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Motorola Bluetooth Wireless Hands Free User Manual

Motorola Bluetooth Wireless Hands Free User Manual

Motorola bluetooth wireless hands free car kit user's guide


Bluetooth Wireless
Hands Free
Car Kit
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  • Page 1 ™ Bluetooth Wireless Hands Free Car Kit User's Guide >...
  • Page 3: Welcome

    Welcome to Motorola’s “connected” world of Bluetooth™ personal area wireless networking. The Motorola Bluetooth Wireless Hands Free Car Kit makes wireless connection simple and quick. The advanced, sophisticated Motorola Bluetooth Wireless Hands Free Car Kit offers these features: • seamless, wireless hands-free audio through Bluetooth link •...
  • Page 4 MOTOROLA, the Stylized M Logo and all other trademarks indicated as such herein are trademarks of Motorola, Inc. ® Reg. U.S. Pat. & Tm. Off. The Bluetooth trademarks are owned by their proprietor and used by Motorola, Inc. under license. All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Calling Features Quick Reference ........19 Motorola Limited Warranty for Accessories ....... . 20 Total Customer Satisfaction .
  • Page 6: Safety And General Information

    Safety and General Information IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON SAFE AND EFFICIENT OPERATION. READ THIS INFORMATION BEFORE USING YOUR PHONE. Users are not permitted to make changes or modify the device in any way. Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.
  • Page 7: Installing The Hands Free Kit

    Installing the Hands Free Kit Guidelines for Installation and Connection • Only qualified personnel should install this car kit. If necessary, contact with vehicle manufacturer for air bag information specific to the vehicle. Caution: An air bag inflates with great force. DO NOT place objects, including communication equipment, in the area over the air bag or in the air bag deployment area.
  • Page 8 The location MUST NOT interfere with the vehicle’s air bag deployment. Installing the Power Cable and Fuse Kit Caution: Failure to follow these steps may cause the accessory not to work properly and may cause damage to the car kit. Microphone (SMN4103) Control Module...
  • Page 9 1 Attach one of the three supplied mounting clips to the microphone. 2 Select a suitable location, and mount the microphone. • Locate the microphone no more than 16 inches (40 cm) from the driver. • Aim the microphone directly toward the driver. •...
  • Page 10: Using Your Car Kit

    Using Your Car Kit The Control Module The control module enables you to set up and use the Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kit. Bluetooth Button Linking Your Car Kit and Phone Before you can use this car kit, you must link it with your phone. You establish a Bluetooth link between your car kit and phone with a paired link.
  • Page 11 Select e Select HANDSFREE. SCAN ALL. f Select Note: If your phone is not a Motorola phone, refer to its manual for instructions on how to scan/discover the car kit. 4 Select LINK. 5 Enter Pass Key Press 0000...
  • Page 12: Disconnecting The Car Kit From Your Phone

    If the Bluetooth link cannot be established, or if you are not able to make a call, then pair your phone and the car kit according to the procedure for Bluetooth headset profile. This car kit can be paired with up to three phones at a time. Automatic Connection After initial pairing, every time you start your vehicle, your phone and car kit will automatically be connected (if your phone’s relevant settings are not changed and it is in power-on mode).
  • Page 13 Training the Car Kit To train the car kit’s Voice Recognition, follow these steps: 1 Make sure your phone’s keypad tones are set to normal tones. (Refer to the user’s guide for your phone for information about using your phone’s Settings menu to define keypad tones.) If the Bluetooth Button E is not lit, press it to establish a Bluetooth link.
  • Page 14 • When recording, say the key word in a louder tone of voice. # 8 # Record Name Used to record and store names and their associated phone numbers in the Voice Recognition Phone Book. During normal recording, you are required to say the name twice. If the Voice Recognition has difficulty matching the first to the second pronunciation, it may require you to say the name yet again.
  • Page 15: Placing A Call With The Car Kit

    • dial a number from the phone • use voice activation See “Making a Call with the Car Kit’s Internal Voice Recognition” on page 13. In both cases, you must first link your car kit and phone as described in “Linking Your Car Kit and Phone”...
  • Page 16: Using Features While On A Call

    Note: Some phones require you to press the Bluetooth Button E twice. See the user’s guide for your phone for more information. Receiving a Call To answer an incoming call, do one of the following: • Press and release (in less than three seconds) the Bluetooth Button E. Press your phone’s press the OK/Send/Yes key (depending on your phone), just as you would to answer a call in privacy mode.
  • Page 17 Volume Buttons and B) on the car kit to increase and decrease the volume. Press the volume buttons ( If you press and hold a volume button, the volume is automatically increased or decreased to the highest or lowest step. You can also adjust the volume remotely by pressing the phone’s volume buttons, if your phone supports this feature.
  • Page 18: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting You cannot pair your phone with the car kit. You make a call and the other party hears too much background noise. Nothing happens when you enter a training command. Turn the phone off and then back on. (You may need to remove the phone’s battery.) Try pairing the phone and car kit again.
  • Page 19: Training Quick Reference

    Exit Training Mode: Press, release Voice Recognition Button. Record Key Word # 2 # Say a name (speak clearly) Motorola (for example) Repeat Motorola Motorola stored Record Name # 8 # Say a name (speak clearly) John Smith Repeat John Smith Press the number, star to end...
  • Page 20 AGC Mode On/Off # 4 # # 4 # Delete List # 9 # Press 9 to delete all 9 (all names and key word deleted) Car Kit Voice Recognition Mode On/Off # 0 # # 0 # Related Information Related Information Aborting (if nothing said for 10 seconds)
  • Page 21: Calling Features Quick Reference

    Calling Features Quick Reference Make a Call Voice Recognition Button Say a name John Smith (name of person to call) Calling John Smith Answer a Call key word Answering OK/Send/Yes key (on phone keypad) Bluetooth Button (press and release) Language Selection # 5 # English (default language)
  • Page 22: Motorola Limited Warranty For Accessories

    This warranty does not extend to other products, including batteries. Motorola, at its option, will at no charge either repair, replace or refund the purchase price of any Products that do not conform with this warranty. Repair may include the replacement of parts with functionally equivalent reconditioned or new parts.
  • Page 23 VI. Patent and Software Provisions Motorola will defend at its own expense, any suit brought against you to the extent that it is based on a claim that the Products infringe a United States patent. Motorola will pay those costs and damages finally awarded against you in any such suit which is attributable to any such claim.
  • Page 24: Total Customer Satisfaction

    At Motorola, Total Customer Satisfaction is a top priority. If you have a question, a suggestion, or a concern about your Motorola Cellular Phone, Motorola wants to hear from you. Please contact the Motorola Cellular Response Centre by fax on: +44 (0) 131 458 6732, or use one of the local phone numbers in the following countries:...
  • Page 25: Motorola's Warranty

    Motorola’s Warranty Your Cellular Phone is warranted by Motorola to be of satisfactory quality, fit for its purpose and comply with applicable Motorola specifications for a period of twelve (12) months from the date you bought it (verified by reference to your proof of purchase).

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