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Troubleshooting; Table 1 Problems And Actions - IBM 07N2229 User Manual

Converter box for the t221 flat panel monitor
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4. Troubleshooting

This chapter explains what to do if a problem occurs while you are using the monitor.
Only problems related to the converter box are covered here. Refer also to your monitor manual for
troubleshooting information.
Blank screen (LED lamp on the
monitor is steady amber or
blinking amber.)
Instead of one large screen, two
identical side-by-side screens

Table 1 Problems and Actions

Cause 1: No power to the converter box.
Action 1: Power on the monitor and make sure that the monitor
power lamp is steady amber or blinking amber. Then look at the
power lamp on the converter box (next to the connector for the
converter signal cable (07N2229)).
If the lamp did not come on, the converter box has no power
supply. Re-connect the cable between converter box and monitor,
referring to the instructions in Chapter 2 for installing the
converter box. Be sure to use the cable supplied with the
converter box.
If the lamp is green, the converter box is properly powered on. A
green light with a blank screen means that the digital signal is
disconnected somewhere. Check all the digital signal cable
connections, referring to the instructions in Chapter 2 for
installing the converter box.
Cause 2: The monitor's EDID setting is incorrect.
Action 2: Set the correct value for your graphics card, referring
to the T221 Flat-Panel Monitor Users Guide.
Cause 3: The converter box is connected only to the Connector-B
of the monitor.
Action 3: Connect the converter box to at least the Connector-A
of the monitor, referring to the instructions in Chapter 2.
Cause 1: No converter box in use.
Action 1: Use a converter box.
Cause and action
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