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Sanyo DP42D24 User Manual

720p / 1080p hdtv
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Model: DP39D14
1080P HDTV



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  • Page 1 720P HDTV Model: DP39D14 1080P HDTV Model: DP42D24 DP50E44 DP55D44 DP58D34 DP65E34...
  • Page 2: Important Information

    apparatus. WARNING The mains plug is used as disconnect device, the disconnect device shall remain readily operable.
  • Page 4 An outside antenna system should not be located in the vicinity of overhead power lines or other electrical light or power circuits, or where it can fall into such power lines or circuits. When installing an outside antenna system, extreme care should be taken to keep from touching such power lines or circuits as contact with them might be fatal.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Important Information ........................... Important Safety Insructions ........................ Chapter 1: Connections and Setup Before Initial Setup ..........................Check Supplied Parts........................... Attaching Your TV to the Stand Base....................Mounting Your TV to the Wall ......................Buttons on the TV ..........................Explanation of jacks on TV ........................
  • Page 6: Chapter 1: Connections And Setup Before Initial Setup

    Chapter 1 QUIK'N EASY Setup Guide Parts for Stand Base...
  • Page 7: Attaching Your Tv To The Stand Base

    For model DP58D34, please just follow A - 2, A - 3. Mounting screws measurements Model DP39D14 ①M5 (5mm) Diameter, Length-12mm (maximum) DP42D24 Note:Stand base screws ②M4 (4mm) Diameter, Length-20mm (maximum) DP50E44 are located in the literature package.
  • Page 8: Mounting Your Tv To The Wall

    DP39D14 DP42D24 DP50E44 DP55D44 DP58D34 DP65E34 Recommendation to buy screws : top use M6X12. max 15mm); BTM use M6 X16. max (20mm) For model DP58D34, please remove neck cover and stand neck before mounting. Buttons on the TV Take a certain model for an example:...
  • Page 9: Explanation Of Jacks On Tv

    ENTER (Please base on the material object for the real sample.) AUDIO OUTPUT the socket provides composite audio connection. The TV can support amplified high power audio equipment. Please adjust the volume directly on the external audio equipment. Please do not connect headphones directly to the TV. OPTICAL OUTPUT:It is possible to output audio through the digital audio terminal.
  • Page 10: Choose Your Connections

    Visual Interface (DVI), the jack on the side of your TV is also compatible with DVI devices. (For DVI input, it's audio input is shared with PC audio input) Note: For the audio receiver control ARC, firstly you must have a device which supports HDMI ARC, then connect it to the HDMI1 port.
  • Page 11: Mhl

    Compatibility 480i, 480p, 720p/60Hz, 1080i/60Hz, 1080p/60Hz WXGA 1080p/30Hz 1080p/60Hz MHL2.1 (*MHL) The MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) enables the TV to communicate with connected MHL-compatible device. When connecting MHL-compatible device, TV simultaneously charges the connected device while playing photo/music/video from it. You can use the TV remote control to control the connected MHL -compatible device.
  • Page 12 (*MHL) INPUT VIDEO INPUT List Video REMARK: Due to slim back cover, we recommend connecting the PC with a standard VGA cable, avoiding cables with thicker connectors/plugs. (For Model: DP50E44, DP55D44, DP58D34, DP65E34)
  • Page 13: Remote Control Functions

    Press to open the Input list, then press select the desired option RECALL press the RECALL button return to the previously viewed channel and replay for Roku. Return to the Home screen for Roku. SMART the menu and Roku control. Special function for Roku.
  • Page 15: Setup Wizard

    ENERGY STAR qualification. Use ◄/► to “ select the desired location setting( Home Mode or “Store Mode”); then press ENTER /OK to continue to the next screen. Setup Wizard ENERGY STAR is a set of power-saving Connect an RF cable to the TV's ANTENNA/CABLE guidelines issued by the U.S.
  • Page 16 Chapter 2 【 】 Press Next button to check connection in detail. Search channels form an indoor or outdoor antenna. Press Repeat button to do the process again. 【 】 Cable Search channels from the cable provider. Successfully Completed Channel search result: Analog channels:_ _ Digital...
  • Page 17: Input List

    Chapter 2 Picture 1. Press MENU to enter the main menu, Press button to select. 2. Press to enter. (Press MENU again to exit or Connection check phase: HDMI please turn on the power of apparatus and check connection. back to parent menu.) Video DVD/Blu-ray HDMI 1...
  • Page 18: Sound

    Menu Operation Menu Operation Sound 【Contrast】 Adjust the white level of the picture. 1.Press MENU to enter the main menu, Press Press button to adjust. button to select. 2.Press to enter. (Press MENU again to exit or back to parent menu.) 【Color】...
  • Page 19: Channel

    Menu Operation Channel 1.Press ENU to enter the main menu, Press button to select. Picture Picture Sound Channel Setup Lock Help Channel Channel Label 2.Press to enter. ( Press ENU again to exit or back to parent menu.) Prev 1/ 1 Next Picture Picture...
  • Page 20: Setup

    Menu Operation Setup 1.Press MENU to enter the main menu, Press Mode Button to select. Set the look of digital Closed Captioning. 2.Press to enter. (Press MENU again to exit or Press button to select (Default / Custom). back to parent menu.) Font Style Select from 8 font styles.
  • Page 21: Lock

    Menu Operation 【Other Settings】 3.Enter your 4-digital password. Default password is Press ENTER button to enter. 0000. Blue Screen 4.Press button to select among Change Password / The setting of Blue Screen on/off System Lock / Input Block / US Rating / Canada Rating / Press button to select(On / Off).
  • Page 22: Help

    Menu Operation Canada English These ratings are for programs which are using and content-based. English rating system. Rating Defined as Children Picture Sound Channel Setup Lock Picture Help Children 8 years and older TV Rating General programming Parental guidance Viewers 14 and older Adult programming Press OK to Lock or Unlock Canada...
  • Page 23: Menu Operation

    Menu Operation 3.Press ENTER / to enter. 4.Press button to select among H-Pos / V-Pos / Clock / Phase / Auto . 4.Press MENU to exit it 5.Press to enter. 【Help】 6.Press button to adjust. 7.Press ENU again or back to parent menu. Get help from the following choices.
  • Page 24: Video/Hdmi

    Menu Operation VIDEO / HDMI Photo 1. PICTURE menu and description are the same as that 1.Press INPUT button to display the input source list. for TV mode. 2.Press button to select USB. 2. Audio Language in SOUND menu is invalid. 3.Press ENTER button to enter .
  • Page 25: Roku

    Menu Operation Roku 1. Access the Roku. The Roku logo should appear after a few seconds. 2.After Roku logo appears on screen, please wait patiently for about a minute. 3. If Roku does not activate, please follow the Roku network connection wizard. 4.
  • Page 26: Chapter 3:Other Information

    Chapter 3 Other Information...
  • Page 27: Troubleshooting

    Other Information VIDEO INPUT Check your connections. If you used Composite yellow, red, and white cables to connect, make sure they're connected to the green VIDEO INPUT, and the red and white...
  • Page 28 Other Information Lock Enter Password System lock, System lock...
  • Page 29: Care And Cleaning

    Other Information 60Hz (For Model: DP39D14, DP42D24, DP50E44, DP55D44) 120Hz (For Model: DP58D34, DP65E34) Specification Power AC Power Height Depth Weight Width Model Requirement Consumption 35.0 (w/stand) 22.6 (w/stand) 7.3 (w/stand) DP39D14 20.5Ibs (w/stand) 70 watts 35.0 (w/out stand) 20.8 (w/out stand) 3.0 (w/out stand)
  • Page 31 • MHL, Mobile High-Definition Link and the MHL Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of MHL Licensing, LLC. California 72-39D14M-X93Z2...

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