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3-CCD Color Camera
Please read this operation manual carefully for proper operation, and keep it for future reference.
The model and serial numbers of your product are important for you to keep for your convenience and
protection. These numbers appear on the nameplate located on the bottom of the product. Please record these
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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Hitachi HV-F31CL

  • Page 1 3-CCD Color Camera HV-F31CL MODEL HV-F22CL HV-F31CL-S1 HV-F22CL-S1 OPERATION MANUAL Please read this operation manual carefully for proper operation, and keep it for future reference. The model and serial numbers of your product are important for you to keep for your convenience and NOTE: protection.
  • Page 2 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 1. Read Instructions 8. Accessories All the safety and operating instructions should Do not place this product on an unstable cart, be read before the product is operated. stand, tripod, bracket, or table. The product may fall, causing serious injury to a child or adult, and 2.
  • Page 3 built-in installation such as a bookcase or rack receptacles, and the point where they exit from unless proper ventilation is provided or the the product. manufacturer's instructions have been adhered 14. Lightning For added protection for this product during a lightning storm, or when it is left unattended and 11.
  • Page 4 performance-this indicates a need for service. 19. Servicing Do not attempt to service this product yourself as 21. Replacement Parts opening or removing covers may expose you to When replacement parts are required, be sure the dangerous voltage or other hazards. Refer all service technician has used replacement parts servicing to qualified service personnel.
  • Page 5 WICHTIGE SICHERHEITSANWEISUNGEN Waschzubers, in einem nassen Keller, in der Nähe 1. Alle Anweisungen lesen Betrieb Erzeugnisses sollten alle eines Schwimmbeckens usw. Sicherheits-und Bedienungsanleitungen gelesen 8. Aufstellung werden. Das Erzeugnis nicht auf einen unstabilen Wagen, Stand, Dreifuß, Träger oder Tisch stellen. 2.
  • Page 6 erforderlich und dürfen nicht blockiert oder abgedeckt nur in ein schuko-Steckdose. Dies ist eine Sicherheitsmaßnahme. Wenn Sie den Stecker werden. Die Öffnungen sollten niemals dadurch blockiert nicht in die Steckdose stecken können, so wenden werden, daß, das Gerät auf ein Bett, ein Sofa, Sie sich bitte an ihren Elektriker, damit er die veraltete Schuts...
  • Page 7 qualifiziertes Wartungspersonal, wenn eine der 16. Eindringen von Fremdkörpern und Flüssigkeit Niemals Objekte irgendwelcher Art durch die folgenden Bedingungen vorliegt: Öffnungen in das Gerät schieben, da diese unter a. Wenn Netzkabel oder Stecker beschädigt ist. hoher Spannung stehende Teile berühren oder b.
  • Page 8 21. Ersatzteile Wenn Ersatzteile erforderlich sind, darauf achten, daß der Wartungstechniker nur die vom Hersteller festgelegten Ersatzteile oder Teile mit gleichen Charakteristiken ursprünglichen Teile verwendet. Unautorisierte Ersatzteile können Feuer, elektrischen Schlag oder sonstige Gefährdungen verursachen. 22. Sicherheitsprüfung Bitten Sie den Wartungstechniker nach der Vollendung von Wartung oder Reparaturarbeiten an diesem Erzeugnis um die Durchführung von Sicherheitsprüfungen, um zu bestimmen, daß...
  • Page 9 MISES EN GARDE IMPORTANTES ou d’un bac á lessive, dans un sous-sol humide, 1. Lire les instructions Lire toutes les instructions de sécurité et de ou prés d’une piscine, etc. fonctionnement avant de faire fonctionner 8. Accessoires l’appareil. Ne pas placer l’appareil sur un chariot, un socle, un pied, un support ou one table instables 2.
  • Page 10 l’appareil et le protéger de toute surchauffe, et Ne pas rendre vaine la measure de sécurité ouvertures ne devront donc être ni assurée par cette prise avec mise á la terre. obstruées ni recouvertes. Ne jamais obstruer les 13. Protection du cordon d’alimentation Acheminer les cordons d’alimentation de facon ouvertures en placant l’appareil sur un lit, un qu’on ne risque pas de marcher dessus ou de les...
  • Page 11 provoquer un feu ou un choc électrique. d. Si l’appareil ne fonctionne pas normalement jamais renverser de liquide d’aucune sorte sur lorsqu’on observe les instructions d’utilisation. l’appareil. Ne régler que les commandes couvertes par le mode d’emploi ; en effet, un réglage incorrect 17.
  • Page 12 22. Vérificaton de sécurité Aprés tout travail d’entretien ou de réparation de l’appareil, demander au technicien de réparation d’effectuer les vérifications de sécurité pour s’assurer que l’appareil est en bon état de marche. 23.Montage au mur ou au plafond L’appareil ne pourra être monté au mur ou au plafond que de la maniére recommandée par le fabricant.
  • Page 13: Important Notice

    WARNING Changes modifications expressly approved by Hitachi Denshi responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.
  • Page 14: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents ················································M Camera Link output timing chart ······················· 38 Standard composition ········································1 Trigger operation and timing chart Overview ····························································1 HV-F31CL / HV-F31CL-S1································ 41 Features ·····························································2 HV-F22CL / HV-F22CL-S1································ 43 Notes to users ····················································3 External sync operation timing ·························· 45 Important safety notes ·····································3...
  • Page 15: Standard Composition

    The Camera Link interface brings RGB digital video output of 3 x 10 bit (HV-F31CL / HV-F22CL), or 3 x 8 bit (HV-F31CL-S1 / HV-F22CL-S1).
  • Page 16: Features

    LSI signal processing technology. • 6 vector masking Independent six colors masking is the Hitachi innovation for optimizing color balance. The saturation and the hue of 6 colors (Red, blue, green, cyan, magenta and yellow) are adjusted independently to deliver the best color in image capture, microscope and other applications.
  • Page 17: Notes To Users

    Confirm the power is off before connecting or disconnecting a signal cable. Grasp connectors by the body, not the attached wires. Lens The correct lens is important for deriving optimum performance from the camera. Consult a Hitachi Denshi dealer for a selection of fine lenses according to the application. Installation and storage sites The following types of environment can impair performance, lead to damage, pose safety hazards and shorten the useful life of the camera.
  • Page 18: Ccd Properties

    • Humid or dusty • Exposed to vibration or shock • Strong electrical or magnetic fields • Exceptionally strong light Continuous operation In situations where the camera is used continuously for long periods of time, the ambient temperature should be kept below 40 ℃...
  • Page 19 2) Fixed pattern noise High ambient temperature can cause fixed pattern noise to appear throughout the scene. 3) Moire Interaction between patterns can produce an additional "phantom" pattern to appear. The CCD picture elements (pixels) are arranged in a pattern, which can interact with a pattern in the scene (e.g., a performer wearing a finely striped necktie) to result in a Moire pattern.
  • Page 20: System Example

    The frame grabber should conform to medium configuration (HV-F31CL / HV-F22CL) or base configuration (HV-F31CL-S1 / HV-F22CL-S1) of Camera Link standard. With HV-F31CL / HV-F22CL, both the frame grabber and the PC should have a PCI interface of 64bit / 66MHz or higher.
  • Page 21: Section Names And Functions

    Digital video output and serial communication. Connect to the frame grabber with Camera Link cable. HV-F31CL-S1 HV-F22CL-S1 NOTE HV-F31CL and HV-F22CL have two Camera Link connectors: D.OUT 1 / REMOTE and D.OUT 2. HV-F31CL-S1 HV-F22CL-S1 single Camera mounting screw holes...
  • Page 22: Connectors

    Connectors 1. Camera Link connector (3M, 10226-2210VE) D.OUT 1 / REMOTE D.OUT 2 Signal Signal Signal Signal designation designation designation designation Xclk- Xclk+ Yclk- Yclk+ SerTC+ SerTC- SerTFG- SerTFG+ NC[CC1]- NC[CC1]+ TRIG[CC2]+ TRIG[CC2]- NC[CC3]- NC[CC3]+ NC[CC4]+ NC[CC4]- X0~X2, Y0~Y2 : Video and sync output Xclk, Yclk : Pixel clock output SerTC : RXD serial data to camera SerTFG : TXD serial data to frame grabber...
  • Page 23 2. DC IN/SYNC connector (Hirose, HR10A-10R-12PB(01)) Pin NO. Signal designation NOTE Serial communication port (RS-232C) can be assigned in Pin No.6 and No.7 of DC IN/SYNC connector using inside +12V input switches. These switches are placed on the PCB behind the lens mount.
  • Page 24: Lens

    Lens flange adequate performance from camera. HV-F31CL(-S1): Max. 4.3mm Especially in the case of a three elements CCD HV-F22CL(-S1): Max. 4.0mm system C mount camera, the lens incidence and exit distances are important. If separation is too short, color irregularity is apt to occur at the top and bottom of the image.
  • Page 25: Camera Mounting

    Camera mounting The camera is provided with threaded screw holes at the top and bottom. These allow mounting to either a tripod or a mounting bracket. Screw type: U 1/4-20 Length: 4.5 to 6 mm Screws longer than 6 mm can cause internal damage, while less than 5 mm prevents secure fastening and risks dropping to...
  • Page 26: Functions And Operations

    Functions and operations Camera function setting is by computer via Camera Link connector or DC IN/SYNC connector. In this chapter, the camera function and the operation are described. For the send/receive procedure, refer to another manual: “Technical Information for Remote Control”. 1.
  • Page 27 (3) WHITE BALANCE White balance adjustment -White balance mode- MEMORY : White balance is held at the time when the AWB is set. : White balance is always adjusted automatically. AUTO Setting value 20040xxF3 h xx: 04h(MEMORY), 08h(AUTO) -AUTO ADJUST (One Push) (AWB)- Setting value 4010 h -Manual adjustment- Adjust the gain of R ch and B ch independently.
  • Page 28 1) In the case that shutter speed is equal to (1 / OFF_VALUE) or shorter Calculate value from exposure time nnnnh = log ( OFF_VALUE× ”Shutter Speed” ) 0.99 Exp) Exposure time = 1/100 sec (for HV-F31CL) Value:nnnn = log (30×(1/100)) 0.99 = log(30×(1/100)) / log0.99 ≒ 0078h...
  • Page 29 2) In the case that shutter speed is longer than (1 / OFF_VALUE) Calculate value from exposure time nnnnh = 10001h - (OFF_VALUE × ”Shutter Speed” ) Exp) Exposure time = 1/7.5 sec (for HV-F31CL) 10001h- (30×(1/7.5)) = FFFDh Calculate exposure time from value Shutter Speed[sec] = ( 10001h –...
  • Page 30 (7) SATURATION Total color saturation adjustment -Manual adjustment- Setting value 3052xxzz h xx: 80h to 7Fh signed (default: 00h) zz: undefined Color saturation is reduced toward 80h and raised toward 7Fh. (8) GAMMA Gamma correction is adjusted. -ON/OFF- Setting value 20020xFD h x: 0- ON, 2- OFF - Manual adjustment - : Adjust total (R, G, and B) gamma curve.
  • Page 31 -Trigger mode- : Exposure timing is linked with flash pulse output. MODE 0 Setting value 203600FC h : Exposure timing is linked with trigger pulse rising/falling edge. MODE 1 Setting value 203601FC h -Trigger polarity- Select positive or negative trigger pulse polarity. : Setting value 203600DF h NEGATIVE : Setting value 203620DF h...
  • Page 32 (10) AUTO SHADING Chromatic shading due to lens aberration or light unevenness can be automatically compensated. NOTE: 1. When using a camera for the first time or replacing the lens, execute shading correction. 2. When using under the special type light source, for example fluorescent, mercury, etc., a flicker can prevent white balance adjustment or shading correction.
  • Page 33 -AUTO ADJUST (One Push) - Execute the adjustment of the shading set above. Setting value 4030 h The implementation procedure 1. Prepare auto iris lens or manual iris lens already set to proper aperture. 2. Pickup a white object in the full screen. Be sure that the object is evenly lighted from top to bottom. 3.
  • Page 34: Masking Function

    2. MASKING function Saturation and hue of 6 primary colors: R-G-B-Ye-Cy-Mg can be independently varied (6 vector independent masking). Color reproduction and fidelity are effectively enhanced. -ON/OFF- Setting value 2002x0BF h x: 0- OFF, 4- ON -Manual adjustment (Saturation)- R saturation : Setting value 3046xxzz h G saturation : Setting value 3047xxzz h...
  • Page 35: Black Balance & White Gate Function

    3. BLACK BALANCE & WHITE GATE function (1) BLACK BALANCE Adjust black balance to provide proper color tone at a dark part of video image. -Manual adjustment- The pedestal level of R ch and B ch is adjusted independently. : Setting value 3021xxzz h R BLACK : Setting value 3023xxzz h B BLACK...
  • Page 36: Auto Exposure Function

    The window position is moved horizontal and vertical. : Setting value 30A2xxzz h H POSITION xx: AFh to 51h signed [HV-F22] / C4h to 3Ch signed [HV-F31], zz: undefined : Setting value 30A3xxzz h V POSITION xx: C4h to 3Ch signed [HV-F22] / D4h to 2Ch signed [HV-F31], zz: undefined 4.
  • Page 37 variable magnification. (3) ALC GATE AUTO EXPOSURE signal detect area (8 x 8) can be set as desired. -OFF- Setting value 2800007F h The screen overall video signal is detected for AUTO EXPOSURE control. -ON- Setting value 2800807F h GATE for detecting the AUTO EXPOSURE video signal is set in lines 1-2 to 7-8. The area is not shown on the screen.
  • Page 38 ALC GATE arrangement examples Detect area image Setting values: corresponding to detect areas Detect area (ON): 1 Non-detect area (OFF): 0 Column yy (binary) ALC GATE line1 setting: 28 20 00 00 h ALC GATE line2 setting: 28 21 00 00 h ALC GATE line3 setting: 28 22 3C 00 h ALC GATE line4 setting: 28 23 7C 00 h ALC GATE line5 setting: 28 24 7C 00 h...
  • Page 39: Sharpness Function

    5. SHARPNESS function Specialized function about Sharpness can be adjusted. (1) (SHARPNESS) FREQ. Sharpness edge width can be adjusted. -Manual adjustment- Setting value 20290xFC h x: 0- LOW, 1- MID, 2- HIGH • LOW :thick edge • MID :normal edge •...
  • Page 40 (4) (SHARPNESS) H/V BALANCE Setting for horizontal and vertical sharpness balance -Manual adjustment- Setting value 3055xxzz h xx: 80h to 7Fh signed zz: undefined Set toward 80h to enhance vertical and toward 7Fh to enhance horizontal. (5) (SHARPNESS) COLOR DTL Ch1 Chromatic sharpness can be adjusted in the range of hue set.
  • Page 41 -Manual adjustment- : Setting value 305Axxzz h xx: 80h to 7Fh signed zz: undefined WIDTH Set color phase range. Reduce range toward 80h; increase range toward FFh. Select range with Phase and position at color phase center to set. : Setting value 3058xxzz h xx: 80h to 7Eh signed zz: undefined LEVEL...
  • Page 42: Focus Detection Function

    : Setting value 306Axxzz h xx: 80h to 7Eh signed zz: undefined LEVEL 6. Focus detection function Integrated or peak value of sharpness signal is automatically calculated in every field. The value is available for auto focus system. (1) FOCUS GATE Set position and size of focus gate where the focus data is calculated.
  • Page 43: Other Function

    -Value- 00000000 h(MIN) to FFFFFFFF h(MAX) 7. Other function (1) DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) Improve Signal to Noise ratio(S/N) by digital noise reduction. -OFF- Setting value 201500FC h -ON- Setting value 20150xFC h x: 1- MODE1, 2- MODE2 Although MODE 2 provides greater noise reduction, there is some sacrifice in resolution. (2) COLOR BAR Color Bars test pattern is available.
  • Page 44 -ON (75 ohm)- Setting value 2011007F h (5) H PHASE Horizontal phase adjustment at external HD input. Setting value 3034xxzz h xx: 80h to 7Fh zz: undefined See page 45 “External sync timing” about variable range. (6) PIXEL CONCEALMENT White spot defect on picture element can be compensated. Setting value 20330xFE h x: 1- ON, 0- OFF For image processing use, the setting OFF might be better since the compensated data is not precise.
  • Page 45: Appendix

    Add a filter to the lens or illumination to increase the color temperature. Carry out auto setup again. If this message appears in repeated attempts, it is necessary to inspect the inside of the camera. In this case, notify your local Hitachi Denshi sales agent or Hitachi Denshi service office...
  • Page 46 Error code Countermeasure The color saturation is too low, making it impossible to reach the optimum value Release the long shutter mode. Release the external trigger mode.
  • Page 47: Specifications

    Specification Model Item HV-F31CL HV-F31CL-S1 HV-F22CL HV-F22CL-S1 Optical system 1/3-inch, F2.2 prism 1/2-inch, F1.6 prism Imaging system R, G, B 3CCD Picture elements 1/3-inch interline transfer CCD 1/2-inch interline transfer CCD (with micro-lenses) (with micro-lenses) Total pixels 1077 (H) × 788 (V) 1392 (H) ×...
  • Page 48 Model Item HV-F31CL HV-F31CL-S1 HV-F22CL HV-F22CL-S1 Electric shutter control Manual : 4 to 1/100,000 sec Auto : OFF to approx. 1/100,000 sec Color bar Full bar Camera Link interface Configuration Medium Base Medium Base (RGB 3x10 bit) (RGB 3x8 bit)
  • Page 49: Input/Output Signals

    Input/Output Signals 1. Camera Link interface 1) Conformation standard HV-F31CL, HV-F22CL : Medium configuration HV-F31CL-S1, HV-F22CL-S1 : Base configuration 2) Video data output HV-F31CL, HV-F22CL : RGB: 3 x 10 bit HV-F31CL-S1, HV-F22CL-S1 : RGB: 3 x 8 bit 3) Sync signal output Pixel clock : 28.8 MHz...
  • Page 50 (4) Transmission system : Bit serial (5) Used code : 8-bit binary (6) Bit composition Start bit : 1-bit Data bit : 8-bit Parity bit : None Stop bit : 1-bit (7) Error detection : 1. SUM check (16-bit) : 2. Time check (Time between, the respond command and ACK, NAK receiving should be less than 0.5 second.)...
  • Page 51 3) Flash signal output low 0 Vdc, high 5 Vdc 4) Serial communication (RS-232C) (see NOTE 1) RXD to camera low: -3 to -15V, high: 3 to15V TXD to PC low: -5 to -9V, high: 5 to 9V 5) Power supply input 12 V rated (Stable operation at 10.5 to 15 VDC (neither ripple nor noise)) (see NOTE 2)
  • Page 52: Camera Link Output Timing Chart

    Camera Link output timing chart HV-F31CL / HV-F31CL-S1 Horizontal timing 1214 clk 96 clk (LVAL) 94 clk 0 clk 1024 clk Active Picture VIDEO 1 clk = 34.7 ns Vertical timing 792 H (FVAL) 12 H 768 H Active Picture VIDEO 1 H = 1214 clk = 42.1 us...
  • Page 53 HV-F22CL / HV-F22CL-S1 Horizontal timing 1790 clk 96 clk (LVAL) 300 clk 34 clk 1360 clk Active Picture VIDEO 1 clk = 34.7 ns Vertical timing 1068 H (FVAL) 17 H 24 H 1024 H Active Picture VIDEO 1 H = 1790 clk = 62.2 us...
  • Page 54 Next Cycle Y3 (+/-) N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. Y2 (+/-) N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. (DVAL) (FVAL) (LVAL) Y1 (+/-) Y0 (+/-) N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C. 4.96 ns HV-F31CL / HV-F22CL...
  • Page 55: Trigger Operation And Timing Chart

    It is possible to pick up an image with minimum period = 1V various timing. Exposure Flash Pulse Output 1. HV-F31CL / HV-F31CL-S1 Internal VD 1Frame = 33.3ms 30FPS Internal Video (1) Pre-select exposure mode: Mode 0 VD : 3H=126us...
  • Page 56 (2) Pulse width control exposure mode: Mode 1 Trigger pulse width > 43us External Trigger When external trigger signal is high active, (High active) light pulse begins at the rising edge of the minimum period = 1V Exposure trigger signal and ends at the falling edge. At the trigger signal falling edge, the internal Internal VD 1 Frame = 33.3ms 30FPS...
  • Page 57: Hv-F22Cl / Hv-F22Cl-S1

    2. HV-F22CL / HV-F22CL-S1 External Trigger (1) Pre-select exposure mode: Mode 0 minimum period = 1V Exposure When external trigger signal is high active, Flash Pulse Output after the trigger signal rise, the flash signal start/end can be set to determine the flash Internal VD 1Frame = 66.7ms 15FPS time.
  • Page 58 (2) Pulse width control exposure mode: Mode 1 Trigger pulse width > 65us External Trigger When external trigger signal is high active, (High active) light pulse begins at the rising edge of the minimum period = 1V Exposure trigger signal and ends at the falling edge. At the trigger signal falling edge, the internal Internal VD 1 Frame = 66.7ms...
  • Page 59: External Sync Operation Timing

    External sync timing Please input the sync pulse of following specification, in the case that camera synchronization locks the external synchronization. Clock : 28.8 MHz (±0.005%) F31 : 42.15us F22 : 62.15us F31 : 3.26us (94clock) F31 : 38.89us (1120clock) F22 : 3.33us (96clock) F22 : 58.82us (1694clock) F31 : 792H...
  • Page 60: Dimensions

    Dimensions ±1 ±0.5 90.0 2 x 2 - M3 2-1/4" UNC (DEPTH : 7) ±2 HV-F31CL ±1 ±2 HV-F22CL 32.5 HV-F31CL-S1 HV-F22CL-S1 2-1/4" UNC (DEPTH : 7) ±1 ±0.5 90.0 Unit: mm...

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