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Philips VOIP8551B/05 Manual

Philips design collection cordless phone with answering machine voip8551b with skype black
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Register your product and get support at
Master EN Telephone Answering Machine
Use only rechargeable batteries.
Charge the handset for 24 hours before use.
VOIP 855
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  Summary of Contents for Philips VOIP8551B/05

  • Page 1 Register your product and get support at Master EN Telephone Answering Machine Warning Use only rechargeable batteries. Charge the handset for 24 hours before use. VOIP 855 To insert with...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Important Power requirements Digital security system Software licences Conformity Environmental Recycling & disposal Electric, Magnetic and Electromagnetic Fields ("EMF") 7 Your phone What’s in the box What else will you need Overview of your phone Overview of the base station Display icons The menus Getting started...
  • Page 4 Table of contents Intercom and Conference Calls Calling another handset Internal call during an external call Transferring a call Conference call Text and Numbers Entering text and numbers Switching between uppercase, lowercase and numeric Entering symbols Contact list View the contact list Call from the contact list Shared phonebook Adding a contact...
  • Page 5 Table of contents The System 16.1 Set your country 16.2 Register the handset 16.3 Unregister a handset 16.4 Change the system PIN 16.5 Reset the default settings 16.6 Network settings 16.7 Country codes list The Answering Machine 17.1 Turning on the answering machine 17.2 Turning off the answering...
  • Page 7: Important

    Important This product is not designed for making emergency telephone calls when the power fails. Skype is not a replacement for your ordinary telephone and cannot be used for emergency calling. Alternative arrangements should be made for access to emergency services. Power requirements •...
  • Page 8: Digital Security System

    Base adapter: Nantong Daming DM-SC060050 (VDE and UK plug) Input: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz 0.1A Output: 6VDC 500mA Power Systems Technologies (SZ) Co., Ltd. M901.0170E (VDE plug) & M901.0170X (UK plug) Input: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz 0.1A Output: 6VDC 500mA Charger adapter: ESL IW156E (VDE plug) & IW156U (UK plug) Input: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz 0.2A Output: 6VDC 150mA...
  • Page 9: Conformity

    Conformity We, Philips declare that the product is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC. This product can only be connected to the analogue telephone networks of the countries mentioned on the packaging.
  • Page 10: Electric, Magnetic And Electromagnetic Fields ("Emf")

    Philips plays an active role in the development of international EMF and safety standards, enabling Philips to anticipate further developments in standardisation for early integration in its products.
  • Page 11: Your Phone

    Your phone Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to Philips! To fully benefit from the support that Philips offers, register your product at What’s in the box Base station Power supply for the base Line Cord* * Optional line adaptors may be included in the box.
  • Page 12: Overview Of Your Phone

    Overview of your phone Earpiece New event LED New calls, messages, voicemails < Left Softkey Select the function displayed on the handset screen directly above it. Access main menu Right Softkey Select the function displayed on the handset screen directly above it. Redial the last number Delete text or digit(s) Cancel operation...
  • Page 13: Overview Of The Base Station

    Overview of the base station On/Off key Turn the answering machine on/off Volume down Decrease/Increase speaker volume Delete key Delete messages Previous key Skip backward during playback Next key Skip forward during playback Play/Stop key Play messages Stop message playback Message counter Display message number Display answering machine operation...
  • Page 14: The Menus

    Microphone muted Keypad locked Headset attached *Optimal battery life is reached after 3 cycles of complete charging (over 15 hours) and discharging, allowing approximately 10 hours of talk-time and 150 hours of stand-by time. Each icon gives you a visual message of your Skype status: Offline Online...
  • Page 15: Getting Started

    Getting started Connect the base station Connect the output plug of the mains adapter to the bottom of the base station and the mains adapter to a standard wall outlet. Connect one end of the ethernet cable to the ethernet socket on the bottom of the base station and the other end to an ADSL/Cable modem or a router or a switch/hub...
  • Page 16: Checking The Battery Level

    Note Handset may get warm during initial charging. This is normal. The handset may take a few seconds to power up. 3.3.1 Replacing your batteries If there is a need to replace your batteries, always use the recommended battery type (see page 5). Warning Check the battery polarity when inserting in the battery trail.
  • Page 17: Log In To Skype

    3.5.1 Setting your language This setting determines the display language of the menus and messages. Select your language. Press to confirm. Select Note If you need to re-configure your language setting, see “Set the display language” on page 38. 3.5.2 Review the agreement Read the agreement carefully.
  • Page 18: General Description

    General description What is standby mode? Your phone is in standby mode when it is idle. The standby screen displays your Skype status icon, your Skype ID (if available), the handset number, the system time, the signal icon, and the battery icon.
  • Page 19 4.4.3 Select the time format Press Menu Select > Settings Time & Date . Press Time format Select the Time format. Press to confirm the setting. • The setting is saved. 4.4.4 Set the date Press Menu Select > Settings Time &...
  • Page 20: Menu Structure

    Menu structure The table below describes the menu tree of your phone. Press to enter each option. Use navigation keys Contacts Add contact Online skype contact Phone number contact Offline skype contact Contact details not known General description ud[] to navigate within the menus. Call Send voice mail View profile...
  • Page 21 Contacts Shared contacts History All events Missed calls Incoming calls Outgoing calls Voice mails Answering Machine Contacts requests Skype Status Sign in / Switch user Online Status My Profile Change password Sign out Account Status Add contact Skype contact Phone number Answer machine Play Delete all...
  • Page 22 Answer machine Answer mode Record OGM Answer On/Off Ans. Settings Settings Phone Sounds Display Regular Call General description Answer & Record Answer Only Answer & Record Answer Only On/Off Ring delay 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8 rings / Toll Saver Remote access On / Off Handset screening On / Off Base screening...
  • Page 23 Settings Regular Call Skype Call Time & Date Network Advanced *This menu item is country-dependent Auto prefix Detect number: Recall time* Short / Medium / Long Recall Pause Time* Pause 1/2 Dial mode* Tone / Pulse PABX* On / Off 1st ring* On / Off Call back*...
  • Page 24: Skype On Your Phone

    Skype on your phone What is Skype? Call free over the internet to anyone else who’s on Skype. Skype software works on computers and many desktop, cordless and mobile phones. Warning Skype is not a No Emergency Calls. replacement for your landline and cannot be used for emergency calling.
  • Page 25: Change Your Online Status

    Enter a password for this account. Press Repeat your password. Press To continue, agree to Skype’s terms of use. Press Accept • You’ve set up a new Skype account. Switching to another Skype user Press Menu Select Skype Status Press Select Select a username from the list.
  • Page 26 Press to confirm. • This logs out the current user. Note After signing out manually, your phone will not automatically log into your Skype account when you switch on your phone. 5.4.5 Check your account Check how much credit you've got in your account and if you have voicemail or an online number, when they expire.
  • Page 27: Call

    Call Your phone supports both Skype line and landline calls. A Skype call is a call using the Skype line. A Landline call is a call using your regular phone line. Note This telephone is not designed for making emergency telephone calls when the power fails.
  • Page 28: Redial The Last Number

    6.1.3 Call from the landline Enter the phone number. Press Options Select . Press Regular call • The number is dialed out. 6.1.4 Call using Skype Credits Note The phone number shall include +, the international calling code, area code (country dependent), and subscriber number.
  • Page 29: End A Call

    End a call Press Place the handset on the Auto hang up. charger to end the call automatically. See “Auto hang-up” on page 40. Answer a call When the phone rings, press • The call is established. Note • Subscribe from your Caller ID Service: service provider.
  • Page 30: Make A Second Landline Call

    Make a second landline call Note Consult and subscribe 2nd Call Service. this service from your service provider. During a call, Press • The current caller is put on hold. Dial the number you want for the 2nd call. • The number displays on the screen and is dialed out.
  • Page 31: Intercom And Conference Calls

    Intercom and Conference Calls An intercom call is a call to another handset registered on the same base unit. This function can only be used with a multi-handset configuration. It allows you to make free internal calls, transfer external calls from one handset to another and to use the conference option.
  • Page 32: Conference Call

    Conference call Conference call allows one external call to be shared with two handsets registered on the same base. The three people can share the conversation. No operator subscription is needed. Press during the call. The handset(s) available for intercom is displayed.
  • Page 33: Text And Numbers

    Text and Numbers You can enter text and numbers for handset name, phonebook records, and other menu items. Entering text and numbers Find the key with the character you want. Press it as many times as needed for the character you want. Press to delete the Editing.
  • Page 34: Entering Symbols

    Entering symbols You can enter special symbols such as and many more. Press while editing in lower case or upper case mode. • A table of symbols is displayed. to select the symbol that you want. Press to enter the symbol. Select To insert : press and hold...
  • Page 35: Contact List

    Contact list Your phone can store a total of 200 Skype and phone number contacts. View the contact list Press to enter the contact list. Select the contact you want to view. Press Options Select . Press View Profile • The details of the contact are displayed.
  • Page 36: Adding A Contact

    Adding a contact Note If your contact list is full, the Memory Full. handset displays a notification message. Delete some contacts before adding new ones. 9.4.1 Adding a Skype contact Press Menu Select > Contacts Add Contact . Press Skype contact Enter the name (Skype name or full name) or email of the Skype user.
  • Page 37: Handling A Contact Request

    9.6.2 Remove a contact Press to enter the contact list. Select the contact you want to block. Press Options Select . Press Remove • A confirmation request is displayed. Press to confirm. • The contact is removed. 9.6.3 Block a contact You can block a user from contacting you and vice versa.
  • Page 38: Your Skype Profile

    10 Your Skype profile Your Skype profile stores information about you such as your name, gender, birthdate, phone numbers, etc. Your profile has public and private details. Public details can be viewed by other Skype users, but private details cannot. You are not required to enter any information into your profile.
  • Page 39: Call History

    11 Call History Your phone stores the call history composed of four lists: • All Events: Include all missed, incoming, and outgoing calls. • Missed: Calls that you received but did not answer. Up to 50 missed calls. • Incoming: Calls that you received and answered.
  • Page 40: Redialing A Call

    Select . Press Details • The details of the caller are displayed. 11.1.2 Returning a call To return a call from the missed or incoming call lists, see “Call from the call history” on page 25. 11.1.3 Redialing a call To redial a call that you have made previously, see “Call from the call history”...
  • Page 41: Custom Options

    12 Custom Options Make this your phone - change the look and sound of the handset to suit your needs and preference. 12.1 Personalizing your phone’s display 12.1.1 Naming your handset Each handset can have its own name. It is displayed on the screen in standby.
  • Page 42: Personalizing Your Phone's Sounds

    12.2 Personalizing your phone’s sounds 12.2.1 Setting your handset’s ringer melody You can choose from 20 different ringer melodies for your Skype call, regular (Landline) call and Intercom. To change the melody of your Skype or Landline or Intercom call: Press Menu Select...
  • Page 43: Calling Features

    13 Calling Features Your phone supports a number of call- related features to help you handle and manage your calls more effectively and conveniently. This section describes the call-related features that apply to both the Skype line and landline. 13.1 Auto answer Auto answer enables you to answer an incoming call by simply picking up the...
  • Page 44: Landline Call Features

    Note Skype Voicemail Disabled. activated call forwarding, all your calls will be diverted to the forwarded number. If you are unable to answer calls, callers will not be able to leave a message at your Skype voicemail until you have deactivated call forwarding.
  • Page 45 Select > Settings Regular Call . Press Carrier code Enter the carrier code. Press • The setting is saved. 13.4.2 Area code management This feature only applies to model(s) with area code support. This feature automatically removes the area code of an incoming call. You can define an area code (up to 5 digits) you want to remove.
  • Page 46 Select > Settings Regular Call . Press Recall time Select Select the new setting. Press • The setting is saved. Setting the recall pause time There are 2 recall pause time options: Pause 1 and Pause 2. Press Menu Select >...
  • Page 47: Network Services

    14 Network Services The network services feature allows you to listen to information provided by your network provider. The availability of these features is dependant on your country and your subscription with the network provider. This information is stored by the network rather than in your handset itself.
  • Page 48: Landline Voicemail Recording your voicemail greeting Press Menu Select Select History . Press SkypeVM Select A list of voicemails appears. Select a Skype voicemail and press Select My Greeting Record Press to start recording your Select new voicemail greeting. To stop, press •...
  • Page 49: Voicemail Call Forward

    14.2 Voicemail Call forward This feature allows you to forward your voicemails to another landline or mobile number. 14.2.1 Activating/deactivating voicemail call forward Press Menu Select > Settings Skype Call > Voicemail Forward unanswered Press Select Select the new setting. Press •...
  • Page 50 14.5.3 Defining withhold identity number Press Menu Select > Settings Regular Call > Withhold identity Enter the number you wish to withhold your identity from. Press to confirm. • The setting is saved. Network Services > . Press Select...
  • Page 51: Extra Features

    15 Extra Features Discover and explore the additional features your phone offers! Find out how these features can benefit you and help you make the most from your phone. 15.1 Keypad lock You can lock the keypad to prevent accidental presses on the handset while you are carrying it around.
  • Page 52: The System

    16 The System 16.1 Set your country The country setting of your phone has been set during the initial set up of your phone. You can make changes to the country setting on your phone. The country code is the international calling code for a country (example, “1”...
  • Page 53: Change The System Pin

    16.4 Change the system PIN The system PIN is used for registering, deleting handsets, and protecting the access rights to some of the other menus. The default system PIN is 0000. You can personalize the PIN for greater security. Press Menu Select >...
  • Page 54 Activate DHCP Press Menu Select > Settings Network Press Select Select . Press DHCP • An activation request is displayed. Press to confirm. • Your IP address is displayed. The new setting is saved. 16.6.3 PPPoE If your Internet service provider requires you to use PPPoE, you can configure your user name and password for the PPPoE connection.
  • Page 55: Country Codes List

    16.7 Country codes list The country code is the international calling code for a country, see page 14 and page 49 for details. Abbreviation - Country Australia Austria Belgium Canada Czech Republic Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Ireland Italy Luxembourg Netherlands New Zealand (Aotearoa) 64 NO Norway...
  • Page 56: The Answering Machine

    17 The Answering Machine Your phone includes a telephone answering machine that records unanswered calls when it is on. Once switched on, your answering machine is ready to be used. By default, your answering machine is set to Answer and Record mode.
  • Page 57: Setting The Answering Machine Language

    17.3 Setting the answering machine language This feature only applies to model(s) with multiple-language support. The answering machine language is the language for the pre-recorded outgoing messages (OGM) announced by the answering machine. Press Menu Select Answer machine > Settings OGM languages Select Select the new setting.
  • Page 58: Incoming Messages (Icm)

    17.5.3 Deleting an outgoing message Press Menu Select Answer machine . Press Select Select Answer & Record . Press only Select Select . Press Delete • The handset displays a confirmation request. Press to confirm. • The pre-recorded outgoing message is restored.
  • Page 59: Record Memo

    17.6.2 Deleting an incoming message From the base Press during message playback. • The current message is deleted. From the handset During message playback, press to enter the options menu. Options Select . Press Delete • The current message is deleted. 17.6.3 Deleting all old incoming messages From the base...
  • Page 60: Message Alert

    To listen from the earpiece, press turn off the speaker. Note The call screening on/off setting can be changed when the phone is recording incoming messages. However, the new setting will only apply starting from the next call. 17.9 Message alert Message alert gives you an indication that the answering machine has new message(s).
  • Page 61 Note When no message is playing, your phone will hang up automatically if no key is pressed for 8 seconds. Remote access commands Key Function Repeat current or play previous message Play messages Skip to next message Delete current message Switch answering machine on (not available during playback) Stop message playback...
  • Page 62: Default (Pre-Programmed) Settings

    18 Default (pre-programmed) settings These are the factory pre-programmed settings of your phone. General Setting Language Date Handset name Date Format Date Separator Backlight LCD Contrast Preferred Line Dial Mode Recall Area Code number Skype Password Auto Update CID format (if applicable) Sound Setting Skype Ring Melody...
  • Page 63 Network Setting DHCP Ports IP address Primary DNS Answering Machine Setting Ans Machine Status Ans Machine Mode Base Call Screening Handset Call Screening Off Speaker Volume Enable Network Proxy Option Off Alternative Ports DHCP Subnet mask DHCP Secondary DNS Outgoing message memory Ans &...
  • Page 64: Technical Data

    19 Technical Data Display • High quality 1.5” display • 65k colours • 128 x 128 pixel • Progressive LCD backlight General telephone features • Caller name & number identification • Skype and Landline calls • Skype and Landline voicemails •...
  • Page 65: Frequently Asked Questions

    20 Frequently asked questions In this chapter, you will find the most frequently asked questions and answers about your phone. Connection No Signal icon • The handset may be out of range. Move closer. • If the handset displays register the handset.
  • Page 66 • The phone may be at a location with thick walls. Move the base. Handset does not ring • Check that the handset ringer is turned on. See page 39. Caller ID does not display • Service may not be activated. Check with your service provider.
  • Page 67: Glossary

    21 Glossary Area Code Area codes usually indicate geographical areas within one country that are covered by one or more telephone exchanges. You may need this to return local, national or international calls received on the landline (for example, area code 20 is added in front of the local number if you are calling to London from outside of the London area in UK).
  • Page 68 Static IP Address A constant IP address used to identify semi permanent devices such as servers. Subnet Mask A mask used to determine what subnetwork an IP address belongs to. (Example: VMWI Voice Mail Waiting Indication (for Landline only). Glossary...
  • Page 69: Index

    22 Index Adding a contact 33 Adding a Skype contact 33 Adjust the earpiece volume 26 Answer a call 26 Answer mode 54 Answering Machine 53 Area code management 42 Auto answer 40 Auto hang-up 40 Auto prefix 42 Backlight duration 38 Battery level 13 Block call 41 Brightness level 38...
  • Page 70 Make a regular call 24 Manage your contacts 33 Manual Registration of handset 49 Menu structure 17 Message alert 57 Missing handset(s) 48 Muting the microphone 26 My Greeting 44 Naming your handset 38 Network Services 44 Network settings 50 Notification sounds 39 Outgoing messages (OGM) 54 Overview of the base station 10...
  • Page 72 © 2008 Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. All rights reserved Reproduction in whole or in part is prohibited without the Printed in China written consent of the copyright owner...

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