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3ccd digital video camcorder
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Taken To a Higher Level
White Balance
White Balance can be set for Automatic, preset Indoors, preset
Outdoors for any lighting condition.
AE Shift/AE Lock
By adjusting the AE Shift Control you can lighten or darken the
image to precisely control the exposure level of the Program AE
modes. In difficult lighting conditions, AE Lock allows you to lock
exposure at the current level to control the brightness of the
Programmed AE
Puts advanced recording techniques at your fingertips to ensure
great results in various shooting conditions. There are
six programs in all, giving you the balanced control
that you have come to expect from Canon.
Full Auto
Also called the "Green Zone". This is the ideal selection for
general shooting.
Auto mode
Similar to Full Auto, Auto handles all camera settings
automatically, but also allows the user to select manual functions
(focus, exposure, white balance, for
Manual Mode
If you want to make all the decisions, this is
the mode to use. Select your own
combination of shutter speed, aperture and
Designed to be used when subjects are
illuminated by intense light sources, such as
under spotlights on a dark stage. This mode
is designed to prevent the subject from
being grossly over-exposed, against a dark
Sand & Snow
This program is designed to prevent a dark,
under-exposed subject when shooting in
places with bright backgrounds, such as a
sunny beach or ski resort.
Shutter-priority/Aperture-priority (Tv/Av)
The Tv and Av modes permit easy operation while retaining the
creative image controls commonly found on Canon's 35mm SLR
cameras. In the TV mode, select a shutter speed from 1/8 to
1/15,000* of a second and the GL2 will automatically set a
matching aperture. In the AV mode, select an aperture from f/ 1.6
to f/8** and the GL2 automatically sets a matching shutter speed.
* card camera mode: 1/60 to 1/500 of a second
** card camera mode: f/2 to f/8
Tv Mode
Slow Shutter (Camera Mode)
Whether your aim is a "streaming" background when panning, or
brighter recording in low light, you can choose from three slow
shutter settings: 1/30, 1/15 and 1/8 of a second.
Picture Adjustment
Create a custom picture preset,
and store it quick, creative control.
Color Gain
Adjust the saturation of the color
between off to oversaturated. This
adjustment allows you to shoot in black
and white.
Color Phase
Adjust the Color Phase toward red
or green for exact control.
Camera Sharpness
Adjust the range of picture sharpness
to your preference before recording.
Softer may compliment the subject while
sharper will make details more visible.
Setup Level
Adjust the black level of the video signal
for the best shadow detail.
Av Mode

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents