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Behringer X32 User Manual

Behringer X32 User Manual

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Table of Contents
User Manual
Compact 40-Input, 25-Bus Digital Mixing Console with
16 Programmable MIDAS Preamps, 17 Motorized Faders,
Channel LCD's, 32-Channel Audio Interface and iPad/iPhone
Remote Control


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Behringer X32

  • Page 1 User Manual X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER Compact 40-Input, 25-Bus Digital Mixing Console with 16 Programmable MIDAS Preamps, 17 Motorized Faders, Channel LCD’s, 32-Channel Audio Interface and iPad/iPhone Remote Control...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    5.13 What kinds of Utilities are available? .......30 5.14 How do I set up a Matrix for a delay column/tower or a remote zone mix? ....... 31 5.15 Using the X32 COMPACT in recording and production studio environments ........32 5.16 Remote control ..............33 5.17 Recording a 2-track directly with the console ..
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual 9. Do not defeat the safety purpose of the polarized 20. Please keep the environmental aspects of battery Important Safety or grounding-type plug. A polarized plug has two blades disposal in mind. Batteries must be disposed-of at a Instructions with one wider than the other.
  • Page 4: Introduction

    Ethernet. Extensive on-board I/O includes Cirrus Logic converters, 96 bidirectional channels The X32 COMPACT’s ease of use, intuitive work ow, diverse feature set and over SuperMAC AES50, stereo AES/EBU out, 16 channels of BEHRINGER’s Ultranet integration with other equipment make it an ideal centerpiece for installed and personal monitoring and 32 x 32 channels for recording over USB.
  • Page 5: Operational Overview

    With the View button approach of the X32 COMPACT console, there is almost On the Routing pages, pressing the Utility button will o er loading or saving...
  • Page 6 There are two separate Level controls in this section, one for the headphone The X32 COMPACT’s channel strip o ers dedicated controls for the most important outputs located on either side of the console, and a second one for the monitor processing parameters of the currently selected channel.
  • Page 7 DCA Group is a breeze on the The Assign section of the console o ers three banks of 8 buttons, allowing for X32 COMPACT. Simply hold the respective DCA Group Select button on the right- freely customizable access to 24 random functions of the X32 COMPACT.
  • Page 8 Assigning these will obviously carry no The X32 COMPACT console features 16 analog rear-panel XLR inputs with signal, but they can still be used when preparing shows for a full X32 console. microphone-preamps, as well as 8 rear-panel XLR Outputs and 6 TRS Aux Sends and Returns.
  • Page 9 X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual 14:09 Ch01 A: S16 A: 48K : 37 0:00 - 0:00 C: X-USB analog out p16 out card out aes50-b home aux out aes50-a Edit Output Assignment Analog Output Current Setting Category Processed Output...
  • Page 10 E ects Processing 1-8 Bus sends to 6 matrices The X32 COMPACT console contains eight true-stereo internal e ects engines. Main LR panning FX 1-4 can be con gured as side chain or insert e ects, while FX 5-8 can only...
  • Page 11 If the console has been used by someone else, and you feel unsure about its speci c routing status, you can reset the X32 COMPACT to default settings in two Many functions of the X32 COMPACT console can be remotely controlled by a convenient ways: dedicated iPad app.
  • Page 12: Callouts

    X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual 2. Callouts 2.1 Channel Strip and Monitoring !(#) !*# !!"# !&# !"# !"#$ Preamp – Adjust the preamp gain for the selected channel with the !'#$ USB Recorder – Connect a thumb drive to install rmware updates and to Gain knob.
  • Page 13: Input Channel Banks

    X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual 2.2 Input Channel Banks !""$ Layer Select – Select either the channels 1-8, 9-16, 17-24, 25-32, Aux in 1-6/USB REC, E ects Returns, Bus 1-8, or Bus 9-16. ects Returns, Bus 1-8, or Bus 9-16.
  • Page 14: Group/Bus Banks

    X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual 2.4 Group/Bus Banks !&'$% DAW Remote – Press this to enable DAW remote control. !&($% Group/Bus Layers – Select between DCA groups 1-8, Buses 1-8 or 9-16, !"#$ or Matrices 1-6 and the main center bus with these buttons. The currently active layer will light.
  • Page 15: Rear Panel Connections

    !(,$% MIDI In/Out – Send and receive MIDI commands via 5-pin DIN cables. !(-$% AES/EBU Out – Send digital audio via 3-pin AES/EBU XLR cable. !)#$% Ultranet – Connect to a BEHRINGER P-16 personal monitoring system via Ethernet cable. !)"$% AES50 A/B – Transmit up to 96 channels in and out via shielded CAT-5e cables.
  • Page 16: Hook-Up Diagrams

    X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual 3. Hook-Up Diagrams B215D F1320D B1800D-PRO B3031A Laptop FCB1010 MIDI Pedal...
  • Page 17 X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual Keyboard XM8500 DI Box HPX6000 (Sidecap output) S16 Digital Snake GTX30 P-16 D 2-TRACK HARD DISK RECORDER P-16 M Note - Shielded CAT-5e cable with terminated ends should always be used for AES50 connections between X32 and S16 units.
  • Page 18: Fx Descriptions

    Triple Delay FX Descriptions Here is a list and brief description of the e ects available on the X32 COMPACT. When Stereo and Dual versions of an e ect are o ered, use the Stereo version when the left and right signal are to be altered together (e.g. on linked stereo channels or buses), or Dual when you want to dial di erent settings for the left and right signal.
  • Page 19 DENSITY manipulates the re ection density in the bright colored sound. X32’s Plate Reverb will give your tracks the sound heard on simulated room. (This slightly changes the reverb decay time). LOW CUT sets the countless hit records since the late 1950s.
  • Page 20 A Stereo Phaser, or phase shifter, applies multiple STAGES of modulated lters to the input signal to create a “notch” in the frequency response, and then applies a MIX with the original for a “swirling” e ect. Use X32’s Stereo Phaser to add a “spaced-out” sound to vocal or instrument tracks.
  • Page 21 Stereo Tremolo creates an up and down volume change at a constant and even mix or level out volume inconsistencies of slap bass tracks. (Inspired by the SPL tempo just like the guitar amps of yesteryear. Use X32’s Stereo Tremolo to add a Transient Designer) unique “surf-music”...
  • Page 22 X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual Mood Filter Chorus + Chamber The Mood Filter uses an LFO generator and an auto-envelope generator to control Taking up only one FX slot, the Chorus + Chamber e ect combines the shimmer a VCF (voltage-controlled lter), as well as a side chain function where the and doubling characteristics of a studio-grade Chorus with the sweet sound of a channel B signal controls the envelope of channel A.
  • Page 23 X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual Delay + Chorus Dual / Stereo TruEQ This combination e ect merges a user-de nable Delay (echo) with a studio- The TruEQ incorporates a special algorithm that compensates for the gain quality Chorus sure to fatten up even the “skinniest” track. Uses only one FX slot.
  • Page 24 X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual Rhythm Delay Ultimo Compressor The Rhythm Delay provides 4 stages of delay with independently adjustable gain The Ultimo Compressor is based on the Urei 1176LN Limiting Ampli er and and rate, allowing unique syncopation to be created in the layered repeats.
  • Page 25 X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual XTEC EQ1 Edison EX1 The EDISON EX1+ is a remarkably e ective tool that allows manipulation of the stereo eld. The e ect o ers stereo and mid/side input and output and a phase correlation meter.
  • Page 26: Topic Guide

    ¼" outputs in the sidecaps to connect your headphones. Note that if the X32 COMPACT has previously been in use by somebody else, and You will either hear the monitor source signal, which is Main Stereo by you feel unsure about its actual status, you can reset it to default settings in default, or any channel with its solo button being active.
  • Page 27: How Do I Add One Of The 8 Internal E Ects To The Sound

    “precision limiter”. monitor mix. Select the speci c input or output channel you wish to use the inserted The monitor mix can also be adjusted using the X32 COMPACT’s e ect on. “Sends on Faders” function: Press the HOME button, then the PAGE SELECT right button to navigate to the 1.
  • Page 28: Everything You Ought To Know About Solo And Monitor Sources

    They now act as “virtual aux send knobs” for the Mix Bus 1 feeding the The X32 COMPACT allows you to monitor audio sources on a set of headphones or stage monitor, allowing you to quickly adjust the overall monitor mix using monitor speakers when operating the console from a front-of-house position.
  • Page 29: Using Mute Groups

    “focus” box to the speci c set of custom controls you wish to assign. Lastly, the X32 COMPACT o ers a “DCA Group”. This is similar to a normal group, except that the signals of the underlying channels are not actually combined 3.
  • Page 30: How Do I Share Signals Over Aes50 Supermac Network

    The X32 COMPACT also provides a long list of preset names 1. Connect the AES50 A port on the rst S16 to the AES50 A port on the X32 for typical input sources and output destinations, saving time and e ort.
  • Page 31: How Do I Set Up A Matrix For A Delay Column/Tower Or A Remote Zone Mix

    In the equalizer section, The X32 COMPACT console o ers 6 separate “Matrix” outputs that allow an extra switch the EQ on, select the HIGH band and use the FREQ control to move the level of functionality when routing any of the 16 mix buses out of the console.
  • Page 32: Using The X32 Compact In Recording And Production Studio Environments

    (local or stage box), using the ’Routing/card out’ page. Note however, that the mic preamp gain (also for While the X32 COMPACT is primarily targeted at a live sound environment, it also recording) will be controlled from the FOH console, and Gain changes during can work as an extremely full-featured and powerful studio console as well.
  • Page 33: Remote Control

    X32-Edit application on a PC. To be able to do this the X32 COMPACT has to be set Adjust all settings of the console so that all elements of the mix are up properly.
  • Page 34: Usb Interface Operation Guide

    Note - the X32 COMPACT initially shipped with the X-UF FireWire/USB card installed. The console will automatically detect the X-USB card during the regular boot As FireWire has become an increasingly obsolete technology, we have begun cycle, and it will display the card’s presence in several instances.
  • Page 35 Setup/preamps page to make sure that phantom power is set as needed, and that classic tape machine. In this case, the X32 COMPACT mic inputs would be selected there is a reasonable amount of headroom for recording the preamp signals.
  • Page 36 X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual 16 in / 16 out zero-latency overdub setup, which would be impossible if signals were run through the computer. In this case, the 16 input signals are put on channels If you don’t actually need more than 16 concurrent input and output tracks to 1-16, while the tape (card) returns are put on channels 17-32.
  • Page 37: Con Guring The Pc To Interface With The X-Usb Card

    These screens will allow con guring the X-USB expansion MacOS: The X-USB is CoreAudio compatible and thus works with card in the X32 COMPACT as an audio interface for your computer. low-latency on Mac computers without any additional driver installation.
  • Page 38 X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual The ’Output Channels’ screen allows you to name each output channel for more organized mixing. The ’Synchronisation’ screen allows manual selection of the sample rate and clock source.
  • Page 39: X-Usb Speci Cations

    X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual The ’Settings’ screen allows the stream, ASIO, and WDM sound bu ers to be set. Any detected drop outs will be documented as well, in which case a larger bu er should be selected.
  • Page 40: Main Display

    X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual 7. Main Display 7.1.2 Console Screens The color screen of the X32 COMPACT o ers a wealth of visual feedback and 7.1 Overview hands on control for the console. Whereas the dedicated top panel controls o er immediate hands-on adjustments for the most important operations of a 7.1.1 Display and Navigation Controls...
  • Page 41 X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual Global Screen Elements 15:33 Ch01 OpeningScene A: S16 A: 48K : 15 02: next 0:00 - 0:00 C: X-USB con g home gate sends main Fat Sn are The “global” screen elements are located at the top of the screen, laid out in a AES50-A: Displays, by name, what AES50 based equipment is connected to the horizontal row.
  • Page 42 X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual Rotary Encoder Elements: Gain Lo Cut Source Delay Ins Pos Insert +0.00 Input InsF Link Lo Cut Select Delay Insert Connect The bottom of most screens contain 6 slots of information that are always paired 2.
  • Page 43: Home Screen

    X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual 7.2 Home Screen 3. Tap the 2nd encoder to toggle phase ip on/o for the currently selected channel. The home screen contains a high-level overview of the selected input or output channel, and o ers various adjustments not available through the dedicated 4.
  • Page 44 X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual 7.2.3 Home Screen: Gate Tab 7.2.4 Home Screen: Dynamics Tab The gate tab displays all aspects of the channel noise gate and allows for very The dynamics tab displays all aspects of the channel compressor and allows for deep control of the gate e ect.
  • Page 45 X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual Linear: In this mode, the rate of gain change is constant (as set by the 7.2.5 Home Screen: EQ Tab timing controls). Therefore, the greater the signal dynamic excursion, The EQ tab displays all aspects of the channel equalizer and also displays a the longer the compressor will take to complete a gain change.
  • Page 46 X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual 7.2.6 Home Screen: Sends Tab 7.2.7 Home Screen: Main Tab The sends tab displays and controls all aspects of the channel sends to the sixteen The main tab displays and controls all aspects of the main bus assignments.
  • Page 47: Meters Screen

    X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual 7.3 Meters Screen 5. RTA: The meters screen displays di erent groups of level meters for various signal The Real Time Analyzer provides accurate feedback of source frequencies in either paths of the console, and is useful for quickly ascertaining if any channels need bargraph or spectrograph form, allowing problematic or feedback frequencies to level adjustment.
  • Page 48: Routing Screen

    X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual 7.4 Routing Screen To assign various inputs to the console’s input channels, perform the following steps: The routing screen is where all signal patching is done, allowing you to route internal signal paths to and from the physical input/output connectors located on 1.
  • Page 49 Feet, Meters, and Milliseconds. The X32 console allows for many di erent kinds of output signal paths, and this screen is where these output paths are assigned to an actual physical rear panel 8.
  • Page 50 X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual 7.4.3 Routing Screen: Aux Out Tab 7. Tap the 4th encoder to assign the selected output path, completing the process. The route screen’s aux out tab allows the user to patch an internal signal path (such as a mix output used as an e ects send) to the 6 separate ¼"/RCA...
  • Page 51 X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual 7.4.4 Routing Screen: P16 Tab 6. Tap the 5th encoder to complete the signal tap point assignment. The routing screen’s P16 tab allows the user to route various console signal paths 7. Tap the 6th encoder to enter iQ Setup to the rear panel P16 Ultranet output.
  • Page 52 X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual 7.4.5 Routing Screen: Card Output Tab: 7.4.6 Routing Screen: AES50-A and AES50-B Tabs: The routing screen’s card tab allows the user to patch various signal paths to the The routing screen’s AES50-A and AES50-B tabs allow the user to patch various physical inputs and outputs of the X-USB card.
  • Page 53: Setup Screen

    X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual 7.5 Setup Screen 7.5.2 Setup Screen: Con g Tab: The setup screen o ers various controls for global, high-level functions of The setup screen’s con g tab allows adjustment of various audio-related settings, the console such as display adjustments, sample rates and synchronization, such as the console’s base sample rate and use of an internal or external digital...
  • Page 54 X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual 6. Adjust the 3rd encoder to set the word clock synchronization of the 7.5.3 Setup Screen: Remote Tab: console to use its internal digital clock, or slave to an external digital clock. The setup screen’s remote tab allows setting up the console as a control surface Choices for the clock signal include: for various DAW recording software on a connected computer.
  • Page 55 X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual 7.5.5 Setup Screen: Scribble Strip Tab...
  • Page 56 HA Remote allows console gains to be remote controlled by another console (snippets), for the currently selected channel. connected via AES50. This is particularly useful when operating an X32 Rack unit as a stagebox. 5. Tap the 4th encoder to assign the currently highlighted preset text (snippet) to the channel.
  • Page 57: Libraries Screen

    X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual 7.6 Libraries Screen 7.6.2 Libraries Screen: E ects Tab The libraries screen allows loading and saving of commonly used setups for the The library screen’s e ects tab allows you to load and save presets for the various channel inputs, e ects processors, and routing scenarios.
  • Page 58: E Ects Screen

    X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual 7.7 E ects Screen 6. Adjust the 5th encoder to scroll among the di erent available audio e ects. Choices include: The e ects screen controls various aspects of the eight internal e ects processors.
  • Page 59: Mute Group Screen

    X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual 7.8 Mute Group Screen 7.9 Utility Screen The mute group screen allows for quick assignment and control of the console’s The utility screen is a supplemental screen designed to work in conjunction 6 mute groups, and o ers two separate functions: with the other screens that may be in view at any particular moment.
  • Page 60: Monitor/Talkback Screens

    X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual “View” Based Screens DCA Group AFL: This puts the contents of a soloed DCA group into after- fader listen mode when the solo button is pressed on a DCA channel. The screens described in the following sections are all “View” based screens.
  • Page 61 X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual 7.10.2 Monitor/Talkback Screen: Talkback Tabs: 7.10.3 Monitor/Talkback Screen: Oscillator Tab: The talkback tabs o er various adjustments for the talkback paths of the console, The oscillator tab o ers controls for the console’s onboard oscillator, a very handy such as destination of the talkback signal and more.
  • Page 62: Usb Screen

    X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual 7.11 USB Screen 7.11.2 USB Screen: Con guration Tab The USB screen controls various aspects of the console’s onboard audio le The con guration tab allows setting up all aspects of the stereo recorder. In this...
  • Page 63: Assign Screen

    X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual 7.12 Assign Screen 5. Rotate the 4th encoder to select the speci c signal source to feed the currently selected channel of the stereo recorder. Choices include: The assing screen allows setup for the eight user-assignable buttons. Using this...
  • Page 64 X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual 7.12.2 Assign Screen: Set A Tab The “Set A” tab allows mapping of speci c console parameters to the 8 assignable Choices for the encoders include: buttons. Using this screen, the user can map the exact parameters that are most Not Assigned useful to them to the desired controls, in the desired order.
  • Page 65: Scenes Screen

    X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual 7.13 Scenes Screen 7.13.2 Scenes Screen: Scenes Tab The scenes screen allows setup for saving and recalling di erent memory scenes The scenes tab allows scenes to be saved, edited and loaded. of the console. The comprehensive recallability of the console (including gain 1.
  • Page 66 X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual 7.13.4 Scenes Screen: Parameter Safe Tab 7.13.5 Scenes Screen: Channel Safe Tab The scenes screen’s “parameter safe” tab con gures which console parameters The scenes screen’s “channel safe” tab con gures which console channels are are and are not saved/switched with the console scenes.
  • Page 67: Speci Cations

    X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual 8. Speci cations Processing 32 input channels, 8 aux channels, 8 FX return channels, Number of processing channels 16 aux buses, 6 matrices, main LRC Internal e ects engines, true stereo / mono 8 / 16 Internal total recall scenes (incl.
  • Page 68 X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual Input/Output Characteristics Frequency range, @ 48 kHz sample rate, 0 dB to -1 dB 10 Hz - 22 kHz Dynamic range, analog in to analog out (typical) 106 dB A/D dynamic range, preamp to converter (typical)
  • Page 69: Block Diagram

    X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual Block Diagram...
  • Page 70: X32 Midi Implementation

    > for CC and Note commands ‘Value’ 0…127 = controller number/note number, and the button momentarily toggles the controller value/note-on > valid scenes must be stored in the internal X32 show le. It is not possible velocity to 127 (depressed)à0 (released] to recall empty scenes.
  • Page 71 MIDI RX/TX > REMOTE Enables a speci c form of bi-directional MIDI communication for remote controlling a computer DAW application using control elements of the X32 console. REMOTE can be used in 3 modes, Mackie Control, HUI and raw MIDI CC...
  • Page 72: Dimensions

    X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual Dimensions REAR SIDE...
  • Page 73 X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER User Manual FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION COMPLIANCE INFORMATION X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER MUSIC Group Services NV Inc. Responsible Party Name: 5270 Procyon Street Address: Las Vegas, NV 89118 +1 702 800 8290 Phone Number: X32 COMPACT DIGITAL MIXER...
  • Page 74 Dedicate Your Life to Music...

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