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Updating The Bios; Determining The Bios Version; Downloading A Bios Update - HP Pavilion HDX9000 Software Update

Hp pavilion hdx9000: software guide
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Updating the BIOS

To update the BIOS, first determine what BIOS version you currently have and then download and install
the new BIOS.

Determining the BIOS version

To determine whether available BIOS updates contain later BIOS versions than those currently installed
on the computer, you need to know the version of the system BIOS currently installed.
BIOS version information (also known as ROM date and System BIOS) can be displayed by pressing
(if you are already in Windows) or by opening Computer Setup.
To use Computer Setup for displaying BIOS information, follow these steps:
Open Computer Setup by turning on or restarting the computer, and then pressing
"F10 = ROM Based Setup" message is displayed in the lower-left corner of the screen.
If Computer Setup does not open with the system information displayed, use the arrow keys to
select File > System Information.
When the File menu is selected, BIOS and other system information is displayed.
To exit Computer Setup, use the arrow keys to select File > Ignore Changes And Exit, and then
press enter.

Downloading a BIOS update

a BIOS update only when the computer is connected to reliable external power using the AC adapter.
Do not download or install a BIOS update while the computer is running on battery power, docked in an
optional docking device, or connected to an optional power source. During the download and installation,
follow these instructions:
Do not disconnect power from the computer by unplugging the power cord from the AC outlet.
Do not shut down the computer or initiate Sleep or Hibernation.
Do not insert, remove, connect, or disconnect any device, cable, or cord.
To download a BIOS update:
Access the page on the HP Web site that provides software for your computer:
Select Start > Help and Support, and then select the software and drivers update.
Follow the instructions on the screen to identify your computer and access the BIOS update you
want to download.
At the download area, follow these steps:
Identify the BIOS update that is later than the BIOS version currently installed on your
computer. Make a note of the date, name, or other identifier. You may need this information
to locate the update later, after it has been downloaded to your hard drive.
Follow the instructions on the screen to download your selection to the hard drive.
Updating software
To prevent damage to the computer or an unsuccessful installation, download and install
while the


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