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Electrolux 900XP Brochure page 6

Electrolux cooktop user manual
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Full Service Restaurant
Gas and Electric Pasta Cookers
The new Electrolux gas pasta cookers, the only ones on the market to
offer "Energy Control".
Automatic Basket Lifting System
Maximize operations, eliminate stress and cook to perfection every time.
Easily transforms a regular
pasta cooker into one with
automatic lifting
Programmable and automatic
lifting system guarantees the
repeatability of the cooking
cycle, ensuring the same high
quality of the food time after
time due to the automation of
the entire cooking process
Possibility to memorize 9
cooking times via digital control
Easy operation, basket lifting
With the new gas pasta
cookers, it is now possible to
finely control the power level
and the boiling intensity, rather
than simply using an on/off
switch with a fixed temperature
setting of 100°C
Save energy and consume less
gas thanks to the "stand-by"
mode which can be activated
when not in use
Ideal for cooking delicate
items which require lower
temperatures. Particularly
important for frozen foods
(e.g. pre-cooked pasta)
is activated through a simple
push button function. Can be
activated manually if necessary
200mm wide, with 3 stainless
steel basket supports
(2 supports for 700XP line),
each able to hold 1/3 baskets
(1/2 baskets for 700XP)
Place on either side of the
pasta cooker for maximum
flexibility or on both sides to
provide lifting for up to 6 small
portion baskets (4 small portion
baskets for 700XP)
Does not require an electrical
The new electric pasta
cookers offer a new step-
controlled infrared heating
system positioned below
the well ensure higher
performances and efficiency
Thanks to the Energy Saving
Device (optional for all models),
the refilling of the well is done
with hot water so boiling is
constant, providing the best
cooking results, increasing
productivity and saving energy.
No further energy supply needed



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