed to scan documents Use the flatbed to scan documents which cannot be loaded in the ADF, such as pages of open books or magazines, add size pages, or easily torn documents. Loading the flatbed Open the document cover. Place the scanning side of the sheet face down on the document glass.
  • Page 38 Operating the scanner Slowly close the document cover onto the sheet. • Always close the document cover be- fore scanning. • Always close the document cover slowly to prevent the sheet on the flatbed from shifting out of position. • After scanning the sheet, remove it from the flatbed immediately.
  • Page 39: Loading The Flatbed For Repeated Scanning

    Loading the flatbed for repeated scanning The ADF is heavy. When you need to use the flatbed for scanning many pages, separate the ADF from the document cover. Separate the ADF from the docu- ment cover. Pull out the exit document stop- per in the direction of the arrow.
  • Page 40: Using Control Sheets

    Operating the scanner Using control sheets By using the provided control sheets, you can scan documents of different types all in one job. When a control sheet is included in a stack of docu- ments, all documents following the control sheet are scanned using the settings that have been pre- viously assigned to that sheet.
  • Page 41: Clearing Paper Jams

    Clearing paper jams Torn sheets, thin sheets, or sheets that are creased on the top edge may cause paper jams. If a paper jam occurs, a message will be displayed on the LCD: U xx JAM. Follow the procedure below to remove the jammed sheet. Removing a jammed paper from the feed slot While pressing down the ADF door release, open the ADF door and...
  • Page 42: Removing A Paper Jam From The Paper Output Slot

    Operating the scanner Removing a paper jam from the paper output slot Follow this procedure to remove a jammed sheet from the paper output slot. Open the ADF and remove the jammed sheet. Slide the exit document stopper. Pull out the Front door release located under the hopper.
  • Page 43: Cleaning The Scanner

    Cleaning the scanner Follow the procedures below to clean outside and inside the scanner. Cleaning the scanner exterior Clean the surfaces of the scanner at least once a month. Switch the scanner off and discon- nect the power plug from the power source.
  • Page 44 Cleaning the scanner Soak a clean cloth in a weak solu- tion of water and mild detergent then wring the cloth out tightly. Use the cloth to wipe the surfaces of the rollers. Hold a roller in place to prevent it from rotating during cleaning and wipe it in the direction recommended in the illus- tration.
  • Page 45 With both hands on either side of the ADF door, slowly close it in the direction of the arrow and press it down until you hear it lock in place. When closing the ADF door, press down evenly on both sides to ensure that it latches shut correctly.
  • Page 46: Cleaning The Scanning Path

    Cleaning the scanner Close the ADF. With your hands on both sides of the ADF, press down slowly and gently with even pressure on both sides until you hear it lock in place. Caution! To avoid damaging the hopper extension tray, never press down on the hopper extension tray to close the ADF.
  • Page 47 Use the blower brush provided with the scanner to clean the document sensors, the double-feed detection sensors, and paper detection sensor. Cleaning the scanner Paper detection sensor Double-feed detection sensor Document sensors Double-feed detection sensor To clean the document, double-feed, and paper de- tection sensors, remove the brush from the blower and blow out the dirt through the holes Blower...
  • Page 48 Cleaning the scanner Close the ADF door. With your hands on both sides of the ADF, press down slowly and gently with even pressure on both sides until you hear it lock in place. When closing the ADF door, press down evenly on both sides to ensure that it latches shut correctly.
  • Page 49 Soak a clean cloth in a weak solu- tion of water and mild detergent then wring the cloth out tightly. Use the cloth to clean the following: • Scanning section glass • CIS glass • White plate • sensor roller Use the blower to clean the document sensors.
  • Page 50: Cleaning The Cover Sheet And Document Glass

    Cleaning the scanner Cleaning the cover sheet and document glass Open the document cover. Soak a clean cloth in a weak solu- tion of water and mild detergent then wring the cloth out tightly. Use the cloth to clean the document glass and the cover sheet.
  • Page 51: Attaching The Sensor Roller

    Attaching the sensor roller If the sensor roller comes loose while cleaning, reattach it as explained below. Point the gear end of the roller shaft to the left side of the scanner. Insert the bushings on both ends of the shaft into the guide grooves, matching the flat sides of the bush- ings with the flat sides of the of the guide grooves.
  • Page 52: Expanding Memory

    Expanding memory Depending on document size and resolution, you may need to add expansion memory to the scanner to prevent it from running out of memory during scanning. About the DIMM modules used with this scanner • JEDEC compliant 168-pin DIMM •...
  • Page 53: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting If a problem occurs, first check the list below for a description of the problem and the suggested remedy. If you cannot solve the problem, switch the scanner off, unplug the power cord and call for service. General Error Table Problem Computer does not recognize the scanner...
  • Page 54 Troubleshooting Error Message Table W a r n i n g * * * * * * C l e a n l l e r W a r n i n g * * * * * * R e p l a c e R o l l e r W a r n i n g...
  • Page 55: Specifications

    Specifications Scanner Scanning side Scanning method Scanning speed Resolution Tonal gradation Image processing Paper Hopper capacity External dimensions Weight Power rating Power consumption Temperature Operating Environment Humidity Storage Temperature Environment Humidity Options Imprinter White Background Unit for DR-4580U A roller kit for making white image backgrounds. Red Lamp Consumables Ink cartridge...
  • Page 56: Index

    Index AC inlet ... 11 ADF door ... 11 ADF door release ... 11 Black line removal ... 20 Brightness ... 19 Buzzer ... 28 CIS glass ... 12 Clean Roller Warning ... 28 Cleaning the scanner ... 41 Connecting the scanner ... 15 Connectors ...
  • Page 57 Scan key ... 13 Scanning settings ... 21, 22 Scanning mode ... 20 Scanning section glass ... 12 SCSI ID ... 28 Select keys ... 13 Sensor roller ... 49 Sleep mode ... 14, 29 Standard mark ... 12 Start/Stop key ... 13 Switching the scanner on/off ...