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3ccd digital video camcorder
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Incorporating precision optics, superior
digital processing, and a sleek
innovative design, the Canon GL2 offers
reliable professional performance.
Offering the highest level of control, the
camera fully compliments one's vision
and passion for excellence.
Its advanced feature set allows users
to handle even the most challenging
tasks with confidence and ease.
Achieve Super High Resolution in Video
and Still Image Recording
The GL2 maximizes the capability of the DV format by using a 3
CCD system assigning a separate CCD to each primary color
(red, green, blue). A beam-splitting prism precisely separates the
light passing through the lens into individual color components,
and each is sent to its own CCD. This process achieves
outstanding detail with highly accurate color reproduction
suitable for the demands of the
high-end production field - wide
dynamic range, low color noise,
natural color resolution and low
Pixel Shift
Canon solves common shooting dilemmas by using a signal
processing technique called Pixel Shift, which has been used in
professional grade video cameras for many years. It achieves
wider dynamic range, reduced vertical smearing and sharper
digital still images.
The green component of a video signal contains 60% of the
picture detail, and the red and blue components comprise only
40%. The green CCD in the GL2 is shifted vertically and
horizontally the equivalent distance of 1/2 pixel from the red and
blue CCD. The green signal is then sampled more frequently to
extract the maximum picture detail from the video signal. This
allows the GL2 to achieve resolution equal to camcorders with
nearly twice as many pixels in video recording.
Professional L-Series Fluorite Lens
Canon has satisfied the demands of experienced image makers
for years through the power, design and quality of 35mm and
broadcast TV lenses. Our Professional L-Series lenses utilize
Fluorite, a material which provides outstanding resolution,
contrast and color reproduction, especially in lightweight, high-
magnification lenses. Now incorporated into the lens on the GL2,
2 2
Fluorite delivers the ultimate clarity and image quality. The
Fluorite element inside of the lens defeats color aberration - the
effect when components of light stray from one another within a
lens, causing a reduction in sharpness, contrast and color. Our
Fluorite lens precisely controls components
of light providing an excellent balance of
these three critical ingredients of
picture quality. This is
unobtainable with conventional
optical glass.
optic lens

Optical Image Stabilizer

Canon's superb optical stabilization system corrects camera
shake instantly so even hand-held shots, at full telephoto, and
shots taken from a moving car, are smooth and steady.
And since it is optical, there is no loss of image quality
inevitable with electronic image stabilizers. It perfectly
complements the high picture quality of the DV format.
Image Stabilizer ON
Vari-angle Prism
Fluorite Lens
Image Stabilizer OFF
20x Zoom Lens with 100x Digital Zoom
The GL2 incorporates a 20x Professional L-Series Fluorite optical
zoom lens which transforms distant subjects into dramatic close-
ups. The 20x optical zoom is the 35mm focal length equivalent of
39.5 to 790mm. The digital zoom, capable of extending to 40x
and a maximum of 100x, provides sharper detail compared to
others thanks to Canon's superior lens quality. You'll reveal
details too distant to be seen with just the eye alone. At full
telephoto the 35mm focal length equivalent is an amazing
79,000mm. Add the optional WD-58H Wide-converter to
increase the field of view by 0.7x for indoor shots or panoramic
... plus
20x Zoom
The Ultimate In
stabilizer ON
stabilizer OFF
wide angle
100x Digital

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents