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Preparation For Installation; Required System Configuration; Checking Parts; Fig. 1 Converter Box - IBM 07N2229 User Manual

Converter box for the t221 flat panel monitor
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1. Preparation for Installation

This chapter describes how to make sure that you have the required system configuration and
components for using the converter box.

1.1. Required System Configuration

To use the converter box with an IBM T221 Flat Panel Monitor, you must have a computer fitted
with a DVI-compliant graphics card that supports the DVI Dual Link interface.
See the T221 Flat-Panel Monitor Users Guide.
If your computer does not have a graphics card, install one before you use the converter box (for the
installation procedure, see your graphics card manual). You can still get a picture on the monitor
during card installation without using a converter box.
If you use a DVI video graphics card not supported by IBM, you will be liable for any
damage or defects that may result. IBM offers no comments, advice, or guarantees
regarding the functionality, quality, or performance of unsupported graphics cards.
The monitor firmwar e FPGA-LOGIC must be version 44, 48, 50, 52 or higher to use a converter box.
See the T221 Flat-Panel Monitor Users Guide for more information.

1.2. Checking Parts

The converter box should be handled with care.
Check that you have the following components:

Fig. 1 Converter box

P/N: 55P5728

Fig. 2 USB cable (length 200cm approx.)

P/N: 55P5776



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