Chapter 1. About The Wireless Display Adapter; Product Description - Lenovo ThinkPad WMTB-177N User Manual

Enterprise wireless display adapter
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Chapter 1. About the wireless display adapter

This chapter contains product description, connector and control locations, and system requirements for the
Enterprise Wireless Display Adapter (hereafter called the wireless display adapter).

Product description

The wireless display adapter is a Miracast-certified device that enables you to easily connect your notebook
computer to a monitor or a projector using wireless connection. It is compatible with both Video Graphics
Array (VGA) analog monitors and High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) monitors. And if you cannot
use the wireless connection, you can also expand your workspace to the monitor or projector by connecting
the computer to the wireless display adapter with a VGA monitor cable.
Your option package includes the following:
• ThinkPad Enterprise Wireless Display Adapter
• AC power adapter
• USB 2.0 cable
• Near Field Communication (NFC) tag
• Warranty poster
Note: The NFC tag is used to work with the Lenovo
QuickDisplay software.
Contact your place of purchase if any item is missing or damaged. Ensure that you retain the proof of
purchase and packing material. They might be required to receive warranty service.
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