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LG WD-12316RDK Owner's Manual page 30

8kg washer / 4kg dryer
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roubleshooting guide
Washer does not start
Washer won't spin
Door does not open
Wash cycle time
Dry problem
Possible Cause
• Electrical power cord may not
be plugged in or connection
may be loose.
• House fuse blown, circuit
breaker tripped,or a power
outage has occurred.
• Water supply tap is not turned
❋ Check that the door is firmly
• Does not dry
Make sure plug fits tightly in wall
Reset circuit breaker or replace fuse.
Do not increase fuse capacity.
If problem is a circuit overload, have
it corrected by a qualified electrician.
Turn on water supply tap.
Close the door and press the
Start/Pause button. After pressing
the Start/Pause button, it may take
a few moments before the clothes
washer begins to spin. The door
must lock before spin can be
Once started, the door can not be
opened for safety reasons.
Wait one or two minutes before
opening the door to give the electric
locking mechanism time to release.
The washing time may vary by the
amount of laundry, water
pressure, water temperature and
other using conditions.
If the imbalance is detected or if the
suds removing program works, the
wash time shall be increased.
Do not overload.
Check that the washer is draining
properly to extract adequate water
from the load.
Clothes load is too small to tumble
property. Add a few towels.

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