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Installing the Software

This document explains how to install the bundled software on a computer running
the English version of Windows XP. For details about basic Windows operations, see
the user documentation or help for your computer.

Precautions when Installing and Uninstalling

• You need to be logged in to your computer with as an administrator (Windows XP)
or with Administrative privileges (Windows 2000) in order to install or uninstall the
Software and User Documentation
Printing Software
User Documentation (PDF Files)
DISC TITLE PRINTER Application User's Guide
Adobe Reader

To Install Software

• Be sure to install the software before you connect the printer to your computer.
Connecting before you install the software can result in improper operation.
• Make sure you quit all other anti-virus and other applications running on your
computer before starting installation. Installing while other applications are running
can result in incorrect installation. You can restart the applications after installation
is complete.
• If you leave an anti-virus application running, it may display error and warning
message during the installation procedure. If this happens, perform the following
1 After installation is complete, uninstall the software you just installed.
2 Exit the anti-virus application and any other applications currently running on
your computer.
3 Re-install the software.
4 After installation is complete, re-start the applications you exited in step 2.
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents