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HP 2140 Mini-Note User Manual: Maximizing Battery Discharge Time; Managing Low Battery Levels; Identifying Low Battery Levels

Hp 2140 mini-note: user guide.
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Charging may take longer if a battery is new, has been unused for 2 weeks or more, or is much warmer
or cooler than room temperature.
To prolong battery life and optimize the accuracy of battery charge displays, follow these
If you are charging a new battery, charge it fully before turning on the device.
Charge the battery until the battery light turns off.
may show 100 percent charge before the battery is fully charged.
Allow the battery to discharge below 5 percent of a full charge through normal use before charging
If the battery has been unused for one month or more, calibrate the battery instead of simply
charging it.
The battery light displays charge status:
On: The battery is charging.
Blinking: The battery that is the only available power source has reached a low battery level. When
the battery reaches a critical battery level, the battery light begins blinking rapidly.
Off: The battery is fully charged, in use, or not installed.

Maximizing battery discharge time

Battery discharge time varies depending on the features you use while on battery power. Maximum
discharge time gradually shortens, as the battery storage capacity naturally degrades.
Tips for maximizing battery discharge time:
Lower the brightness on the display.
Remove the battery from the device when it is not being used or charged.
Store the battery in a cool, dry location.

Managing low battery levels

The information in this section describes the alerts and system responses set at the factory. Some low-
battery alerts and system responses can be changed using Power Management Preferences in Settings.
Preferences set using Power Management do not affect lights.

Identifying low battery levels

When a battery that is the sole power source for the device reaches a low battery level, the battery light
If a low battery level is not resolved, the device enters a critical battery level, and the battery light blinks
Chapter 6 Power management
If the device is on while the battery is charging, the battery meter in the notification area


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