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  • Page 1 Panasonic Broadcast AG-HPX170 Menu Information...
  • Page 2: Using The Setup Menus

    Using the setup menus Use the setup menus to change the settings to suit the scenes you are shooting or what you are recording. MENU button Operation lever Using the menus • If the thumbnail menu is displayed, press the THUMBNAIL button to release the display.
  • Page 3: Initializing The Menu Settings

    Initializing the menu settings The menu settings contain both the user file settings and the scene file settings. You can initialize them separately. To initialize the user file (i.e. all the settings other than the scene file settings) Select INITIAL in USER FILE of the OTHER FUNCTIONS screen.
  • Page 4: Setup Menu Structure

    Setup menu structure CAM (camera) mode menu CAMERA MENU SCENE FILE (Pages 98 - 100) CAMERA SETUP (Page 100) SW MODE (Pages 101 - 103) AUTO SW (Pages 103 - 104) RECORDING SETUP (Pages 104 - 106) AV IN/OUT SETUP (Pages 107 - 108) DISPLAY SETUP (Pages 108 - 109)
  • Page 5 Setup menu structure (continued) MCR (playback) mode menu MCR MENU RECORDING SETUP (Pages 104 - 106) PLAYBACK FUNCTIONS (Page 107) AV IN/OUT SETUP (Pages 107 - 108) DISPLAY SETUP (Pages 108 - 109) OTHER FUNCTIONS (Pages 110 - 112) OPTION MENU (Page 112) MCR FORMAT 480i MCR MODE...
  • Page 6: Setup Menu List

    Setup menu list SCENE FILE screen Item LOAD/SAVE/INIT (Camera) OPERATION TYPE (Camera) FRAME RATE (Camera) SYNCRO SCAN (Camera) DETAIL LEVEL (Camera) V DETAIL LEVEL (Camera) DETAIL CORING (Camera) CHROMA LEVEL (Camera) CHROMA PHASE (Camera) COLOR TEMP Ach (Camera) COLOR TEMP Bch (Camera) MASTER PED (Camera)
  • Page 7 SCENE FILE screen (continued) Display Item mode (Camera) GAMMA (Camera) KNEE (Camera) MATRIX (Camera) SKIN TONE DTL (Camera) Description of settings Selects the DRS (Dynamic Range Stretcher) function. This function compresses the video signal level to extend the dynamic range making it possible to correctly render highlight areas without overexposure and loss of detail that would otherwise occur.
  • Page 8: Camera Setup Screen

    Setup menu list (continued) SCENE FILE screen (continued) Item V DETAIL FREQ (Camera) NAME EDIT (Camera) CAMERA SETUP screen Item ASPECT CONV (Camera) SETUP (Camera) Display mode Sets the vertical detail for shooting in 480i progressive mode. THIN: Makes the detail thin. MID: Makes the detail slightly thicker.
  • Page 9 SW MODE screen Display Item mode MID GAIN (Camera) HIGH GAIN (Camera) (Camera) HANDLE ZOOM (Camera) IRIS DIAL (Camera) Description of settings Sets the gain value assigned to the M position of the GAIN switch. 0dB, dB, dB, 9dB, 1dB Sets the gain value assigned to the H position of the GAIN switch.
  • Page 10 Setup menu list (continued) SW MODE screen (continued) Item USER1 (Camera) USER (Camera) USER (Camera) Display mode Selects the function assigned to the USER1 button. REC CHECK: Performs Rec Check. SPOTLIGHT: Auto iris control for the spotlight ON/OFF. BACKLIGHT: Auto iris control for the backlight compensation. (Page 42) BLACKFADE: Blackfade (Page 42) WHITEFADE:...
  • Page 11 SW MODE screen (continued) Display Item mode FOCUS ASSIST (Camera) MF ASSIST (Camera) (Camera) (Camera) AUTO SW screen Display Item mode A.IRIS (Camera) Description of settings Allocates a function to the FOCUS ASSIST button. EXPANDED: Magnifies the center portion of the image. GRAPH: Displays a frequency distribution graph at the top right in the viewfinder and LCD monitor.
  • Page 12: Recording Setup Screen

    Setup menu list (continued) AUTO SW screen (continued) Item (Camera) (Camera) (Camera) RECORDING SETUP screen Item REC FORMAT (Camera) MCR FORMAT (MCR) 80i REC MODE (Camera) 80i MCR MODE (MCR) REC FUNCTION (Camera) ONE-SHOT TIME (Camera) INTERVAL TIME (Camera) PREREC MODE (Camera) MIC ALC (Camera)
  • Page 13 RECORDING SETUP screen (continued) Display Item mode MIC GAIN  (Camera) M REC CH SEL (Camera) 19 TC REGEN (MCR) TC MODE (Camera) (MCR) (Camera) (MCR) TC PRESET (Camera) (MCR) 19 UB REGEN (MCR) Description of settings Sets the input level of the external microphone connected to the INPUT 2 terminal.
  • Page 14: Time Stamp

    Setup menu list (continued) RECORDING SETUP screen (continued) Item UB MODE (Camera) (MCR) UB PRESET (Camera) (MCR) 19 IN PRESET (MCR) TIME STAMP (Camera) Display mode Set the content for user information. USER: Records the information of user. TIME: Records the time at recording. DATE: Records the date at recording.
  • Page 15: Audio Out

    PLAYBACK FUNCTIONS screen Display Item mode AUDIO OUT (MCR) AV IN/OUT SETUP screen Display Item mode CMPNT/SDI SEL (Camera) (MCR) SDI OUT (Camera) (MCR) SDI METADATA (Camera) (MCR) SDI EDH (Camera) (MCR) DOWNCON MODE (Camera) (MCR) HP MODE (Camera) TEST TONE (Camera) Description of settings Sets the audio signals to output from the AUDIO OUT pin jack when...
  • Page 16 Setup menu list (continued) AV IN/OUT SETUP screen (continued) Item INT MIC (Camera) DISPLAY SETUP screen Item ZEBRA DETECT 1 (Camera) ZEBRA DETECT  (Camera) MARKER (Camera) SAFETY ZONE (Camera) FOCUS BAR (Camera) VIDEO OUT OSD (Camera) (MCR) DATE/TIME (Camera) (MCR) LEVEL METER (Camera)
  • Page 17 DISPLAY SETUP screen (continued) Display Item mode OTHER DISPLAY (Camera) (MCR) CAMERA DATA (MCR) LCD BACKLIGHT (Camera) (MCR) LCD SET (Camera) (MCR) EVF SET (Camera) (MCR) SELF SHOOT (Camera) DISPLAY ASPECT (Camera) (MCR) EVF COLOR (Camera) (MCR) REC COUNTER (Camera) CARD FUNCTIONS screen Display Item...
  • Page 18 Setup menu list (continued) CARD FUNCTIONS screen (continued) Item SD CARD FORMAT (Camera) OTHER FUNCTIONS screen Item USER FILE (Camera) (MCR) REMOTE (Camera) (MCR) 19 CONTROL (Camera) 19 CMD SEL (Camera) PC MODE (Camera) (MCR) Display mode Formats the SD memory cards. Display mode LOAD:...
  • Page 19: Access Led

    OTHER FUNCTIONS screen (continued) Display Item mode ACCESS LED (Camera) (MCR) REC LAMP (Camera) BEEP SOUND (Camera) CLOCK SET (Camera) (MCR) TIME ZONE (Camera) (MCR) Description of settings Sets the access lamp to ON or OFF. The lamp lights up and blinks as per the regular specifications. OFF: The lamp is OFF in all circumstances.
  • Page 20: Power Save

    Setup menu list (continued) OTHER FUNCTIONS screen (continued) Item POWER SAVE (Camera) MENU INIT (Camera) (MCR) OPERATION (Camera) (MCR) OPTION MENU screen This menu is displayed when the DISP/MODE CHK button is held down, and after the details of the shooting status are displayed, the MENU button is then pressed.Use it to check the connection status during nonlinear editing.

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