General Information; Initial Inspection; Moving And Storage; Safety Considerations - Bosch DX Series Installation And Maintenance Manual

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Unitary Air Handler DX and Hydronic Series


This single piece air handler provides the flexibility
for installation in any upflow, downflow, or
horizontal application. These versatile models may
be used with or without electric or hot water heat.
The direct drive ECM variable speed motor provides
a selection of air volume to match any application.
The unit can be positioned for bottom return air in
the upflow position, top return air in the downflow
position and end return air in the horizontal
See field installed down flow conversion kit
installation instructions.


Be certain to inspect all cartons or crates on each
unit as received at the job site before signing the
freight bill. Verify that all items have been received
and that there are no visible damages; note any
shortages or damages on all copies of the freight
bill. In the event of damage or shortage, remember
that the purchaser is responsible for filing the
necessary claims with the carrier. Concealed
damages not discovered until after removing the
units from the packaging must be reported to the
carrier within 24 hours of receipt.
Installation of accessories or field conversion
should be accomplished before setting the unit in
place or connection of any wiring, electric heat,
duct, or piping.


If the equipment is not needed for immediate
installation upon its arrival at the job site, it should
be left in its shipping carton and stored in a clean,
dry area. Units must only be stored or moved in the
normal upright position as indicated by the "UP"
arrows on each carton at all times. If unit stacking is
required, no more than stacking 2 units are


Installation and servicing of this equipment can be
hazardous due to system pressure and electrical
components. Only trained and qualified personnel
should install, repair, or service the equipment.
Untrained personnel can perform basic functions of
maintenance such as cleaning coils and replacing filters.
When working on equipment, always observe
precautions described in the literature, tags, and
labels attached to the unit. Follow all safety codes.
Wear safety glasses and work gloves. Use a
quenching cloth for brazing, and place a fire
extinguisher close to the work area. Overheating
of the TXV during brazing will damage the valve
and have adverse effects possibly causing injury or
damage to the unit during operation.


This instruction should be used in conjunction
with instructions supplied with each field installed
accessory as well as outdoor section. Installer
should pay particular attention to the words;
Explanation of symbols
Warning symbols
Signal words indicate the seriousness of the
hazard in terms of the consequences of not
following the safety instructions.
NOtICE indicates possible damage to property or
equipment, but where there is no risk of personal
CAUtION indicates possible personal injury.
Subject to change without prior notice
General Information
Before performing service or maintenance
operations on the system, turn off main power to
the unit. Electrical shock could cause personal
injury or death.
Safety instructions in this document are framed and
identified by a warning triangle which is printed on a
grey background.
Electrical hazards are identified by a lightning
symbol surrounded by a warning triangle.
Revised 11-11

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents