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Altec Lansing inMotion iMX2 User Manual page 4

Mobile audio dock
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Box Contents
• inMotion iMX2 Mobile Audio Dock
• Home antenna cable adapter
• 3.5 mm stereo cable (for secondary input)
• Power supply
• Protective carry bag
• User's guide and quick connect instructions
Compatible XM2go receivers:
Works with:
• Delphi MyFi XM2go receiver
• Pioneer Airware XM2go receiver
• Tao XM2go receiver
Placing the
Position the inMotion iMX2 on a level surface, preferably close to you.
For live reception of XM satellite radio programing
Outdoor use
When outdoors, make sure your XM2go receiver and inMotion iMX2
mobile audio dock have an unobstructed view of the southern sky.
Note: If you are unable to receive any XM signals, we suggest you plug
in the home antenna according to the indoor instructions below.
Indoor use
When indoors, connect the XM Radio home antenna that came with
your XM2go receiver directly to the XM2go receiver (not to the
inMotion iMX2 mobile audio dock), as follows:
• Locate the home antenna cable adapter included with the inMotion
• Insert the home antenna cable adapter's 3.5mm cable into the XM2go
receiver's headphone jack. This will de-activate the XM2go receiver's
internal FM transmitter.
• Insert the XM Radio home antenna cable into the home antenna cable
adapter's large input jack.
• Insert the home antenna cable adapter's smaller cable into your
XM2go receiver's antenna jack.
• Make sure the XM Radio home antenna points south outdoors through
a window.
Assembling the
Place the compatible XM2go receiver docking adapter onto the
docking connector. Docking adapters are labeled for XM2go receiver
Use one of the following two options to power your inMotion iMX2:
AC (Wall outlet) Power
Insert the barrel connector from the power supply into the DC
connector on the back of the inMotion iMX2. After this connection is
made, insert the power supply into a wall outlet.
DC (Battery) Power
Install four AA batteries (not included) into the battery compartments
on the bottom of the inMotion iMX2 (two to each compartment).
Make sure the batteries are installed as illustrated in the battery
Start Playing
1. Place your XM2go receiver onto the docking connector.
2. Turn on your XM2go device.
3. Turn on the inMotion iMX2 by pushing the power button located on
the top of the unit. A blue LED will light around the button when the
power is on.
Note: To avoid hearing a popping sound when you turn on your
inMotion iMX2, always turn on your audio source first.
Power Off
Turn off the inMotion iMX2 by pushing the power button located on
the top of the unit. The LED will turn off.
Auto Shut-down (Standby)
The inMotion iMX2 automatically shuts down (standby) if no audio is
detected after three minutes. While this mode reduces battery
consumption, it does not completely turn the inMotion iMX2 off. To
maximize battery life when not using the inMotion iMX2, push the
power button located on the top of the unit. The LED will turn off.
Connecting to alternate audio source
Connect an alternate audio source — such as a CD player, MP3 player,
or portable DVD player — to your inMotion iMX2 by plugging one
end of the lime-green audio input cable to the line out of your
portable device (if it has one) or to the device's headphone jack.
Connect the other end to the input marked "AUX" on the back of
the inMotion iMX2.
The "+" and "–" buttons on the top of the inMotion iMX2 are the
master volume controls. Press and hold the "+" button to increase the
volume and the "–" button to decrease the volume.
For Additional Bass
The inMotion iMX2 is equipped with a subwoofer jack ("SUB OUT").
This output should only be used to connect an Altec Lansing optional
subwoofer specifically designed to increase the bass output of this
speaker system. Please check for availability



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