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Frigidaire 316417012 Use And Care Manual page 13

Control, self-cleaning oven with ceramic cooktop
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Setting Oven Controls (cont'd)
When using 2 oven racks at the same time, place in
positions 2 & 5 for best results (See Fig. 2)
Note: Layer cakes will have better results using the
normal Bake feature.
For Roasting:
1. Preheating is not necessary when roasting foods with
Speed Bake™ Cooking System.
2. Since Speed Bake cooks food faster, reduce the cook
time by 25% from the recommended cook time of your
recipe. Increase the time until the desired doneness is
Note: Cook time reductions will vary depending on the
amount and type of food being cooked.
To Set Speed Bake™ Cooking System:
1. Program the oven as you normally would to bake.
Speed Bake may be used with Bake, Timed Bake and
Delayed Time Bake features.
2. Press and release Speed Bake switch. The indicator light
located above the Speed Bake switch will glow and the fan
will come on. The fan stays on when the oven door is closed
and shuts off while the oven door is opened. The fan will
continue to operate until cooking is complete.
3. To cancel Speed Bake, press
you would to stop any baking function.
To Set for Broiling:
1. Arrange the oven rack while oven is still cool. Position
the rack as suggested in the Broil Rack Position
2. Press
. " — — "will appear in display.
3. Press and hold the
setting level appears in the display. Press the
broil or the
for LO broil. Most foods may be broiled
at the HI broil setting. Select the LO broil setting to
avoid excess browning or drying of foods that should be
cooked to the well-done stage.
4. For optimum browning, preheat broil element for 3
- 4 minutes before adding food.
5. Place the insert on the broil pan (if equipped), then
place the food on the broil pan insert (if equipped).
Fig. 1
on the oven control as
until the desired broil
6. Place the broiler pan and insert on the oven rack (if
equipped). Open the oven door to the broil stop
position when broiling (See Fig 3).
7. Broil on one side until food is browned. Turn and broil
food on 2nd side.
Note: Always pull the oven rack out to the stop position
before turning or removing the food.
8. When broiling is finished press
Should an oven fire occur, close the oven
door and turn the oven OFF. If the fire continues, use a fire
extinguisher. DO NOT put water or flour on the fire. Flour
may be explosive.
Broil Rack Position Table (Refer to Fig. 2)
To insure proper results when broiling use
ONLY Electrolux Home Products, Inc. approved Broil Pan &
The broiler pan and the insert (some models) allows grease
to drain and be kept away from the high heat of the broiler.
DO NOT use the pan without the insert. DO NOT cover the
insert with foil; the exposed grease could ignite. DO NOT
use the broil pan without the insert or cover the insert with
aluminum foil. The exposed fat could ignite.
To Operate the Oven Light
for HI
The interior oven light will automatically turn ON when the oven
door is opened. Press
OFF whenever the oven door is closed.
The interior oven light is located at the upper left rear wall of the
oven interior and is covered with a glass shield held by a wire
holder. The glass shield must be in place whenever the oven is
in use. To change the interior oven light, see "Changing the
Oven Light" in the General Care & Cleaning section.
Food category
Medium steaks & hamburgers
Fish, medium-well steaks & pork chops
Well-done foods such as chicken & lobster
Fig. 2
to turn the interior oven light ON and
Fig. 3



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