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Canon DR-5020 Quick Reference

Canon all in one printer user manual
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  Summary of Contents for Canon DR-5020

  • Page 1: Quick Reference

  • Page 2 PRECAUTIONS The Canon DR-5020/5080C are versatile document scanners that feature reliable paper feeding capabilities. To ensure an optimal level of scanner performance on each job, please follow the recommendations listed below. Does your stack include... ❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘ ❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘ ❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘ ❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘ ❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘❘...
  • Page 3: Scanning Basics

    5020/5080C, you should always make sure that the scanner has been turned ON before turning the computer ON. To prepare the DR-5020/5080C for document scanning, first pull out the document tray extension from the scanner’s lower section and the document eject tray from the scanner’s upper unit. A paper feed adjustment lever is located underneath the scanner’s upper...
  • Page 4 S C A N N I N G B A S I C S S T E P I Remote mode (default): I Semi-Auto: I Auto: I Manual: S T E P The scanner is equipped with four different feed modes to match different types of document scanning jobs.
  • Page 5 R E M O T E • S E M I - A U T O • M A N U A L If you are scanning a stack of documents with the DR-5020/5080C S T E P set to Remote or Semi-Auto, first prepare the papers so that the stack’s edges are even.
  • Page 6 S C A N N I N G B A S I C S WHEN USING AUTO MODE S T E P S T E P S T E P Place one page of the stack on the document tray, and set the paper guides to match the width of the document.
  • Page 7: Useful Features

    (simultaneous feeding of two or more pages) occurs. This function should be OFF when feeding stacks of various paper types and sizes. For further details on these features, please refer to section 3.3 of the DR-5020/5080C Instructions manual (“Setting Scan Conditions”).
  • Page 8 U S E F U L F E AT U R E S FUNCTION SHEETS COUNT-ONLY MODE Function Sheets are a convenient way of changing scan settings. Place it in the stack where you wish the change in scan mode to take effect;...
  • Page 9 ADDITIONAL A collection of other available features makes the DR-5020/5080C useful for an even wider range of document scanning needs. Many of FUNCTIONS these features can be set using the application software provided with the scanner. I Automatic paper size detection This function enables the scanner to detect the size of your document.
  • Page 10: Troubleshooting

    T R O U B L E S H O O T I N G CLEARING PAPER JAMS S T E P S T E P S T E P S T E P Paper may be jammed if scanning stops midway or “PXX” appears on the counter display.
  • Page 11: Error Codes

    ERROR CODES Error codes appear on the operation panel’s counter display when a scanner malfunction occurs. Error Code d01, d02, d03 P00, P01, P02, P03, P04, P06, P08, P10, A complete list of error codes and solutions to other types of scanner trouble can be found in Chapter 4 of the Instructions manual (“Troubleshooting”).
  • Page 12 CANON Customer Service Centers PUB.CE-CE-957 0500AB3 © CANON ELECTRONICS INC. 2000 PRINTED IN JAPAN...

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