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Sanyo DP42410 Owner's Manual

1080p hdtv lcd
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  Summary of Contents for Sanyo DP42410

  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

    Thank you for choosing SANYO. Please read all instructions to obtain maximum benefit of your product. CAUTION RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT OPEN CAUTION : TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK, D O N O T R E M O V E C O V E R ( O R B A C K ) . N O U S E R - SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE.
  • Page 3: Fcc Information

    NEVER spray liquids on the screen. ® Partner, Sanyo Electric co., Ltd. has determined that this ® guidelines for energy efficiency.” HANDLING PRECAUTIONS Handle by the cabinet only. Never touch the screen when handling.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

  • Page 5: Installing And Uninstalling Stand

    INSTALLING AND UNINSTALLING STAND Handling with two people is recommended when installing. When holding (moving or lifting) the LCD Display, hold the display’s body. Do not handle the LCD TV by holding the attached accessory parts (speakers), otherwise it may result in damage. Before installing, provide a desk (or a part of it) which is strong enough to support the weight of the LCD TV and its stand.
  • Page 6: Installation

    INSTALLATION POSITIONING THE LCD HDTV Always use a firm-flat surface when positioning your HDTV. Do not position the unit in a confined area. Allow adequate space for proper ventilation. 40.3 19.9 Diagonal screen: 42.02 inches NOTE: All dimensions are in inches. WALL MOUNTING (OPTIONAL) Use the screws that are threaded into the stand-...
  • Page 7: Getting Started

    GETTING STARTED Install supplied batteries in the Remote. PRECAUTIONS Do not use rechargeables together with dry cells, other types, mixed new and old or batteries with different charge levels. Do not expose the Remote or batteries to moisture or heat such as sunshine. ( the size of battery is AAA).
  • Page 8: Getting Started-Controls And Jacks

    GETTING STARTED-CONTROLS AND JACKS S-Video Input (VIDEO1), PAGE 10 - To enhance video detail use the S-Video jack instead of the Video jack, if available on your external equipment. (An S-Video connection will override a connection to the Video1 input jack. Composite video Input VIDEO1 or VIDEO2,PAGE 10 - Standard (composite) video and standard audio inputs, and for use with video devices with analog...
  • Page 9: Remote Control Operation

    REMOTE CONTROL OPERATION MUTE Button - Press to mute or restore the sound. Numeric Buttons - Press numeric buttons to select a channel. Example: Press 6 then OK button to select analog channel A6. Press 6 then 1-- button to select digital channel D6.
  • Page 10: Getting Started-Connections

    GETTING STARTED-CONNECTIONS Analog Signal Connections - VIDEO1 or VIDEO2 (optional). Connect an analog device, such as, an Analog Cable Box, Satellite Receiver or VCR Composite connectors are included on your HDTV to provide continued compatibility with older analog devices such as a VCR. The S-Video connector will provide the best analog resolution.
  • Page 11: Power Connection

    GETTING STARTED-POWER CONNECTION/CHANNEL SEARCH POWER CONNECTION Plug in AC power cord (120V AC, 60Hz) Press the POWER button, (Follow the on-screen instructions). To 120V AC outlet. INITIAL SETUP Use the CURSOR highlight Store or Home. Press the OK button. TVs will enter INITIAL CHANNEL SCAN automatically.
  • Page 12: Advanced Av Connections

    ADVANCED AV CONNECTIONS ADVANCED DIGITAL SIGNAL CONNECTIONS-HDMI TO HDMI Connect compatible Digital devices, such as, a HD Cable Box, HD Satellite Receiver, DVD Player, and Game System. HDMI-High-Definition Multimedia Interface. This is an all digital AV interface that accepts uncompressed video signals for the best picture quality possible.
  • Page 13: Pc Connections

    PC CONNECTIONS NOTE: Before connecting any cables, disconnect the AC Power Cords of both the HDTV and Personal Computer from the AC outlets. Connect an RGB cable from the monitor output on your PC to the RGB connector on the HDTV and tighten the screws.
  • Page 14: Sports Mode

    SPORTS MODE By simply pushing the “SPORTS” button on the remote control, the TV will automatically optimize both picture & sound settings for the programs shown. Football − For golf, football programs etc. − Fresh greenness of the lawn − Enfolding cheering voices, ball hitting sounds Winter Sports −...
  • Page 15: On-Screen Menu Operation

    ON-SCREEN MENU OPERATION MENU NAVIGATION MAP MAIN MENU SUB-MENU OPTIONS CHANNEL ADJUSTMENT SIGNAL SOURCE OPERATION There are two categories: Cable AIR(Antenna) Search: It will search for analog and digital channels that are broadcasted over-the-air. Cable Search: It looks for analog cable channels and unscrambled (Clear QAM) digital cable channels.
  • Page 16: Channel List Operation

    ON-SCREEN MENU OPERATION (CONTINUED) CHANNEL LIST OPERATION The Channel List is a database of active channels you can scan through using the CURSOR buttons. Customize it by deleting or adding channels. Press the MENU button on the remote control to display the Main menu.
  • Page 17: Parent Adjustment

    Move Enter Return MENU This SANYO television is equipped with an electronic V-Chip to interpret MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) and TV Parental Guidelines rating codes. When these codes are detected, the HDTV will automatically display or block the program, depending upon choices you make when setting up the PARENT menu.
  • Page 18 ON-SCREEN MENU OPERATION (CONTINUED) CANADIAN/US ENGLISH OPERATION Press the MENU button and then use the CURSOR buttons to highlight PARENT. Press the OK button. Enter your password. If the password is correct, it will automatically return to PARENT menu. If the password is wrong, you can enter password again or press the MENU button to return to PARENT menu.
  • Page 19: Picture/ Audio/ Advanced Adjustment

    PICTURE/ AUDIO/ ADVANCED ADJUSTMENT PICTURE ADJUSTING THE PICTURE LEVELS PICTURE MODE OPERATION Press the MENU button on the remote control to display the Main menu. Use the CURSOR PICTURE. Press the OK button. Use the CURSOR (UP) and to select the Picture Mode. Press the OK button. Use the CURSOR (UP) and (Down) buttons to...
  • Page 20: Advanced

    NOTES: User mode (Sound Equalizer) will allow to adjust frequency response from 100Hz to 10kHz by user. CURSOR (UP) and Use the select frequency. Use the to CURSOR frequency setting. ADJUSTING THE AUDIO LEVELS TREBLE/ BASS/ BALANCE OPERATION Press the MENU button on the remote control to display the Main menu.
  • Page 21 Use the CURSOR (UP) and to select Off, Football, Winter Sports, Marine Sports or Indoor Sports. Press the OK button. NOISE REDUCTION OPERATION Press the MENU button on the remote control to display the Main menu. Use the CURSOR ADVANCED. Press the OK button. Use the CURSOR (UP) and to select Noise Reduction.
  • Page 22: System

    20 Seconds, 30 Seconds, 40 Seconds, 50 Seconds or 60 Seconds. Press the OK button. NEXT PAGE OPERATION NEXT PAGE - Jump to next page menu. 1無 Press the MENU button on the remote control to display the Main menu. 2無...
  • Page 23 SLEEP OPERATION Sleep- Choose from Off, 30 min, 60 min, 90 min,120 min, 150 min, and 180 min for your choice of setting the counting down of time you desire the HDTV to be turned off by itself. The default setting is Off. Press the MENU button on the remote control to display the Main menu.
  • Page 24: Usb (Photo Viewer)

    RESET SYSTEM OPERATION Reset System- Reset the previous adjustment settings under the SYSTEM mode to the factory default value Use the CURSOR SYSTEM. Press the OK butto n. Use the CURSOR (UP) and highlight Reset System. Press the OK button. Use the CURSOR (UP) and select Reset or Cancel.
  • Page 25 can minify the image and press exit again can to original size. Note:CURSOR scroll over the screen only in Zoom mode(x2,x4) Use the EXIT button to exit this function. MULTI VIEW (Thumbnail) Use the CURSOR (UP) and (Down) buttons to select Thumbnail.
  • Page 26 Connect the USB device to the TV directly. Do not use a USB Hub. You must obtain any required permission from copyright owners to use copyright content. SANYO cannot and does not grant such permission. a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z...
  • Page 27: Helpful Hints - Problems / Solutions

    Check the external equipment screen settings. Before returning your HDTV, please visit our website at or call us toll free at 1.800.263.2244. We can Help! Try these Solutions: Adjust antenna. Try a different channel. Execute Channel Scan in the CHANNEL menu.
  • Page 28: Specifications

    Maximum Visible Range (H)930.24 x (V)523.26 mm (42.02 inches diagonal) Refresh Rate 120 Hz Picture Resolution Full HD 1920X1080 Viewing Angle Horizontal 178° & Vertical: 178° (Panel tentative) Brightness 450(Typical) cd/m (Panel tentative) Contrast Ratio 4000:1 (Typical) (Panel tentative) Voltage 120V AC 60Hz AC Power Consumption (average) 178 Watts...
  • Page 29: Configurations Of Vga Terminals

    Output terminals Digital Audio Output Audio Output CONFIGURATIONS OF VGA TERMINALS VGA IN (D-SUB) TERMINAL Terminal : D-SUB15 PIN Connect video output terminal of LCD TV to this terminal with a VGA Cable (not supplied). When connecting Macintosh computer, the MAC Adapter (not supplied) is required. PC / HDMI SIGNAL MODES This LCD TV can correspond to the signals below.