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Fujitsu FPCKB51A1P User Manual page 6

Wireless keyboard with touch pad
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Keyboard Features
On/Off Switch
The On/Off switch is located on the top edge of the key-
board. It is used to power the keyboard on and off. The key-
board should be powered off when it is not used for
extended periods in order to maximize battery life.
Power/Suspend/Resume Button
The Power/Suspend/Resume button on the keyboard works
in the same manner as the power/suspend/resume button
on the computer. This button remotely suspends and wakes
up the system.
The Touchpad pointing device comes built into your wire-
less keyboard. It is used to control the movement of the
pointer to select items on your display panel. The Touchpad
is composed of a cursor control, a left and right button, and
a scrolling button. The cursor control works the same way a
mouse does, and moves the cursor around the display. It
only requires light pressure with the tip of your finger. The
left and right buttons function the same as mouse buttons.
The actual functionality of the buttons may vary depending
on the application that is being used. The scrolling button
allows you to navigate quickly through pages, without
having to use the scroll bars.
Using the Touchpad
Clicking means pushing and releasing a button. To left-click,
move the cursor to the item you wish to select, press the left
button once, and then immediately release it. To right-click,



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