Using The Wireless Keyboard - Fujitsu FPCKB51A1P User Manual

Wireless keyboard with touch pad
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To install the driver from an external drive:
1. Attach the drive to the tablet.
2. Turn on the system.
3. Open the drive and insert the CD. The system will auto-
matically recognize the CD and begin the installation.
Follow the instructions that appear to install the driver.
4. When finished, remove the CD.
Fujitsu Web Site
The driver can be downloaded from the Fujitsu Web site. TO
download the driver:
1. Log onto the Internet.
2. Go to the Fujitsu Web site at:
3. Click on Support, then click on Accessory Downloads in
the left pane.
4. Select the FPCKB51A1P driver from the dropdown list.
5. Follow the instructions that appear to load the driver.

Using the Wireless Keyboard

There are several important points to note before using the
wireless keyboard (Figure 2).
The Tablet PC should be securely seated upright, either in
a desk stand or portfolio case.
The keyboard should be positioned so that its infrared
transmitter is directly facing the infrared photosensor on
the Tablet PC.
The keyboard performs best when it is within approxi-
mately 12 inches (30 cm) of the computer although it will
operate at greater distances.



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