Minimum Clearances; Arrangement; Upflow Application; Horizontal Application - Bosch DX Series Installation And Maintenance Manual

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Unitary Air Handler DX and Hydronic Series
non-conditioned space to prevent damage from
condensation runoff. It is recommended that
units installed in non-conditioned spaces be
insulated with 1" thick fiberglass with the vapor
barrier on the outside.
7. While designed to operate quietly when
properly installed, several steps should be
taken insure this. Use of isolation pads when
mounting unit, flexible duct collars for
discharge, and use of acoustical duct liners are
all good installation practices that promote
quite operation.
8. Cabinet insulation is rated for R-4.2 (standard).
Some jurisdictions require R-6.0 on installations
in a non-conditioned space. Add insulation 1"
thick to exterior of unit to comply in these
jurisdictions, putting the vapor barrier on the
9. Upon leaving the factory, the refrigerant piping
system is pressurized with nitrogen. Relieve
pressure before opening up the system for pipe
soldering or TXV removal by depressing the
Schrader valve on coil manifold.
Hot water can scald. Water heated to a
temperature which will satisfy space heating can
scald and permanently injure a person upon
contact. Some people are more likely to be
permanently injured by hot water than others;
including the elderly and children. Check local,
State, and National codes requiring certain
temperature water at the hot water tap. Special
precautions must be used in addition to using the
lowest possible temperature setting that satisfies
your hot water needs. A tempering device such
as a mixing valve should be used at the hot water
taps, or water heater.


These units have a 0" (zero inch) minimum
clearance to combustible materials rating from all
cabinet surfaces unless electric heat is installed;
then a minimum of 1" clearance all around must be
adhered to. The unit should be installed with
serviceability clearance of 30" from the front of the
unit. The unit can be serviced entirely from the
front, including replacing the filter. Be sure to route
primary and secondary condensate drain piping so
as not to obstruct replacement of filter.


Units are shipped from the factory arranged to be
installed in an upflow or horizontal right to left air
flow position. Horizontal right to left means, when
facing the front of the unit, when the unit is laid on
its side, the supply air opening is to the left and the
return opening is to the right. These models are
field convertible to a horizontal left to right air flow


In an upflow installation the discharge outlet is at
the top. Care should be taken to insure unit is level
to permit proper condensate drainage. Normal
upflow installation will be in a closet or basement.
If installed in a closet, the closet should have a
platform framed in, with an opening at the top of
the platform centered in the closet. Connect the
supply air outlet to a plenum. Install return air
grilles from outside the closet to space below the
platform. Platform must be at least 12" above the
floor. If installed in a basement, run supply and
return duct work in accordance with local codes.
Install the filter rack provided prior to placing the
air handler on the bottom plenum


Horizontal applications will normally be used in an
attic or crawl space. This type of installation
requires a return air duct be attached to the unit
inlet. The opposite end of the return air duct is
attached to a return air filter grille through the
ceiling or wall. Remove air filter from unit if filter
grille is used. The unit is shipped in right to left
configuration. For left to right applications (before
connecting drains, refrigerant or water piping)
remove coil and doors and move horizontal pan to
right side. Reinstall coil and doors.
Subject to change without prior notice
Minimum Clearances
If the air handler is to be installed in an
unconditioned space, ensure that all refrigerant
piping is fully insulated with at least ½" insulation,
and that both supply and return ducts are fully
insulated with a min of 1" insulation.
Revised 11-11

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents