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LG WD-12316RDK Owner's Manual page 22

8kg washer / 4kg dryer
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ow to use washer
Water Temp.
• By pressing the Temp.
button, the water temperature
can be selected.
- Cold
- 30˚C / 40˚C / 60˚C / 95˚C
• Water temperature can be selected as below
according to the program.
- Cotton-Eco
40˚C - 60˚C
- Cotton
Cold - 30˚C - 40˚C - 60˚C - 95˚C
- Synthetic
Cold - 30˚C - 40˚C - 60˚C
- Delicate & Wool/Silk & Quick 30 &
Hand Wash & Duvet
Cold - 30˚C - 40˚C
The required temperature lamp will light up for
For the more detailed information, please refer to
the page 15.
Intensive (
• If the laundry is heavily soiled "Intensive"
option is effective.
• By selecting the Intensive option, the wash
time may be extended, depending on the
program selected.
• To use this option press the Intensive button
once before the wash program is started.
• If you open door and remove load before
• By pressing the DRY button, you can select
• After the end of dry, "
By pressing the "Start/Pause" button the
program can be ended. If you not press
the "Start/Pause" button, the program is
ended after about 4 hours.
1.Drying Automatic guide
• Use your Automatic Cycles to dry most loads.
Electronic sensors measures the temperature of
the exhaust to increase or decrease drying
temperatures for faster reaction time and tighter
temperature control.
• Recommend Automatic drying course as a kind
of clothes.
a) Synthetic - Low Temp.
b) If you want to iron clothes-Iron.
c) Cotton - Cupboard.
d) Diaper - Very
• This washer-dryer's automatical
process from washing to drying
can be selected easily.
• For most even drying , make
sure all articles in the clothes
load are similar in material and
• Do not overload dryer by stuffing
too many articles into drum.
Items must be able to tumble
dryer has finished its cycle, remember to
press the Start/Pause button.
Low Temp.
" Cooling Cycle.
NOTE: The estimated drying time varies
from the actual drying time with an Automatic.
The type of fabric, size of the load, and the
dryness selected affect drying time.
" is displayed.

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