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Panasonic memory card camera-recorder manual ag-hvx200
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recording. This makes them especially useful for unattended
•Pre-rec: While in standby mode, you can continuously store, and
subsequently record, up to 7 seconds in DVCPRO50/DVCPRO or 3
seconds in DVCPRO HD of video and audio. In effect, this lets you
record footage of events that occur even before you press the rec
start button, giving you a way to "go back" and capture moments
you otherwise would have missed.
•One-shot rec: Convenient for producing animation, this mode
records for a set time (from 1 frame to 1 second) each time you
press the Start button.
•Interval rec: Recording one frame at a time at set intervals (from 2
frames to 10 min), this mode is useful for monitoring and special
ultra-undercranking effects.
Clip Thumbnail/Data Function
The AG-HVX200 records each cut as a clip (file) and automatically
attaches a thumbnail image and file information to it. To preview a clip
on the LCD monitor or to check clip data, simply choose the clip you
want from the list of thumbnails.
Shot Marker Function
If desired, you can add a simple OK/NG shot marker to each clip
either during or after recording. When a P2 card containing marked
clips is inserted* in a PC, the PC will display with a M demarkation in
the P2 viewer which of the clips is the one with the Marker.
* The P2 card driver (standard equipped) must be installed. The P2 card driver
operates under Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Mac OS X.
Connects Directly to PCs and Macs
In PC mode, the AG-HVX200 connects directly via USB
2.0 to a PC running Windows. In IEEE 1394 Device mode,
it connects directly to a Mac. This lets you use the
AG-HVX200 as a P2 card drive, providing easy access to
recordings on the P2 card.
Added Versatility for Field Work
The battery-powered AJ-PCS060G
portable hard disk drive – or P2 Store
- gives the AG-HVX200 the added
versatility needed in the field.
Equipped with a card slot, the P2
Store makes it easy to download files
and initialize a card so it can be re-
used right away. In the editing booth,
the P2 Store can connect to a PC via
its USB 2.0 port and serve as an
external hard disk drive.


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