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Philips 19PFL3403/10 User Manual

Philips lcd tv 19pfl3403 48 cm (19") hd ready with crystal clear iii.
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Register your product and get support at USER MANUAL...
  • Page 2 Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey Ukraine This information is correct at the time of press. For updated contact information, refer to Number 0810 000205 078250145 +3592 489 99 96 01 3033 754 800142840 3525 8759 09 2311 3415...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Important ......3 1.1. Safety ......3 1.2.
  • Page 5 No components are user- serviceable. Do not open or remove covers to the inside of the product. Repairs may only be done by Philips Service Centres and official repair shops. Failure to do so shall void any warranty, stated or implied.
  • Page 6: Important

    The product warranty does not apply if damage is caused by failing to follow these instructions. To fully benefit from the support that Philips offers, register your product at The model and serial number of your TV can be found on the back of the TV as well as on the packaging.
  • Page 7: Screen Care

    Power consumption The TV consumes minimal energy in standby mode to minimise environmental impact. Active power consumption is displayed at the back of the TV. For more product specifications, see the product leaflet at
  • Page 8: Your Tv

    Your TV This section gives you an overview of commonly-used TV controls and functions. TV overview Side controls POWER PROGRAM +/- MENU VOLUME +/- Power indicator/remote control sensor Side connectors Use the TV side connectors to connect to mobile devices such as a high-definition camcorder or game console.
  • Page 9 Remote control EN-6 Power SOURCE TELETEXT Colour keys From left, red, green, yellow, blue , Æ, Î, ï, OK Í Navigation or cursor keys MENU P +/- Program up or down ” Volume up or down For more information about the remote control, see Section 5.1 Remote control overview.
  • Page 10: Get Started

    EXT 3 Wall mount the TV WARNING: Wall mounting of the TV should only be performed by qualified installers. Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. bears no responsibility for improper mounting that results in accident or injury. Step 1 Purchase a VESA-compatible wall...
  • Page 11 Firmly pull the stand from the bottom of the TV. Place both the stand and bolts in a secure location for future reinstallation. Step 3 Connect cables Connect the antenna cable, mains cord and all other devices to the back of the TV as described in the following sections.
  • Page 12: Connect The Antenna Cable

    Connect the antenna cable Locate the TV ANTENNA connector at the back of the TV. Connect one end of an antenna cable (not supplied) to the TV ANTENNA connector. Use an adaptor if the antenna cable does not fit. Connect the other end of the antenna cable to your antenna outlet, ensuring that the cable is tightly secured at both ends.
  • Page 13: Manage Cables

    Manage cables Route your mains cord, antenna cable and all other device cables through the cable holder (1) at the back of the TV. Insert the remote control batteries Slide the battery cover off the back of the remote control. Insert the two supplied batteries (Size AAA, Type LR03).
  • Page 14: Use Your Tv

    Use your TV This section helps you perform basic TV operations. Instructions on advanced TV opera- tions are provided in Section 5 Use more of your Switch on/off or to standby Switch on your TV If the power indicator (1) is off, press •...
  • Page 15: Watch Connected Devices

    Adjust volume Press + or - on the remote control, • or press VOLUME + or - on the side controls of the TV. Press on the remote control to mute • the sound. Press again to unmute on the sound.
  • Page 16: Use More Of Your Tv

    Use more of your TV Remote control overview 1. . Switches on from standby or back to standby. SOURCE Selects connected devices. /HOLD Selects a picture format or freezes a teletext page. DUAL I-II/REVEAL Press repeatedly to select a sound mode or to toggle between reveal and conceal mode.
  • Page 17: Use Tv Menus

    Use TV menus On-screen menus help you install your TV, adjust picture and sound settings and access other features. This section describes how to navigate the menus. Access the main menu Press MENU on the remote control to display the main menu. The following menu appears: Main Control Picture...
  • Page 18: Adjust Sound Settings

    Super zoom (Not for HD) • Removes the black bars on the side of 4:3 broadcasts with minimal distortion. 4:3 (Not for HD) • Displays the classic 4:3 format. Movie expand 14:9 (Not for HD) • Scales the classic 4:3 format to 14:9. Movie expand 16:9 (Not for HD) •...
  • Page 19: Install Channels

    Timer • Clock: set the time. • Start time: set the time to turn the TV on automatically. • Stop time: set the time to turn the TV off automatically. Sleep timer : select an automatic standby • period, from 0 to 180 minutes. Attenuates picture noise (snow) in difficult reception conditions.
  • Page 20: Manually Store Channels

    Press MENU on the remote control and select Install > Auto store. Press Æ to select Start. Press OK to confirm. When the channel search is complete, press MENU to exit. Manually store channels This section describes how to search and store analogue TV channels manually.
  • Page 21: Connect Devices

    Connect devices Connection overview EXT 3 Back connectors EXT 1 SCART connector for DVD players, VCRs, digital receivers, game consoles and other SCART devices. Supports Audio L/R. AUDIO IN Mini-jack connector for PC audio in. PC IN VGA connector for PC. HDMI HDMI input connectors for Blu-ray Disc players, digital receivers, game consoles and...
  • Page 22: Select Connection Quality

    HDMI cable, providing an uncompressed, digital interface between your TV and HDMI devices. You must use HDMI to experience full high-definition video. D Note: Philips HDMI supports HDCP (High- bandwidth Digital Contents Protection). HDCP is a form of Digital Rights Management that protects high definition content in DVD or Blu-ray Discs.
  • Page 23 Composite - Basic quality Composite video provides basic analogue connectivity, usually combining a (yellow) video cinch cable with (red and white) Audio L/R cinch cable. Match the cable colours when connecting to the composite Video and Audio L/R input connectors at EXT 2 of the TV. Composite audio/video cable - Yellow, Red and White.
  • Page 24: Connect Devices

    Connect devices This section describes how to connect various devices with different connectors. It and supplements examples provided in the Quick Start Guide. Caution: Disconnect the mains cord before connecting devices. Note: Different types of connectors may be used to connect a device to your TV, depending on availability and your needs.
  • Page 25: Satellite Receiver

    Satellite receiver To receive analogue channels via antenna and digital channels via a satellite receiver, connect an antenna cable and SCART cable as illustrated: EXT 3 Satellite receiver Combined DVD recorder and digital receiver To receive analogue channels via antenna and record programs on a combined DVD recorder and digital receiver, connect two antenna cables and one SCART cable as illustrated: EXT 3 DVD Recorder / Digital receiver...
  • Page 26 Game console or camcorder The most practical connection for a mobile game console or camcorder may be at the side of the TV. You can, for example, connect the game console or camcorder to VIDEO/S-Video and AUDIO L/R connectors at the side of the TV.
  • Page 27: Technical Specifications

    Technical specifications Specifications are subject to change without notice. For detailed specifications of this product go to Supported display resolutions Computer formats • Resolution Refresh rate 720 x 400 70Hz 640 x 480 60Hz 640 x 480 67Hz 800 x 600...
  • Page 28: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting This section describes commonly-encountered issues and accompanying solutions. General issues The TV does not switch on: Unplug the mains cord, wait for one minute • and plug in the mains again. Verify that the mains cord is properly • connected and that the mains are powered.
  • Page 29: Sound Issues

    Contact us If you cannot resolve your problem, refer to the FAQ for this TV at If the problem remains unresolved, contact the Customer Support Centre in your country as listed in this user manual.
  • Page 30: Index

    Index Access the main menu 14 Adjust features settings 15 Analogue Channel installation 17 Antenna Connect 9 Automatic Channel installation 16 Back connectors 5 Care Environment 4 Screen 4 Channels Change 11 Installation Automatic 16 Manual 17 Composite 20 Connect devices 18, 21 Connections Cable quality...
  • Page 31 Recycling product 4 Remote control Basic use 6 Batteries 10 Safety 3 SCART 19 Screen care 4 Shop mode 16, 18 Side Connectors 5 Controls 5 Sound Settings Adjust settings 15 S-Video 19 Switch channels channels 11 Switch TV On 10 On from standby 11 Troubleshooting 24 Overview 5...
  • Page 32 © 2008 Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. All rights reserved.

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