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16:9 Aspect Ratio

The GL2 is equipped with two 16:9 aspect ratio methods.
16:9 Guides
The 16:9 guides are thin white lines, which appear in the display
only. They let you view a 16:9 wide screen composition while in
the standard 4:3 aspect ratio, which is especially helpful if you're
planning to transfer your DV footage to film.
16:9 Recording Mode
The GL2 includes a 16:9 recording mode, which applies an
electronic anamorphic stretch allowing you to fill the frame of a
16:9 wide screen TV.

3 Shooting Modes

The GL2 has three shooting modes to accommodate any of your
recording needs.
Normal Movie Mode
By merging Canon's superior lens quality with 3 CCDs, the GL2
delivers stunning resolution and color reproduction - some of the
best images outside of a TV studio. This mode records video in
the standard interlaced fashion similar to conventional
camcorders. Normal Movie Mode is ideal for recording video
which appears smooth and natural during playback on a TV or
video editing computer.
Digital Photo Mode
(1.7 Megapixel High Resolution Photos)
The GL2 features newly developed image processing, for
capturing crisp, high-definition photos. Images may be captured
in a choice of different image qualities and compression sizes to

Digital Video

suit your needs. Capture up to 10
stunning 1.7 megapixel (1488 X
1128 pixel) images onto the
included 8MB SD Memory Card.
Images may be also captured at
VGA (640 X 480 pixel) in standard
or fine compression. For added
flexibility, you may take up to 700
still pictures on a Mini DV single
tape (in SP mode). The camera
records the still pictures for approximately 6
seconds, as well as recording the sound for
your verbal notes or narration. You can
search through the recorded tape for your
photos using the supplied remote control.
Frame Movie Mode
This mode captures video in a unique non-interlaced method
allowing the GL2 to record 30 frames of video per second.
Similar to a motor drive on a 35mm camera, Frame Movie Mode
performs like a Digital Motor Drive. You'll capture every gesture
and expression of your subject with spectacular clarity. It's
perfect for users who choose to grab high quality still images
from video for making prints, video for website content, or even
sending emotionally charged images over the internet. The non-
interlaced method has even been acknowledged by users for its
cinematic-like appearance.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents