Philips CD6551B User Manual

Philips CD6551B User Manual


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Register your product and get support at
EN Telephone Answering Machine
Use only rechargeable batteries.
Charge the handset for 24 hours before use.


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Register your product and get support at EN Telephone Answering Machine Warning Use only rechargeable batteries. Charge the handset for 24 hours before use. CD655...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Important Power requirements Safety Information Conformity Using GAP standard compliance Recycling and disposal Electric, Magnetic and Electromagnetic Fields (“EMF”) 5 Your phone What’s in the box Overview of your phone Display icons Menu icons Overview of the base station 10 Getting started Connect the base station Wall mounting the base...
  • Page 4 Set alarm Set alarm tone Advanced settings Easy Call Activate/Deactivate Conference mode Call Barring Activate/Deactivate XHD Sound mode Change master PIN Registration Unregister a handset Country Selection Reset Unit 8.10 Default settings 8.11 Set Auto Prefix 8.12 Change Recall time 8.13 Change the Dial Mode (country-dependent)
  • Page 5: Important

    • Do not open it as you could be exposed to high voltages. • Never use any other battery than the one delivered with the product or recommended by Philips: risk of explosion. • Always use the cables provided with the product.
  • Page 6: Conformity

    Conformity We, Philips declare that the product is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC. This product can only be connected to the analogue telephone networks of the countries mentioned on the packaging. You can find the Declaration of Conformity on
  • Page 7: Electric, Magnetic And Electromagnetic Fields ("Emf")

    Important Philips plays an active role in the development of international EMF and safety standards, enabling Philips to anticipate further developments in standardisation for early...
  • Page 8: Your Phone

    Your phone Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to Philips! To fully benefit from the support that Philips offers, register your product at What’s in the box Handset 2 AAA rechargeable batteries User manual Note *You may find in the box the line adaptor delivered separately from the line cable. In this case, you have to connect the line adaptor to the line cord first before plugging the line cord to the line socket.
  • Page 9: Overview Of Your Phone

    Overview of your phone Earpiece Event LED Blinks when there is a new missed call, SMS or Voicemail or answering machine message. Note If you have not subscribed to Caller Line Identification service, there will not be any alerts for new events except for new messages recorded on the answering machine.
  • Page 10 Redial key In idle mode: Access the Redial list. Keypad lock key In idle mode: Insert *. Long press to lock/ unlock the keypad. During a call: Insert *. Ringer on/off key & Pause key In idle mode: Insert #. Long press to turn the ringer on/off.
  • Page 11: Display Icons

    Display icons Indicates that the battery is fully charged. Icon blinks during charge and when the battery is low. Indicates that the battery is fully discharged. Indicates that an external call is connected or held. Icon blinks when receiving an incoming call.
  • Page 12: Overview Of The Base Station

    Overview of the base station Message Counter Blinking : Indicates number of new messages. Steady : Indicates number of old messages. 2 bars flashing : Indicates that there is no more memory left. Indicates the volume level (L0 - L5) when is pressed.
  • Page 13: Getting Started

    Getting started Connect the base station Place the base station in a central location near the telephone line socket and electricity socket. Connect the line cord and the power cable to their corresponding connectors at the bottom of the base station as shown.
  • Page 14: Install Your Phone

    Turn the bracket upside down and then re-insert the bracket to the back of the base station. Insert screws (not included) into the wall. Align the mounting holes on the back of the base with the screws on the wall. Slide the base down into place.
  • Page 15: Welcome Mode

    3.3.2 Charge battery Warning The handset must be charged for at least 24 hours before using it for the first time. When the battery level becomes low, the low battery sensor alerts you by sounding an audible tone and blinking the battery icon. If the battery level becomes exceedingly low, the phone automatically switches off and any function in progress will not be...
  • Page 16: Menu Structure

    Menu structure The table below describes the menu tree of your phone. Press enter the main menu. Use navigation keys left softkey to enter each option. NEW ENTRY PHONEBOOK LIST EDIT ENTRY SELECT MELODY DELETE ENTRY DELETE ALL DIRECT MEMORY PERSONAL SETTING HANDSET NAME HANDSET TONES...
  • Page 19: Using Your Phone

    Using your phone Make a call 4.1.1 Predialling Dial the number (maximum 24 digits). Press • The call is initiated. You may insert a prefix number to the beginning of your predial number, see “Set Auto Prefix” on page 36 for more information.
  • Page 20: End A Call

    call, other status in progress such as phone setting, menu navigation, etc will be aborted. Danger When the handset rings during an incoming call, please do not hold the handset too close to your ear, as the volume of the ringing tone may damage your hearing.
  • Page 21: Use More Of Your Phone

    Use more of your phone Switch the handset on/off Press and hold key for 3 seconds to switch on/off the handset in idle mode. Keypad lock/unlock Press and hold key for 2 seconds to lock/unlock the keypad in idle mode. Text or number entry When you select a field in which you can enter text, you can enter the letters that...
  • Page 22: Call Waiting

    Press to turn on the microphone. 5.4.3 Activate/Deactivate loudspeaker mode Danger Handsfree activation can suddenly increase the volume in the earpiece to a very high level. Make sure the handset is not too close to your ear. During a call, press activate the loudspeaker mode.
  • Page 23: Caller Line Indentification

    information on this service. When you receive a second incoming call while on the phone, press to put the current call on hold and answer the second call. - Press key to end the current call and answer the second call. - Press subsequently to toggle between these 2 calls.
  • Page 24 5.7.3 Edit a phonebook entry Press in idle mode, press to enter SELECT scroll EDIT ENTRY SELECT Scroll to select an entry you wish to edit and press > Press to erase the letters CLEAR one by one, enter the name and press >...
  • Page 25: Using The Redial List Store Direct Access Memory Press in idle mode, press to enter SELECT scroll DIRECT MEMORY press SELECT Scroll to select a key (Keys 1 to 9) and press SELECT • The stored number is displayed (if any). Press to display the menu options.
  • Page 26: Using The Call Log

    5.8.3 Delete a redial number Press in idle mode and scroll to select an entry. Press , scroll and press is displayed on the screen. DELETE? Press again to confirm deletion. • A validation tone is emitted. 5.8.4 Delete the redial list Press in idle mode.
  • Page 27: Using The Intercom

    Press to confirm deletion. • A validation tone is emitted. 5.9.4 Delete the call list Press in idle mode, press to enter SELECT scroll to an entry in the call list and press OPTION Scroll DELETE ALL SELECT is displayed on the DELETE ALL? screen.
  • Page 28: Paging

    5.10.3 Answer an external call during intercom When there is an incoming external call during an intercom, a new call tone is emitted. To end the intercom and answer the external call, press will ring. Press external call. • Connection with the external call is established.
  • Page 29: Personal Settings

    . Press SELECT to enter RING VOLUME Personal settings When the volume is set to off, the icon will be displayed on the screen. PHILIPS 6.2.2 and press There are 15 polyphonic ring melodies SELECT available on your handset. 6.2.3 A single beep is emitted when a key is pressed.
  • Page 30: Change The Display Language

    Change the Display Language Your handset can support different display languages, depending on your country selection during the WELCOME mode. Press in idle mode, scroll PERSONAL SETTING , scroll SELECT and press LANGUAGE Scroll to your desired language and press SELECT •...
  • Page 31: Activate /Deactivate Auto Hang-Up

    Note By default, the backlight remains on for 20 seconds after each activation such as an incoming call, key presses, lifting the handset off the base station, etc. Activate /Deactivate Auto Hang-up This function enables you to end a call automatically by simply replacing the handset on the base station.
  • Page 32: Clock And Alarm Settings

    Clock and Alarm settings This feature allows you to set the date, time and alarm settings for your phone. The default date and time is respectively. 00:00 Set date and time Press in idle mode, scroll CLOCK & ALARM , press SELECT SET DATE/TIME The last stored date is displayed.
  • Page 33: Set Alarm

    Set alarm Press in idle mode, scroll CLOCK & ALARM , scroll press SELECT Scroll ON ONCE and press DAILY If you select ON ONCE , enter the time (hh-mm) for DAILY the alarm and press (am) or to select the time is in 12 hours format.
  • Page 34: Advanced Settings

    Advanced settings Easy Call When activated, the Easy Call feature enables you to dial a number by pressing any key on your handset. This feature is very useful for direct access to emergency services. You can enter up to 24 digits for easy call number.
  • Page 35: Activate/Deactivate Xhd

    8.3.1 To activate/deactivate Call Barring Press in idle mode, scroll ADVANC. SETTINGS , scroll SELECT and press BARRING Enter the master PIN when prompted and press confirm. Note By default, the master PIN is 0000. Press SELECT Scroll to confirm. SELECT •...
  • Page 36: Registration

    Note The default PIN code is preset to 0000. If you change this PIN code, keep the PIN details in a safe place where you have easy access to them. Do not lose the PIN code. Press in idle mode, scroll ADVANC.
  • Page 37: Unregister A Handset

    Unregister a handset Press in idle mode, scroll ADVANC. SETTINGS , scroll SELECT and press UNREGISTER SELECT Enter the master PIN when prompted and press confirm. Note By default, the master PIN is 0000. Scroll to select the handset number to unregister and press SELECT •...
  • Page 38: Default Settings

    Volume Wallpaper Key Beep Contrast LEVEL 2 Backlight time Auto Hang-up Alarm clock Barring mode Easy call SMS reception Handset Name PHILIPS Date/Time 01-01; 00:00 Master PIN 0000 XHD sound mode Conference Answering Machine Answer Mode ANSWER & RECORD Number of...
  • Page 39: Change Recall Time

    Note If no detect string (blank) is entered, the prefix number will be automatically added to the predial number after pressed. For numbers starting with *, # or a pause (P), the prefix number will not be added to the predial number after pressed.
  • Page 40: Network Services

    Network Services This menu provides a convenient means for you to access, activate or deactivate some network services that are country/ subscription dependent. Contact your network provider for more information about these services. The default numbers and values that are preset in your phone should be the best suited for your country network and therefore you should not need to change...
  • Page 41: Voicemail

    Voice Mail This feature allows the caller to leave a voice message when you are unable, or do not wish to take a call yourself. The availability of this feature is dependent on your country and your subscription with your network provider. Charges often apply for you to retrieve messages, as these are stored by the network rather than on the handset itself.
  • Page 42: Withhold Id

    9.4.2 Activate Cancel Call Back Press in idle mode, scroll NETWORK SERVICES , scroll SELECT and press CALL BACK Press SELECT • The number for that selected service will be dialled. When the number has been dialled, press to return to idle mode. Withhold ID 9.5.1 Set up Withhold ID...
  • Page 43: 10 Sms

    10 SMS SMS stands for Short Message Service. To benefit from this service, you must subscribe to Caller Line Identification Service (CLI) together with SMS service from your network provider. SMS messages can be exchanged with a phone (mobile or compatible fixed lines), provided the receiver has also subscribed to CLI and SMS services.
  • Page 44: View Inbox Messages

    Long press between upper and lower case. Note You can enter up to 160 characters for an SMS. If you receive a call while writing an SMS, the operation will be interrupted. When you go back to SMS editing, the message will be retrieved automatically.
  • Page 45 DELETE Delete the selected message DELETE Delete all messages in the Inbox 10.2.1 Reply to an Inbox message Go to the message content (refer to steps 1 to 3 in “View Inbox messages” on page 42) and press to display the Inbox OPTION menu options.
  • Page 46: Save A Message In The Draft Box

    is displayed on the DELETE ALL? screen. Press SELECT confirm deletion. 10.3 Save a message in the Draft After writing the message (refer to steps 1 to 3 in “Write and send new SMS” on page 41), press Scroll SAVE AS DRAFT Press to confirm.
  • Page 47: Sms Settings

    10.3.5 Delete all Draft messages Go to the draft message (refer to steps 1 to 3 in “Review Draft messages” on page 44) and press to display the OPTION menu options. Scroll DELETE ALL SELECT is displayed on the DELETE ALL? screen.
  • Page 48 10.4.3 To set outgoing number Press in idle mode, scroll and press and press SETTINGS , scroll SELECT and press CENTRE Scroll SMS CENTRE 1 CENTRE 2 SMS CENTRE 3 press Press to enter SELECT OUTGOING NUMBER Enter the outgoing number and press to confirm.
  • Page 49: Telephone Answering Machine (Tam)

    11 Telephone answering machine (TAM) Your phone features an answering machine that records unanswered calls when it is activated. The answering machine can store up to 99 messages. The maximum recording time is 30 minutes (including all your personalised outgoing messages). You can use the control keys on the base station to perform the basic functions of the answering machine such as message playback, deleting messages and adjustment of volume on the base station.
  • Page 50: Delete All Messages

    Switch the playback to earpiece You can also playback messages by pressing key in idle mode, scroll and press MACHINE again to enter SELECT 11.1.2 Playback of old messages via handset Old messages can only be played if there are no new messages. The first recorded message will be played first and the next message will be played automatically until there are no more messages.
  • Page 51: Personalised Outgoing Message

    11.4 Personalised Outgoing Message 11.4.1 Record your Personalised Outgoing Message This personal outgoing message replaces the default ones. To revert to the default outgoing message, simply delete the personal outgoing message you have recorded. If you are not satisfied with the recorded outgoing message, simply record a new message to overwrite the old one.
  • Page 52: Answering Machine Settings

    Scroll to confirm. SELECT • A validation tone is emitted and the screen returns to previous menu. 11.6 Answering Machine settings 11.6.1 Ring Delay This is the number of rings before the answering machine answers and starts playing your greeting message. You can set the answering machine to start playing your greeting message after .
  • Page 53: Call Screening Controlling the Answering Machine from an external call From another phone, dial home. • The answering machine answers and starts playing your greeting message. Within 8 seconds, press # key on the phone you use to dial and enter the remote access code (same as your master PIN code).
  • Page 54 11.7.2 Set Voice Language This menu allows you to change the language of the predefined outgoing message. The availability of this menu and the language options available are country dependent. Press in idle mode, scroll ANSWER MACHINE , scroll SELECT and press SETTINGS scroll...
  • Page 55: 12 Technical Data

    12 Technical data Display • Progressive LCD backlight General telephone features • Dual mode caller name & number identification • 15 polyphonic ringer melodies Phonebook list, Redial list and Call • Phonebook list with 200 entries • Redial list with 20 entries •...
  • Page 56: Frequently Asked Questions

    13 Frequently asked questions In this chapter, you will find the most frequently asked questions and answers about your phone. Connection The handset does not switch on! • Charge the batteries: Put the handset on the base station to charge. After a few moments, the phone will switch on.
  • Page 57 There’s no dialling tone! • No power: Check the connections. • Batteries are empty: Charge the batteries. • Move closer to the base station. • Wrong line cable used: Use the line cable provided. • Line adaptor is required: Connect the line adaptor to the line cord.
  • Page 58 contact your operator should you want to change the settings. Poor audio quality and the antenna icon is blinking! • The indoor and outdoor range of the phone is up to 50 metres and 300 metres respectively. When the handset moves beyond the operation range, the antenna icon My handset keeps going into idle mode!
  • Page 59: 14 Index

    14 Index Accessories 6 Alarm 31 Alarm tone 31 Answer a call 17 Answer an external call 26 Answering Machine mode 48 Auto Answer 29 Backlight time 28 Call Barring 32 Call Forward 38 Call in progress 19 Call log 17 Call Return 39 Call Screening 51 Call waiting 20...
  • Page 60 Paging 26 Personalised Outgoing Message 49 Phonebook 17 Predialling 17 Recall time 37 Recycling and disposal 4 Redial list 17 Registration 34 Remote Control Access 50 Reply SMS message 43 Reset Unit 35 Ring Delay 50 Ring Melody 27 Ring Volume 27 Save a redial number 23 Save number to phonebook 43 SMS settings 45...
  • Page 62 © 2008 Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. All rights reserved Reproduction in whole or in part is prohibited without the written consent of the copyright owner Printed in China Document number: 3111 285 44371...

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