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GE 2-8111A User Manual

Slim dect multi-handset speakerphone answering system
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Slim DECT Multi-Handset
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fOr rEviEwiNg
Ed TExT is chaNgE frOm
rEEN TExT is TakEN frOm
luE TExT NEEds vErificaTiON
Your new GE telephone system is EXPANDABLE
up to a total of 6 handsets (by purchase of optional
Model 28106 handset with charge cradle)



Summary of Contents for GE 2-8111A

  • Page 1 28115 Ed TExT is chaNgE frOm 28112 rEEN TExT is TakEN frOm luE TExT NEEds vErificaTiON Your new GE telephone system is EXPANDABLE up to a total of 6 handsets (by purchase of optional Model 28106 handset with charge cradle)
  • Page 2 Equipment Approval Information Your telephone equipment is approved for connection to the Public Switched Telephone Network and is in compliance with parts 15 and 68, FCC Rules and Regulations and the Technical Requirements for Telephone Terminal Equipment published by ACTA. 1 Notification to the Local Telephone Company On the bottom of this equipment is a label indicating, among other information, the US number and Ringer Equivalence Number (REN) for the equipment.
  • Page 3 The telephone company may make changes in its communications facilities, equipment, operations or procedures where such action is required in the operation of its business and not inconsistent with FCC Rules and Regulations. If these changes are expected to affect the use or performance of your telephone equipment, the telephone company must give you adequate notice, in writing, to allow you to maintain uninterrupted service.
  • Page 4 Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) This telephone system meets FCC standards for Hearing Aid Compatibility. Licensing Licensed under US Patent 6,47,009. FCC RF Radiation Exposure Statement This equipment complies with FCC RF radiation exposure limits set forth for an uncontrolled environment. This equipment should be installed and operated with a minimum distance of 0 centimeters between the radiator and your body.
  • Page 5 Table of Contents ........2 quipmENT pprOval NfOrmaTiON ..........3 NTErfErENcE NfOrmaTiON (hac) ........4 EariNg OmpaTiBiliTy ..............4 icENsiNg fcc rf r ......4 adiaTiON xpOsurE TaTEmENT ..............6 NTrOducTiON ............6 EfOrE EgiN ..............6 arts heCklist ..........7 elePhone equirements ..............
  • Page 7 Introduction CAUTION: When using telephone equipment, there are basic safety instructions that should always be followed. Refer to the IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS provided with this product and save them for future reference. IMPORTANT: Because cordless phones operate on electricity, you should have at least one phone in your home that isn’t cordless, in case the power in your home goes out.
  • Page 8 Telephone Jack Requirements Wall plate To use this phone, you need an RJ11C type modular telephone jack, Modular which might look like the one pictured here, installed in your home. telephone line If you don’t have a modular jack, call your local phone company to jack find out how to get one installed.
  • Page 9 Important Installation Guidelines • Avoid sources of noise and heat, such as motors, fluorescent lighting, microwave ovens, heating appliances and direct sunlight. • Avoid areas of excessive dust, moisture and low temperature. • Avoid other cordless telephones or personal computers. •...
  • Page 10 Handset Layout Center radial button controls display volume/CID up/down, delete/conference/intercom, and memory functions menu ok/mute redial/format (button) (button) (button) talk (button) speaker (button) review (button) skip (button) play/stop (button) #pause/ringer (button) *tone erase (button) (button)
  • Page 11 Installing the Phone Installing the Handset Battery NOTE: You must connect the handset battery before use. CAUTION: To reduce the risk of fire or personal injury, use only the Thomson Inc. approved Lithium battery model 5-2770 or 5-2762, that is compatible with this unit.
  • Page 12 6. Allow the phone to charge for 1 hours prior to first use. If you don’t properly charge the phone, battery performance is compromised. CAUTION: To reduce risk of personal injury, fire, or damage use only the 5-2760 power adaptor listed in the user’s guide. This power adaptor is intended to be correctly orientated in a vertical or floor mount position.
  • Page 13 12PM, 1PM. 4. Press and release the button to advance the clock in one minute intervals. Press and hold to increase by 5-minute increments. 5. After the time is set, the real time clock will be displayed on the handset within 1 minute. NOTE: You must set the day manually.
  • Page 14 Sample Outgoing Announcement Hi, this is (use your name here), I can’t answer the phone right now, so please leave your name, number and a brief message after the tone, and I’ll get back to you. Thanks. NOTE: The maximum recording time for the outgoing announcement is 2 minutes.
  • Page 15 Shortcut to the keylock function: 1. Make sure the phone is OFF (not in talk mode). . Press the menu ok/mute button, then press and hold the #pause/ringer button until KEYPAD LOCKED shows in the display. To unlock keypad: Press the menu ok/mute button, then press the #pause/ringer button. Room Monitor (applicable only with additional handsets) 1.
  • Page 16 Handset Setup 1. Make sure your phone is OFF (not in talk mode). . Press the menu ok/mute button to go to the main menu. 3. Press vol/CID ( 6 or 5) button to scroll to HANDSET SETUP. 4. Press the menu ok/mute button to confirm and you may program the following items: Language, Handset Name, Ringer Tone, Ringer Volume, VIP Melody, Key Tone, Area Code, Tone/Pulse, Registration, Deregistration and Default Setting.
  • Page 17 4. Press the menu ok/mute button to save your name. You will hear a confirmation tone and the handset name shows in the display. Ringer Tone You may choose from ten different ringer tones and ten different melodies. From the Handset Setup Menu: 1.
  • Page 18 VIP Melody This feature allows you to assign a specific melody to someone you want to get your attention when the person calls. When a VIP melody is assigned and that person calls, the unit rings the normal ring for the first ring and then follows with VIP melody ring. You may choose from ten different polyphonic melodies and may store up to 10 VIP records.
  • Page 19 Changing a Stored VIP Melody Record Use the Storing VIP Melody procedure to change the number of a selected record and replace the old phone number with new phone number. When REPLACE VIP# ? shows in the display, you must press the menu ok/mute button on the handset to confirm replacement.
  • Page 20 3. Use the touch-tone pad to enter the selection, or use the vol/CID (6 or 5) button to scroll to the 1ON or 2OFF. The default setting is 2OFF. 4. Press the menu ok/mute button to confirm. You will hear a confirmation tone and the new setting shows in the display.
  • Page 21 Area Code From the Handset Setup Menu: 1. Press the vol/CID ( 6 or 5) button to scroll to the AREA CODE sub-menu. . Press the menu ok/mute button to enter the menu. SET AREA CODE - - - shows in the display.
  • Page 22 5. Press and hold the page button on the base unit until the in use indicator flashes. Press the handset the menu ok/mute button. REGISTERING shows in the display. HANDSET X REGISTERED shows in the handset display, where X is the handset number. You may now rename your handset.
  • Page 23 Global De-registration If one or more handsets becomes lost, you should de-register all handsets to ensure proper system operation. Follow the steps below to de-register all handsets at the same time. WARNING: It is not recommended that a handset be de-registered unless absolutely necessary because once a handset is de-registered, that handset’s telephone features cannot be used until the handset is re-registered.
  • Page 24 Telephone Operation Visual Indicators Charge Indicator on Base The charge indicator will remain lit when a handset is in the base charging. In Use Indicator on Base The in use indicator on the base will flash to alert you to an incoming call, during paging, or if you have a message waiting from your service provider.
  • Page 25 Answering Calls 1. When the phone rings, press the speaker button on the handset, - OR - Pick up the handset and press the talk button. . When finished, press the end button to hang up. NOTE: Adjust the handset volume by pressing the vol/CID ( 6 or 5) button during a call.
  • Page 26 Last Number Redial You may redial a number up to 3 digits long. To quickly redial the last number you dialed: 1. Press the talk or speaker button. . Press the redial button. -OR- Press the redial button first, then use the vol/CID ( 6 or 5) button to select the desired redial number.
  • Page 27 Base Paging Use the base to page all registered handsets at the same time. 1. Press the page button on the base. All handsets beep for two minutes, and PAGING FROM BASE shows on each handset’s display. . To cancel the page, press the page button on the base, or press the talk or the end button on each handset.
  • Page 28 5. When finished, press the end button or del/conf/intercom button on either handset to deactivate the intercom. NOTE: The system is expandable up to 6 handsets (by purchase of optional Model 28106 handset with recharge cradle). When 6 handsets are registered, the system can handle 2 separate intercom operations at once, for example, 1st handset intercoms with 2nd handset while 3rd handset intercoms with 4th handset.
  • Page 29 Three-Way Calling 1. During an external call, press the del/conf/intercom button. LINE ON HOLD EXTENSION? shows in the display. . Use the touch-tone pad to select Handset #. You will hear a paging tone and PAGING shows in the originating handset’s display. NOTE: PAGING FROM...
  • Page 30 Provided you subscribe to Call Waiting Caller ID service from your phone company; if you receive an incoming call and you are using the GE multi handset system, a beep indicates the presence of a Call Waiting call on the line. The Call Waiting Caller ID information will be displayed and stored in the history of all handsets in the system.
  • Page 31 When the 41st call is received, the oldest Caller ID record (1st call) is automatically deleted. You may review the stored information at any time. Calls received since your last review show as NEW in the display. Calls that have not been previously reviewed but were received from the same number more than once show as REPT in the display.
  • Page 32 Storing CID Records in Internal Memory You may also store CID information in the phone’s internal memory. NOTE: It is important that you format CID records correctly BEFORE storing in internal memory as you cannot reformat CID records stored in memory. 1.
  • Page 33 Phonebook Each handset can store up to fifty records in phone book for quick dialing; each record can contain a maximum of 0-digit numbers and 15-character names. Review Records 1. Make sure the phone is OFF (not in talk mode). VIEW .
  • Page 34 Inserting a Pause in the Dialing Sequence (of a Stored Number) Press the #PAUSE/RINGER button on the handset’s touch-tone pad to insert a delay in dialing sequence when a pause is needed to wait for a dial tone (for example, after you dial 9 for an outside line, or to wait for a computer access tone.) Each pause counts as one digit in the dialing sequence.
  • Page 35 Answering System Operation This section discusses the buttons and features on the answering system. Message Counter Indicator The message counter gives you a numeric display of how many messages you have. The new message indicator flashes to indicate you have new messages. See below for the details. a) Message counter has a number displayed without flashing - No new messages.
  • Page 36 Leaving a Message/Memo Use the memo feature to leave a message. 1. Press and hold the memo button. . Begin speaking after you hear “RECORD MESSAGE” and start tone. 3. Release the memo button when you are finished recording the memo. NOTE: Maximum recording time for memo is 3 minutes.
  • Page 37 Erasing Messages You may erase messages in the following three ways: To erase a message while it is playing 1. Press and release play/stop button. . Press the review and skip buttons to select and play the message you want to erase. 3.
  • Page 38 1. Press the flash/answerer button to access the answering system. CALL SCREENING shows on the display. . Listen as the caller leaves a message. 3. Press the talk or speaker buttons to speak to the person or press the flash/answerer button to stop screening the call.
  • Page 39 Changing the Battery CAUTION: To reduce the risk of fire or personal injury, use only the Thomson Inc. approved Lithium battery model 5-2770 or 5-2762, that is compatible with this unit. 1. Make sure the telephone is OFF (not in TALK mode) before you replace battery. .
  • Page 40 Display Messages The following indicators show the status of a message or of the unit. BLOCKED NUMBER The person is calling from a number that has been blocked from transmission. CHARGE COMPLETED Indicates the battery charging has completed. CHARGING Indicates the handset needs to charge for a period of time before it can resume normal function.
  • Page 41 LONG DISTANCE Indicates CID record is from a long distance call. LOW BATTERY Indicates the battery needs to be charged. MSG WAITING OFF Indicates voice mail has been retrieved from service provider. Indicates call or calls have not been reviewed. NEW CALL XX XX represents the number of new CID records not reviewed.
  • Page 42 Answering System Display Messages The following messages show the status of the answering system or help you set up and use the system. 0-59 Indicates the total number of messages. CL (blinking) The voice time/day stamp needs to be set. Answering system is turned off.
  • Page 43 Cordless Phone Solutions No dial tone • Check installation: Make sure the base power cord is connected to a working electrical outlet. Make sure the telephone line cord is connected to the base unit and the wall phone jack. • Connect another phone to the same modular jack; if the second phone doesn’t work, the problem might be with your wiring or local service.
  • Page 44 Memory Dialing doesn’t work • Make sure you programmed the memory location keys correctly. • Did you follow proper dialing sequence? Unit locks up and there is no communication between the handset and base • Unplug the power adaptor from the electrical outlet and the back of the base. Remove the handset battery.
  • Page 45 Won’t respond to remote commands • You must use a tone-dial phone. This phone does not support pulse (rotary) dialing. • Make sure to enter the correct security code. • Did unit hang up? If you take no action for a period of time, it automatically hangs up.
  • Page 46 Instructions For Optional/Additional Handset(s) This phone is EXPANDABLE up to a total of 6 handsets (by additional purchase of the optional Model 8106 handset with charge cradle). IMPORTANT: If you have purchased an extra handset apart from your original purchased unit you may find a detailed description of its functions in the User’s Guide provided with your original purchased unit.
  • Page 47 NOTE: To ensure proper battery installation, the connector is keyed and can be inserted only one way. 4. Insert the battery pack. 5. Close the battery compartment by pushing the door up until it snaps into place. Extra Charging Cradle 1.
  • Page 48 Service If trouble is experienced with this equipment, for repair or warranty information, please contact customer service at 1-800-448-0329. If the equipment is causing harm to the telephone network, the telephone company may request that you disconnect the equipment until the problem is resolved. This product may be serviced only by the manufacturer or its authorized service agents.
  • Page 49 • Pay any charges billed to you by the Exchange Center for service not covered by the warranty. • Insure your shipment for loss or damage. Thomson Inc. accepts no liability in case of damage or loss. • A new or refurbished unit will be shipped to you freight prepaid. What your warranty does not cover: •...
  • Page 50 Index to be updated...
  • Page 51 Index...
  • Page 52 Accessory Information DESCRIPTION MODEL NO. AC Power adaptor 5-2760 Handset Replacement Battery 5-2770 or 5-2762 Optional/Additional Handset Cradle 5-2766 To place order, have your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Card ready and call toll-free 1-800-338-0376. A shipping and handling fee will be charged upon ordering. We are required by law to collect appropriate sales tax for each individual state, country, and locality to which the merchandise is being sent.

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