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Picture Options - Samsung UN55C5000 User Manual

Series 5 5000.
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Basic Features
■ Black Tone (Off / Dark / Darker / Darkest): Select the
black level to adjust the screen depth.
■ Dynamic Contrast (Off / Low / Medium / High): Adjust
the screen contrast.
■ Shadow Detail (-2~+2): Increase the brightness of dark
■ Gamma: Adjust the primary color intensity.
■ Expert Pattern (Off / Pattern1 / Pattern2): By
running the Expert Pattern function, the picture can
be calibrated. If the OSD menu disappears or a menu
other than the Picture menu is opened, the calibration is
saved and the Expert Pattern window disappears.
Off: Turns the Expert Pattern function off.
Pattern1: This is a test screen designed to demonstrate
the affects of display settings on shades.
Pattern2: This is a test screen designed to demonstrate
the affects of display settings on colors.
After selecting Pattern1 or Pattern2, you can
adjust any of the advanced settings to the desired
While the Expert Pattern is running, sound is not
Only enabled on DTV / Component / HDMI.
■ RGB Only Mode (Off / Red / Green / Blue): Displays
the Red, Green and Blue color for making fine
adjustments to the hue and saturation.
■ Color Space (Auto / Native / Custom): Adjust the
range of colors available to create the image. To adjust
Color, Red, Green, Blue and Reset, set Color Space
to Custom.
■ White Balance: Adjust the color temperature for a more
natural picture.
R-Offset / G-Offset / B-Offset: Adjust each color's
(red, green, blue) darkness.
R-Gain / G-Gain / B-Gain: Adjust each color's (red,
green, blue) brightness.
Reset: Resets the White Balance to it's default
■ 10p White Balance (Off / On): Controls the white
balance in 10 point intervals by adjusting the red, green,
and blue brightness.
Available when the picture mode is set to Movie
and when the external input is set to all input.
Some external devices may not support this
Interval: Select interval to adjust.
Red: Adjust the red level.
Green: Adjust the green level.
Blue: Adjust the blue level.
Reset: Resets the 10p White Balance to its default
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■ Flesh Tone: Emphasize pink "Flesh Tone."
■ Edge Enhancement (Off / On): Emphasize object
■ xvYCC (Off / On): Setting the xvYCC mode on
increases detail and color space when watching movies
from an external device (e.g. BD/DVD player) connected
to the HDMI or Component IN jacks.
Available when the picture mode is set to Movie
and when the external input is set to HDMI or
Some external devices may not support this
■ LED Motion Plus (Off / On): Removes drag from fast
scenes with a lot of movement to provide a clear picture.

Picture Options

MENUm → Picture → Picture Options →
In PC mode, you can only make changes to the
Color Tone, Size and Auto Protection Time.
Picture Options
Color Tone
Digital Noise Filter
MPEG Noise Filter
HDMI Black Level
Film Mode
Auto Protection Time
U Move E Enter R Return
■ Color Tone (Cool / Normal / Warm1 / Warm2)
Warm1 or Warm2 will be deactivated when the picture
mode is Dynamic.
Settings can be adjusted and stored for each external
device connected to an input on the TV.
■ Size: Your cable box/satellite receiver
may have its own set of screen sizes as
well. However, we highly recommend you
use 16:9 mode most of the time.
16:9: Sets the picture to 16:9 wide mode.
Zoom1: Use for moderate magnification.
Zoom2: Use for a stronger magnification.
Wide Fit: Enlarges the aspect ratio of the picture to fit
the entire screen.
Available with HD 1080i / 720p signals in 16:9
: Normal
: 16:9
: Auto
: Auto
: Normal
: Off
: Off
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