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Monitoring Notebook Temperature; Cleaning Your Notebook - HP Compaq NC4000 Maintenance Manual

Maintenance, shipping and travel
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Maintenance, Shipping and Travel
If the notebook will not be used for a week or more, shut
it down.
If the notebook will be disconnected from external power for
more than 2 weeks:
For detailed shut down procedures, refer to the Hardware Guide
on this CD.

Monitoring Notebook Temperature

Your notebook is designed to run demanding applications that
require PC Cards, CD-ROM drives, and large amounts of RAM,
while maintaining full processor performance. As a result of
increased power consumption, it is normal for the computer to
feel warm or hot when being used for extended periods.
The notebook complies with international safety standards for
temperatures of user-accessible surfaces. For more information
about operating temperatures, refer to the Hardware Guide on
this CD.

Cleaning Your Notebook

WARNING: Always disconnect the power from your notebook and
disconnect peripherals before attempting to clean your notebook or
any of its components.
CAUTION: Do not spray liquids on your notebook, display, or
keyboard. Liquids and household solvents can permanently
damage your notebook's finish and interior components.
Shut down the notebook.
Remove all battery packs and store them in a cool,
dry place.
Maintenance, Shipping and Travel

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