Beko 2012 CX Owner's Manual

Beko owner's manual washing machine 2012 cx, 2112 cx
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Washing Machine
2012 CX
2112 CX



  Summary of Contents for Beko 2012 CX

  • Page 1 Washing Machine 2012 CX 2112 CX...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Specifications of your Washing Machine | Warnings | Things to do Before Calling the Authorized Service Removing the packaging reinforcements 7 Removing the transportation safety bolts 7 Installation | Adjusting the feet Water connections Electrical Connection Preparation | Control Panel 10 Turning On/Off Program Selection and Operating Your...
  • Page 3: Your Washing Machine

    Your Washing Machine Detergent Drawer Control panel Tabletop Adjustable feet Front door Filter cover...
  • Page 4: Specifications Of Your Washing Machine

    These values may vary according to the usage of the product and environmental conditions. (cm) (cm) (cm) (kg) (VHz.) 220-240 / 50 2200-2350 (rpm) 2012 CX 2112 CX 220-240 / 50 2200-2350...
  • Page 5: Warnings

    Warnings | • This product is designed for household usage. • Your washing machine is adjusted to 230 volts. Your machine may not operate with low voltage. • If the current value of the fuse at your home is less then 16 amperes, consult a qualified electrician and have a fuse of 16 amperes installed.
  • Page 6: Things To Do Before Calling The Authorized Service

    Things to do Before Calling the Authorized Service If the light of the 1st auxiliary function on the left hand side is flashing If the cover and washing light on the program follow-up indicator is flashing and the end light is constantly on If the light of Start/Pause/Cancel button starts to flashing after a short...
  • Page 7: Removing The Packaging Reinforcements

    Installation | Removing the packaging rein- forcements To remove the packaging reinforcement lean the machine backward, take the reinforcement by pulling from the braid. Removing the transportation safety bolts Before operating the machine, the transportation safety bolts must definitely be removed. For this, 1.
  • Page 8: Water Connections

    Water connections a) Water inlet hose The specific hoses that come with the machine are connected to the water inlet valves on the machine. Red labeled hose is for hot water inlet and blue labeled hose is for cold water inlet. "If you are going to use your double water- inlet machine as a single (cold) water-inlet unit, you must install the stopper*, sup-...
  • Page 9: Electrical Connection

    Electrical Connection Plug in the grounded plug at the end of the power cable of the washing machine to a grounded wall outlet which is fed with suitable voltage and current. Preparation | • Please note the followings before start ing to wash your laundry: - Have you plugged the machine? - Have you connected the drainage hose...
  • Page 10: Control Panel

    via siphon (III) and it will be wasted. In this case, it may be necessary to refill the softener. If the softener is condensed over time, it may be necessary to dilute with some water. Otherwise, condensed soft- ener clog the siphon and block the flow. Program Selection and Operating Your Machine | Control Panel Program selection knob...
  • Page 11: Program Selection Table

    You must press “Start/Pause/Cancel” button in order the machine starts its program. Program selection table Determine the suitable program according to the type, amount, dirtiness level and washing temperature of the laundry by looking at the program selection table.Turn the program Program Laundry type Cotton 90...
  • Page 12: Function Selection

    Function Selection Depending on the selected program, the selectable auxiliary functions are selected by pressing the each function’s button. The light of the selected function comes on. Since it is not possible to select some of the auxiliary functions together, one of them becomes off when the other one is selected.
  • Page 13: Changing The Program

    Changing the Program Even if a new program is selected by changing the position of program selection knob while your machine is operating, the first selected program continues to run. In order to change the washing program, the ongoing program should be cancelled. (See.
  • Page 14: Detergent Drawer

    Maintenance and cleaning | Detergent Drawer The powder detergent remnants may accumulate in the detergent drawer. To clean the detergent drawer, pull the drawer towards you by pressing the marked point of the siphon in the softener compartment as shown in the illustration. Wash the drawer in the sink with plenty of water.
  • Page 15 situations... • before cleaning the foreign substance filter; • before transporting the machine ( for example moving into a new house); • when there is a risk of freezing. 1. Turn off the appliance, unplug the power cable and close the tap. Wait for the hot soapy water to cool enough.

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