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Panasonic AG-HPX172 Brochure & Specs

Ag-hpx170 series
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Memory Card Camera-recorder



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  Summary of Contents for Panasonic AG-HPX172

  • Page 1 AG-HPX170 series Memory Card Camera-recorder (ag-hPX172/ag-hPX173/ag-hPX174)
  • Page 2 Lightest P2 HD Model Brings Even Greater Mo A Handheld Camcorder with 28mm Wide-Angle Lens, Superb Image Quality and A the ag-hPX170 series debuts as the lightest member of the P2 Series of camcorders that have revolutionized news gathering and video production.
  • Page 3: Advanced Functions

    • 20-step variable frame rate selection • Comes equipped for HD-SDI output • Waveform Monitoring, vector scope and histogram display *hd camcorders with integrated lens and 1/3-inch CCd, as of July 2008 (according to a Panasonic survey) ecological Benefits — thanks to Solid-State...
  • Page 4 31.4 mm image of an angle of view equivalent to 28 mm Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS) Panasonic’s advanced oiS dramatically reduces the blurring caused by hand-held camera work. optical processing with an automatic correction function helps assure consistently clear, sharp images.
  • Page 5 Blown highlights are suppressed. 7-Mode Gamma for Richer Gradation drawing on technologies developed for the variCam, Panasonic has equipped the ag-hPX170 series with advanced gamma functions that address eight different shooting scenarios and enhance your creative abilities. This includes the Cine-Like...
  • Page 6 Advanced P2 Card Recording Boosts Reliability and Gets Your Finger to the Record Button Faster Production Quality DVCPRO HD, DVCPRO50 and DVCPRO, and Multi-Codec Recording the ag-hPX170 series records hd video with outstanding image and audio quality onto a P2 card with the dvCPro hd codec. this codec, thanks to a low compression ratio at a video bit rate of 100 Mbps (1080/50i, 720/50p) and the easy-to-edit intraframe compression system, is suitable for recording fast-moving...
  • Page 7 *this function requires P2 viewer or P2CMS software for Windows PC or Mac computers, which P2 users can download for free. visit and click “P2 Support and Download.” Versatile Recording Modes Handle Various Situations •Loop recording: Using two P2 cards and setting the...
  • Page 8 20-Step Variable Frame Rate Panasonic’s variCam — named for its ground-breaking variable frame rate capability — is widely used in the production of movies, tv programs and commercials. the first application of the variable frame rate function to a handheld camera came with the ag-hvX200 Series, and proved extremely popular.
  • Page 9 Framerate 208% 167% 139% 125% 119% 114% 109% 104% Effect of 25p standard (Quick) 1080/576 25p Shooting Mode the 1080 and 576 progressive recording systems convert recordings to 50i in 25p shooting mode. the 25p shooting mode uses 2:2 pulldown and performs 25p/50i conversion with minimum image degradation when recording data is uploaded via an ieee 1394 interface to a compatible nonlinear editing system.
  • Page 10 Superb Mobility for Low-Angle Shots and Interviews • The 1.9kg weight (lowest in the class) and comfortable weight balance provide highly stable handheld shooting, while the magnesium alloy diecast chassis boosts ruggedness and durability. • The upper part of the handle grip contains both the rec Start/ Stop button and a lens zoom speed control (three speed).
  • Page 11 Sdi (hd/Sd) output terminal enables serial transfer of uncompressed video and audio data. in addition to its use in ordinary digital broadcasting environments, it also allows synchronized recording with a Panasonic digital recorder (P2 hd/ hd-d5/dvCPro hd). USB 2.0 and IEEE 1394 PC Interfaces •...
  • Page 12 Versatile Operating Style Simple Solution Using just an AG-HPX170 series and a laptop computer (PC or Mac) you can access each clip or transfer clips via USB 2.0 (PC) or ieee 1394 (Mac) without a capturing process. By using the P2 gear ag-hPg10, you can also copy files between cards.
  • Page 13: Optional Accessories

    Compatibility with Nonlinear Editing Systems in developing P2 products, Panasonic has been working in collaboration with a number of strategic P2 Partners. there are many nonlinear editing products in the market which have already supported dvCPro hd-P2, for example, adobe, apple, avid, grassvalley, and so many P2 customers are using such editing systems.
  • Page 14 Details...
  • Page 15: Specifications

    Specifications GENERAL Power Supply: dC7.2v (with Battery) dC7.9v (with aC adaptor) Power Consumption: 10.9W (when LCD monitor is not used.) 11.7W (when LCD monitor is used.) 13.8W (MaX) Operating Temperature: 0˚C to +40˚C Operating Humidity: 10% to 85% (No condensation) Weight: approx.
  • Page 16 P2 store. the included P2 driver is compatible with Windows vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Mac oSX. For other operating requirements, refer to the P2 installation manual. the P2 driver and the P2 installation manual can be downloaded free from a Panasonic website. visit and click "P2 Support and download."...