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ABB PCS100 AVC-40 Manual

ABB PCS100 AVC-40 Manual

Active voltage conditioner
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PCS100 AVC-40
Active Voltage Conditioner
Commissioning Checklist
This Commissioning Checklist is for use by
ABB Certified Engineers holding an Expert
Certificate and applies to PCS100 AVC-40s
with software version R2J4.
All steps in the checklist must be performed
and ticked during commissioning and the
completed document scanned and sent to
the ABB factory.
© Copyright 2020 ABB, All rights reserved.


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for ABB PCS100 AVC-40

  • Page 1 Certificate and applies to PCS100 AVC-40s with software version R2J4. All steps in the checklist must be performed and ticked during commissioning and the completed document scanned and sent to the ABB factory. © Copyright 2020 ABB, All rights reserved.
  • Page 2: About This Document

    We are an established world force in the design and manufacturing of power electronics and power protection equipment. As part of ABB, a world leader in electrical technology, we offer customers application expertise, service, and support worldwide. We are committed to teamwork, high quality manufacturing, advanced technology and unrivalled service and support.
  • Page 3: Document Information

    ABB Ltd. The hardware and software described in this manual are provided under a license and may be used, copied, or disclosed only in accordance with the terms of such license.
  • Page 4: Safety

    PCS100 AVC-40 Commissioning Checklist — Safety Safety Instructions Attenzione: Tensione pericolosa! Fare riferimento alle istruzioni per l’uso. Prima di intervenire su questo dispositivo, scollegare e isolare tutte le fonti di alimentazione. Attenzione! L’installazione deve essere eseguita esclusivamente da un installatore qualificato.
  • Page 5 PCS100 AVC-40 Commissioning Checklist Advertencia: ¡Tensión peligrosa! Внимание: Опасное электрическое напряжение! Consulte las instrucciones de funcionamiento. Обратитесь к инструкциям по эксплуатации. Antes de trabajar con este dispositivo, desconecte y bloquee la corriente. Отключите питание и обесточьте устройство перед началом работ.
  • Page 6: Safety Notices

    PCS100 AVC-40 Commissioning Checklist — Safety Notices This checklist contains important information regarding the operation of the ABB’s PCS100 AVC-40 This checklist provides technical and operational guidance for commissioning engineers. The following safety instructions are to be observed. DANGER This checklist does not provide sufficient information for safe service of the PCS100 AVC-40.
  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    External Transformer Wiring Check – No Load ............................17 1.10 External Transformer Thermal Test (Optional) ............................. 17 1.11 Load Test ........................................18 1.12 Documentation and Handover ................................. 18 1.13 PCS100 AVC-40 Settings ................................... 19 1.14 Deviations ........................................20 1.15 Sign-Off ......................................... 20...
  • Page 8: Commissioning Checklist

    — Commissioning Checklist The following commissioning checklist for the PCS100 AVC-40 is required to be completed and signed off by a suitably qualified engineer who has been trained in the use of power systems, electrical safety and the PCS100 AVC-40 products.
  • Page 9 Check there is no cooling air path blockage at front and rear (at least 200mm) of the Controller Enclosure Check the environment is suitable for the PCS100 AVC-40’s IP20 rating, i.e. water or excessive dust is not able to enter the PCS100 AVC-40 enclosures.
  • Page 10: Dip Switch Settings

    PCS100 AVC-40 Commissioning Checklist 1.2 DIP Switch Settings Check the DIP switch settings of the various components within the system if they have been replaced or have changed prior to commissioning. Note these switches are all set at the Factory as part of the production test process.
  • Page 11 PCS100 AVC-40 Commissioning Checklist Description Check Check the DIP switch settings on the Current Sense Board. Current Sense Board The Current sense board is mounted in the Transformer Enclosure, on or near the circuit breaker panel. It has three sets of DIP switches. All DIP switches, SW1, SW2 & SW3 on the current sense board are set for the current rating of the unit.
  • Page 12: Power Connection Checks

    Open MCCB (if fitted) and F4/F5 20A auxiliary fuses. Using a simple ohm -meter check there is no short circuit PCS100 AVC-40 input to input (L1–L2, L2–L3, L3–L1) (load disconnected and input circuit breaker open).
  • Page 13: Earth (Ground) Checks

    1.4 Earth (Ground) Checks Description Check Check the PCS100 AVC-40 is earthed to the utility supply at the main Earth Stud. Check the internal earth to the PCS100 AVC-40 Enclosure (PE). Check the internal earth to the Injection Transformer (TE).
  • Page 14: Change Frequency From 50Hz To 60Hz (If Required)

    PCS100 AVC-40 Commissioning Checklist 1.5 Change Frequency from 50Hz to 60Hz (if required) If the PCS100 AVC-40 needs to be changed from a 50Hz to a 60Hz machine. Description Check Unplug the DB9 cable to the Auxiliary Master Module from VR1 and VR2 This is not applicable to all models as some MCCBs do not have frequency settings.
  • Page 15 Verify all transformer fans (if applicable) are running correctly. Check the GDM s/w revision is up to date using the GDM Software Upgrade Tool. Power down the PCS100 AVC-40. Set the Stop – Enable switch to Enable. Ensure the doors are closed and then re-power the PCS100 AVC and allow the configuration check to complete.
  • Page 16: Stop - Enable Switch Test

    Verify the GDM Output Voltage measurements show 105% of nominal supply voltage on the status page, and that no faults exist. Stop the PCS100 AVC-40. Verify the PCS100 AVC-40 returns to BYPASS and set 600 V Set Manual back to 100% of the nominal supply voltage or set to needed level.
  • Page 17: External Transformer Wiring Check - No Load

    Current flow PCS100 Supply Load AVC-40 Input Output Isolator Isolator Figure 0-1: PCS100 AVC-40 with external bypass circuit At the end of this test stop the PCS100 AVC-40. Set 21 Test Mode to NONE and 22 Test Voltage to 0V.
  • Page 18: Load Test

    Description Check Connect a PC to the PCS100 AVC-40 via the GDM USB and run a web browser on the PC. Download and save the Service Log for future use or reference. See document 2UCD200000E001 How to View the GDM Remote Web Pages for detailed instructions .
  • Page 19: Pcs100 Avc-40 Settings

    PCS100 AVC-40 Commissioning Checklist 1.13 PCS100 AVC-40 Settings Menu number & name Parameter number & name Value 0 General Customer Name Plant Name Site Name 1 System Electrical System Current Rectifier Voltage Transformer Config Supply Voltage Supply Frequency Sag Threshold...
  • Page 20: Deviations

    PCS100 AVC-40 Commissioning Checklist 1.14 Deviations List any outstanding issues in the space below. Description 1.15 Sign-Off Party Name Date Customer Name (please print): Signature: Commissioning Name (please print): Engineer Signature:...
  • Page 21 — ABB Ltd. 111 Main North Road 4110, Napier New Zealnd © Copyright 2020 ABB. All rights reserved. Specifications subject to change without notice.

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