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Caring For Drives - HP Compaq NC4000 Maintenance Manual

Maintenance, shipping and travel
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Caring for Drives

Drives are fragile notebook components that must be handled
with care. The following cautions apply to all drives at all times.
CAUTION: To prevent loss of work, damage to the notebook or a drive:
Electrostatic discharge can damage electronic components. To
prevent electrostatic damage to the notebook or a drive, follow
these 2 precautions: 1) Discharge yourself from static electricity
before handling a drive by touching a grounded metal object
and, 2) Avoid touching the connectors on a drive. For more
information about preventing electrostatic damage, refer on this
CD to Regulatory and Safety Notices.
Excessive force can damage drive connectors. When you insert
a drive, use only enough pressure to seat the drive.
Handle a drive carefully. Do not drop it.
Avoid exposing a hard drive to devices with magnetic fields.
Products with magnetic fields include video and audio tape
erasure products, monitors, and speakers. Security devices
with magnetic fields include airport walk-through devices and
security wands. Airport security devices that check carry-on
luggage via a conveyor belt typically use x-rays instead of
magnetism, which will not damage a hard drive.
Do not spray a drive with cleaning fluids.
Avoid exposing a drive to liquids or temperature extremes.
If you mail a drive, ship it in packaging that protects it from
shock, vibration, temperature, and humidity, label the package,
Maintenance, Shipping and Travel
Maintenance, Shipping and Travel

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