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Bradley Smoker BTIS1 Owner's Manual

Digital smoker/ stainless steel smoker.
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The 'Original'
Bradley Smoker
Bradley 4 Rack
Digital Smoker
Tel: 604‑524‑3848 Fax: 604‑524‑3839
Stainless Steel
Bradley Smoker
Bradley 6 Rack
Digital Smoker
Bradley Technologies Canada Inc.
1609 Derwent Way
Delta, BC Canada V3M 6K8
Toll Free Telephone 1‑800‑665‑4188
Printed in China
The 'Original'
Bradley Smoker
Bradley 4 Rack
Digital Smoker
Stainless Steel
Bradley Smoker
Bradley 6 Rack
Digital Smoker

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    BTIS1 The ‘Original’ Stainless Steel Bradley Smoker Bradley Smoker 120V BTDS76P BTDS108P Bradley 4 Rack Bradley 6 Rack Digital Smoker Digital Smoker 120V Bradley Technologies Canada Inc. Delta, BC Canada V3M 6K8 Toll Free Telephone 1‑800‑665‑4188 Tel: 604‑524‑3848 Fax: 604‑524‑3839 Email:

  • Page 2

    The Bradley Smoker is unique in that it produces smoke which is four times cleaner than traditional burn‑box chips*. Because it automatically extinguishes the spent Bisquette, it prevents the formation of high temperature gases and acids.

  • Page 3: After Each Use

    • For outdoors use only. Do not operate in an enclosed area. • Do not leave unattended. • Do not plug in the smoker until it is fully assembled. • Do not cover or seal the racks or drip tray with aluminum foil.

  • Page 4

    Refer to the External Components List & Internal Components List Diagrams Important Safety Precautions • The Bradley Smoker must be maintained and cleaned after each use. • Unplug the Long Power Cord prior to commencement of any maintenance or cleaning.

  • Page 5: Trouble Shooting

    Bisquette does not Burn Completely: Check to see if other electrical equipment is plugged into the circuit. The smoker should be plugged into its own dedicated wall circuit. Check to make sure the bisquette burner is free of residue build up.

  • Page 6

    Stainless Steel Bradley Smoker (Model: BTST02; BTSTCE240EU) For 4 Rack Digital Smoker and 6 Rack Digital Smoker Assembly Instructions See Page 9 Refer to Part Numbers in the Bradley Smoker External Components List and Internal How to Assemble the Bradley Smoker®...

  • Page 7

    7. Damper with handle (not shown) 8. Door radley External Parts List 9. Thermometer 10. Temperature Heat Control Switch 11. Heat Indicator 12. Generator On/Off Switch 13. Door Seal 14. Lower Face Plate 15. Rubber Feet 16. Bisquette (not included with smoker) ® MOker...

  • Page 8

    riGinal Internal Components List A) Long Power Cord B) Drip Tray C) Cooking Racks D) Drip Bowl E) Short Jumper Cord (not shown) Connects Generator F) Bisquette Burner radley MOker Internal Parts List G) 500 Watt Heating Element H) Flavor Bisquettes® (not included) I) Drive Guide J) Bottom Rectangular Tray K) Door Hinge...

  • Page 9: Operation Guidelines, Getting Started

    Refer to part numbers in the External Components List Diagram Seasoning & Preparation For Use Seasoning the Bradley Smoker® is an ongoing process, the more you use it, the better tasting your foods will be. Seasoning is mainly to remove the impartial smells from your smoker.

  • Page 10

    4 Rack Digital Smoker (Model: BTDS76P; BTDS76CE-EU) 6 Rack Digital Smokers (Model: BTDS108P; BTDS108CE-EU) For Original Black Smoker and Stainless Steel Smoker Assembly Instructions See Page 5 Refer to Part Numbers in External Components List, Internal Components List and Electrical How to Assemble the Bradley Digital Smoker®...

  • Page 11

    radley External Components List 1. Digital Smoke Generator 2. Smoke Tower 3. Generator Supports (not shown) 4. Feeder Tube 5. Digital Display Panel (see page 13) iGital MOker Exterior Parts List 6. Damper 7. Door 8. Door Seal 9. Rubber Feet 10.

  • Page 12

    radley Internal Components List A) Drip Tray B) Cooking Racks (4 or 6) C) Drip Bowl D) Bottom Rectangular Tray E) Bisquette Burner (Bisquettes not included) iGital Internal Parts List F) Heating Element G) Top Door Hinge H) Lower Door Hinge I) Brass Pin J) Porcelain Insulator K) Drive Guide...

  • Page 13

    (A) and smoker (B). Plug short jumper cord (2) into the receptacles in the smoker (C) and generator (D). Plug the long power cord (3) into the power receptacle in generator (E). Lastly plug the long power cord (3) into wall outlet (4).

  • Page 14

    Once the “On/Off Smoker” button has been pressed to turn the smoke generator on, the “Smoker Timer” display will flash until the desired time has been set. The “Oven Meat Temp” will start to read the internal temperature right away. Once the “On/Off Oven”...

  • Page 15: Seasoning & Preparation For Use

    • Set “Oven Temp Set” to 150° F (66° C). • Set the “Oven Timer Set” to 1 hour. Note: Your smoker will be seasoned having reached 150° F and smoked in for 1 hour. Getting Started (see “Display Function Guideline”) •...

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  • Doug Skiba Feb 20, 2017 04:10:
    I have a 4rack digital smoker. When I turn it on an E appears with beeping sounds. What do I do to correct this?
    Smoker is clean and I've tried plugging and unplugging and cords.
  • Barbara Vensel Sep 25, 2014 09:21:
    I have a digital 6 rack smoker (Bradley) and when I turn it on an E1 message shows up on the right side of the digital screen... I assume this means ERROR but what error ... can you help me THX