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Panasonic AG-HVX200 Brochure & Specs page 8

Panasonic memory card camera-recorder manual ag-hvx200
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VariCam Creativity
Variable Frame Rates from 12 to 60 fps
Allows Cinematic Expression — A First in this Class
Variable Frame Rate from 12 to 60 fps
Panasonic's VariCam – named for its ground-breaking variable frame
rate capability – is widely used in the production of movies, TV
programs and commercials. Now with the AG-HVX200, the variable
frame rate function is available for the first time in a compact
In 720p mode*
, the frame rate can be set from the conventional
•Normal cinematic shooting is done at 24 fps, the same rate as in film cameras.
The AG-HVX200 can record in 1080/24p (over 60i) or 480/24p (over 60i) mode, as well as
720/24p mode. 30 fps is the standard frame rate used in production of TV commercials,
music clips and video software. The AG-HVX200 can also record in 1080/30p (over 60i) or
480/30p (over 60i) mode, as well as 720/30p mode.
•Higher-speed shooting at 26* to 60 fp produces slow-motion effects.
This is especially effective for high-action scenes like car chases or crashes, or for scenes
with considerable dramatic impact.
*When the standard speed is 24 fps. For a standard speed of 30 fps, anything over 32 fps will be
•Lower-speed shooting at 12 to 22* fps lets you attain fast-motion effect.
This technique can be combined with warp-speed effect, special emphasis to flowing water,
fast-moving clouds.
*When the standard speed is 24 fps. For a standard speed of 30 fps, anything under 26 fps will be
24p/30p to any of 11 steps between 12p and 60p. Like the VariCam,
the AG-HVX200 allows the undercranking and overcranking used with
film cameras to create fast-motion and slow-motion effects.
*1: According to Panasonic survey as of January,2006.
*2: In 1080 and 480 modes, the frame rate can be set only to 24p or 30p.
Equipped with Native and
Over-60p Modes for Previewing Visual Effects
New 720p Native Mode
In the new Native mode, the AG-HVX200 records images at the frame
rate set in the camera. For example, in 24p mode it records 24 frames.
Using the AG-HVX200 to play back the recording at the normal rate,
you can preview the speed effect right on the spot, without using a
frame rate converter. Native mode also extends the recording time of
a P2 card.
720p over 60p Mode
This is a VariCam-compatible mode for recording 60p-converted
video. For example, in 24p mode it records 60 frames by applying a
2:3 pulldown. The recording time is the same as in 1080i or 720p
mode, but the unit can output a DVCPRO HD stream from the IEEE
1394 connector as it records. This lets you produce a backup copy
using a connected external Hard Disk recorder, such as the Panasonic
AJ-HD1200A DVCPRO HD recorder or the FOCUS FireStore FS-100.
* FOCUS and FireStore are registered trademarks of FOCUS Enhancements, Inc..
1080/480 24p Advance Mode
The 1080 and 480 progressive recording systems convert recordings
to 60i in 24p, 30p, or 24pA (Advance) mode. The 24p Advance mode
uses 2:3:3:2 pulldown and performs 60i/24p conversion with minimum
image degradation when recording data is captured via an IEEE 1394
interface to a compatible nonlinear editing system. This lets you
maintain superior image quality throughout the production process.
24p=23.98p, 30p=29.97p, 60p=59.94p and 60i=59.94i


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