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GE JGP337SEJSS Owner's Manual And Installation Instructions

Built-in gas cooktops
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Safety Instructions
. . . . . . . . 2-6
Owner's Manual and
Installation Instructions
Operating Instructions
Cookware . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
Flame Size . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
To Light a Burner . . . . . . . . . . . 7
Burner Assemblies . . . . . . . . . . . .9
Burner Caps and Heads . . . . . .10
Burner Grates . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11
Control Knobs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9
Glass Cooktop . . . . . . . . . . .12, 13
Stainless Steel Surfaces . . . . . . .11
. .14-26
. . . . . . .27
Canada Warranty . . . . . . . . . . . .33
Consumer Support . . . . . . . . . .34
Product Registration . . . . . .29, 30
U.S. Warranty . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32
Write the model and serial
numbers here:
Model # ________________
Serial # ________________
You can find them on a label
under the cooktop.
183D5580P179 49-85093 11-05 JR



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  Summary of Contents for GE JGP337SEJSS

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Safety Instructions ..2–6 Owner’s Manual and Installation Instructions Operating Instructions Cookware ....8 JGP337 Flame Size .
  • Page 2: Important Safety Information

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION. READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING. IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE The California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act requires the Governor of California to publish a list of substances known to the state to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm, and requires businesses to warn customers of potential exposure to such substances.
  • Page 3: Safety Precautions

    This counter unit, as shipped from the factory, can only be operated with natural gas. Do not try to operate it with LP gas unless you follow the LP conversion instructions packed with your cooktop.
  • Page 4 IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION. READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Do not leave children alone or unattended where a cooktop is hot or in operation. They could be seriously burned. Do not allow anyone to climb, stand or hang on the cooktop. CAUTION: Items of interest to children should not be stored in cabinets above a cooktop—children climbing on the...
  • Page 5: Surface Burners

    Wait until the fat is cool. Do not flame foods on the cooktop. If you do flame foods under the hood, turn the fan on. Large scratches or impacts to glass cooktops can lead to broken or shattered glass.
  • Page 6: Lp Conversion Kit

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION. READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING. SURFACE BURNERS Adjust the top burner flame size so it does not extend beyond the edge of the cookware. Excessive flame is hazardous. Keep all plastics away from the surface burners. If you smell gas, turn off the gas to the cooktop and call a qualified service technician.
  • Page 7: Flame Size

    Be sure the burners and grates are cool before you place your hand, a pot holder, cleaning cloths or other materials on them. (on some models) The front right burner is a high power burner for larger pans and fast boiling operations.
  • Page 8: Cookware

    Using the cooktop burners. Wok This Way We recommend that you use a 14 ″ or smaller flat-bottomed wok. Make sure the wok bottom sits flat on the grate. They are available at your Use a flat-bottomed wok. local retail store. Only a flat-bottomed wok should be used.
  • Page 9: Care And Cleaning Burner Assemblies

    LITE, all the burners spark. Do not attempt to disassemble or clean around any burner while another burner is on. An electric shock may result, which could cause you to knock over hot cookware. Do not operate the...
  • Page 10: Burner Caps And Heads

    Care and cleaning of the cooktop. Burner Caps and Heads NOTE: Before removing the burner caps and heads, remember their size and location. Replace them in the same location after cleaning. Burner caps Lift off when cool. Wash burner caps in hot, soapy water and rinse with clean water.
  • Page 11: Burner Grates

    National Parts Center 800.626.2002 (U.S.) 888.261.3055 (Canada) (U.S.) (Canada) IMPORTANT: Do not lift the cooktop. Lifting the cooktop can lead to damage and improper operation of the cooktop.
  • Page 12: Glass Cooktop

    Cleaning the glass cooktop. Normal Daily Use Cleaning ONLY use CERAMA BRYTE Cooktop Cleaner on the glass cooktop. Other creams may not be as effective. To maintain and protect the surface of your glass cooktop, follow these steps: Clean your cooktop after each spill.
  • Page 13 Don’t use the surface units again until all of the residue has been completely removed. NOTE: If pitting or indentation in the glass surface has already occurred, the cooktop glass will have to be replaced. In this case, service will be necessary.
  • Page 14 Installation Instructions If you have questions, call 1.800.GE.CARES In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: • This product must be installed by a licensed plumber or gas fitter. • When using ball-type gas shut-off valves, they shall be the T-handle type. CAUTION: Before you begin—read these instructions completely and carefully.
  • Page 15: Installation Instructions

    Installation Instructions IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS FOR YOUR SAFETY WARNING!! If the information in this manual is not followed exactly, a fire, explosion or gas leak may result, causing property damage, personal injury or death. Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable vapors and liquids in the vicinity of this or any other appliance! WHAT TO DO IF YOU SMELL...
  • Page 16: Electrical Requirements

    Installation Instructions IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS This Appliance must be electrically grounded. Check with your local codes which apply in your area. If no local codes apply, the National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA No. 70–Latest Edition must be followed. Write to: National Fire Protection Association Batterymarch Park Quincy, MA 02269...
  • Page 17 Installation Instructions Pre-Installation Checklist Remove packaging materials and literature package from the cooktop before beginning installation. Literature Package Styrofoam Packaging Cooktop Remove packaging tape. To assure no damage is done to the finish of the product, the safest way to remove the adhesive left from packaging tape on new appliances is an application of a household liquid dishwashing...
  • Page 18 Installation Instructions PREPARING THE OPENING The following MINIMUM clearance dimensions must be maintained. 13" MAX. Depth of unprotected overhead cabinets 30" MIN. clearance from countertop to unprotected overhead surface 3 3/4" MIN. clearance from cutout to side wall on the left of the unit Overall cooktop dimensions 30"...
  • Page 19: Installing The Cooktop Unit

    Installation Instructions Installing the Cooktop Unit Protect the Surface of the Cooktop Place a towel or tablecloth onto the countertop. Lay the cooktop upside down onto the protected surface. Bottom of cooktop Cloth under Cooktop Locate The Mounting Parts Remove the hold down brackets from the literature package.
  • Page 20: Installing The Cooktop

    Installation Instructions Installing the Cooktop Provide Adequate Gas Supply This cooktop is designed to operate on natural gas at 4″ of water column pressure. It is shipped from the factory set for natural gas. The convertible pressure regulator supplied with the unit must be connected in series with the manifold of the cooktop and must remain in series with the supply line regardless of whether natural or L.P.
  • Page 21 Installation Instructions Installing the Cooktop Complete the connection with a coupling Install a coupling between the regulator and the shutoff valve to Pressure Regulator complete the connection. Coupling Check for Leaks After connecting the cooktop to gas, check system for leaks with a manometer. If a manometer is not available, turn the gas supply on to the cooktop and use a liquid leak detector at all joints and connections...
  • Page 22 Installation Instructions Installation—Electrical Connections Because of potential safety hazards under certain conditions, we strongly recommend against the use of an extension cord. However, if you still elect to use an extension cord, it is absolutely necessary that it be a UL listed 3-wire grounding type appliance extension cord and that the current carrying rating of the cord in amperes be equivalent to...
  • Page 23 Installation Instructions Installation—Electrical Connections Usage situations where appliance power cord will be disconnected infrequently. For 15 amp circuit only. Do not use an adaptor on a 20 amp circuit. Where local codes permit, a TEMPORARY CONNECTION may be made to a properly grounded two-prong wall receptacle by the use of a UL listed adaptor available at most hardware stores.
  • Page 24: Cooktop Burners

    Installation Instructions Cooktop Burners Assembling the Cooktop Burners The electrode of the spark igniter is exposed. Be careful not to push any cooktop controls while the top of the burner is removed. Do not remove the top or touch the electrode of any burner while another burner is turned on.
  • Page 25 Installation Instructions Cooktop Burners Checking the Igniters Operation of the electric igniters should be checked after the cooktop and supply line have been carefully checked for leaks and the cooktop has been connected to the electrical power. a. Push and turn a burner valve to the LITE position.
  • Page 26 Installation Instructions Operation Checklist Double check to make sure everything in this manual has been completed. Rechecking steps will ensure safe use of the cooktop. Make sure all controls are left in the OFF position. Make sure the flow of combustion and ventilation air to the cooktop is unobstructed.
  • Page 27: Troubleshooting Tips

    • Remove knob by pulling it straight off the stem and check the bottom of the knob for any buildup of soil. • If cooktop is connected to LP gas, check all steps in the Installation Instructions section. C–Soft blue flames Normal for natural...
  • Page 28 Notes.
  • Page 29: Product Registration

    You can rest easy, knowing that all your valuable household products are protected against expensive repairs. Place your confidence in GE and call us in the U.S. toll-free at for more information. *All brands covered, up to 20 years old, in the continental U.S.
  • Page 30 Check here if you do not want to receive communications from GEA’s carefully selected partners. FAILURE TO COMPLETE AND RETURN THIS CARD DOES NOT DIMINISH YOUR WARRANTY RIGHTS. For information about GEA’s privacy and data usage policy, go to and click on “Privacy Policy” or call 800.626.2224. Read your Owner’s Manual carefully.
  • Page 31 Notes.
  • Page 32: Warranty

    This warranty is extended to the original purchaser and any succeeding owner for products purchased for home use within the USA. If the product is located in an area where service by a GE Authorized Servicer is not available, you may be responsible for a trip charge or you may be required to bring the product to an Authorized GE Service Location for service.
  • Page 33: Consumer Support Canada Warranty

    Any part of the cooktop which fails due to a defect in materials or workmanship. From the date of the During this limited one-year warranty, GE will also provide, free of charge, all labor original purchase and related service costs to replace the defective part.
  • Page 34: Consumer Support

    Customers in Canada should consult the yellow pages for the nearest Camco service center, or call 1.888.261.3055. Contact Us If you are not satisfied with the service you receive from GE, contact us on our Website with all the details including your phone number, or write to: General Manager, Customer Relations In Canada:, or write to:...
  • Page 35 México Impreso material incluye términos bajo rápido más servicio tiempo producto registrar escríbanos página nuestra nosotros inseguras. funcionamiento precaución ejercerse Debe autorizado. Cualquier usuario. cualquier teléfono llamar día tarjetas (aceptamos pueden electrodomésticos termine. garantía cuando ahí 800.626.2224...
  • Page 36 Daño cómo para relacionado servicio obra este Durante año, limitada garantía debido falle estufa modelo. número favor servicio, solicitar para 800.GE.CARES llame, línea, reparación, cita Care Customer técnicos nuestros ® Centros nuestros proporcionan gas. estufa Garante: localidad. General) consulte...
  • Page 37 Notas.
  • Page 38 Notas.
  • Page 39 Notas.
  • Page 40 Notas.
  • Page 41 Notas.
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  • Page 48 AGUJERO) CENTRO HASTA ENCIMERA DELANTERA PARTE DESDE 7/8" DIÁMETRO 2" AGUJERO ENCIMERA DESDE DIÁMETRO 2" AGUJERO CENTRO 5" completas. instrucciones para empotrados instalación instrucciones EMPOTRADO HORNO SOBRE INSTALACIÓN cont. instalación presiones presión prueba prueba tubería FUGAS! PARA válvula. control, suministro. fugas verificar hacia...
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  • Page 54 Léalas manual. Seguridad Importante sección Encontrará cumplirse. deben precauciones ciertas emite utiliza otro cualquier edición. última CAN/CGA-1.1, Canadá Asociación última Z21.1, ANSI diseño cuenta estufa Esta locales, códigos actual, Propano Instalación CAN/CGAB149.1 Instalación Código deben instalación Canadá, última Z223.1/NFPA.54, Nacional ausencia locales cumplir...
  • Page 55 Regla Lápiz Llave plana punta plomería Accesorios abrazaderas PODRÍA MATERIALES garantía. estar instalación falla • estas responsabilidad Consumidor.
  • Page 56 Verifique ADVERTENCIA: permanente. forma quedar podría puesto estufa, calentar volver antes inmediatamente, retirar debe marca Esta WX10X350 Cooktops Pads Cleaning ® estufa) limpieza paño crema, WB50T10054 WX10X0302 Scraper Ceramic ® WX10X300 Cleaner Ceramic ® 800.626.2002...
  • Page 57 papel. toalla Cleaner Cooktop Ceramic BRYTE CERAMA ® superficie toda pula suciedad, toda quitar después adicional, protección Para suciedad. restos retirar para Cleaning BRYTE ® CERAMA Utilice pegada. papel. toalla Cleaner Cooktop Ceramic BRYTE ® CERAMA superficie pula suciedad, toda retirar después adicional,...
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