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Filter Replacement

Caution: Do not attempt to wash either the carbon pre-filter or the HEPA filter. They are
not washable and washing will damage the filters.
With proper maintenance, your Honeywell air cleaner is designed to provide years
of high efficiency air cleaning. Our recommendations regarding filter replacement
intervals are intended as guidelines only, as life expectancy of any filter media is
dependent on the concentration of the contaminants to which the system is exposed.
If there are sources of large amounts of contaminant generation (such as dust from
woodworking or heavy smoking) the useful life of the filter media in your air cleaner may
be reduced and require earlier replacement.
Whenever the air resistance of the HEPA filter becomes excessive due to the amount of
contaminants it has captured, the air volume output will begin to reduce and the sound
level of the air cleaner will increase.
The carbon pre-filter is the element of your air cleaner that helps reduce normal
household odors, captures lint and other large particles and helps protect the HEPA filter.
It should be replaced at least every 3 months. If there are heavy concentrations of odors,
smoke, or large particles in the home, you may need to change the carbon pre-filter
more often.
We DO NOT recommend operating the air cleaner without the carbon pre-filter or
without following the filter replacement guidelines.

Filter Change Calendar

The air cleaner model 50100 series is equipped with a Filter Change Calendar wheel
which serves as a convenient reminder for you to check and replace the pre-filter and
HEPA filter based on the air cleaner's hours of use.
Upon starting your air cleaner and upon every pre-filter replacement, roll the pre-filter
change calendar ahead three months to indicate when the next filter replacement is
necessary. Upon starting your air cleaner and upon every HEPA filter replacement,
roll the HEPA filter change calendar ahead one to three years (depending upon use)
to indicate when filter replacement is necessary.
Intelli-Check™ Filter Monitors
The air cleaner model 50150, 50200, 50250, 50300 series are equipped with
Intelli-Check™ Filter Monitors which serve as convenient reminders for you to check
and replace the pre-filter and HEPA filter based on the air cleaner's hours of use.
The monitors have the ability to indicate the amount of expected filter life used.
Once a filter has reached the end of its expected life, its light will remain on until it is
RESET. You may unplug the air cleaner without interrupting the filter monitors.

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