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Inserting a Disc into the Printer
See the DISC TITLE PRINTER Application User's Guide for information about how
to insert a disc into the printer for printing and how to use the positioning guide.
A dirty print head can make it impossible to obtain good printing results. Perform the
following steps to clean the print head when it becomes dirty.
• Use only a cotton swab or some other soft material to clean the print head.
Open the cassette cover.
Unplug the USB cable from the PC and printer.
Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet, and then unplug the AC adaptor
from the printer.
Use a cotton swab moistened with alcohol to clean the print head.
You can use a commercially available cassette tape recorder head cleaning kit to
clean the print head.

Cleaning the Printer Exterior

Wipe the exterior of the printer with a cloth moistened with plain water. Wring
all excess liquid from the cloth before wiping the printer.
Never use benzene, alcohol, thinner, or other volatile agents to clean the
printer exterior. Doing so can damage the case.

Caring for the Printer

– 24 –
Print head
Clean this part of the
print head.


Table of Contents

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