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Setup; Changing The Monitor Edid Setting - IBM 07N2229 User Manual

Converter box for the t221 flat panel monitor
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If the connector is not properly inserted, the computer or graphics card may be damaged when
you power on the computer. Insert the connector straight and firmly so as not to bend the
connector pins.

2.3. Setup

Replace the covers on the back of the monitor and return the monitor to the upright position. Plug
the power cords of the monitor and computer into wall outlets.
The power lamp on the converter box should come on steady green, indicating normal operation.
(The power lamp on the converter box does not come on unless the monitor is connected to an AC
power supply.)

3. Changing the Monitor EDID Setting

Change the monitor's Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) setting to suit your particular
graphics card. See the T221 Flat-Panel Monitor Users Guide for further information.
This completes converter box installation and setup.
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