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Summary of Contents for Black & Decker BDCD12

  • Page 1 BDCD12
  • Page 2 English (original instructions)
  • Page 4: Intended Use

    Intended use 3. Personal safety a. Stay alert, watch what you are doing and use common Your BLACK+DECKER BDCD12 - Drill, has been designed for sense when operating a power tool. screwdriving applications and for drilling in wood, metal and Do not use a power tool while you are tired or under plastics.
  • Page 5 (Original instructions) ENGLISH d. Store idle power tools out of the reach of children and g. Follow all charging instructions and do not charge the do not allow persons unfamiliar with the power tool or battery pack or tool outside the temperature range these instructions to operate the power tool.
  • Page 6: Additional Safety Instructions For Batteries And Chargers

    ENGLISH (Original instructions) Š Air vents often cover moving parts and should be avoided. Warning! The vibration emission value during actual Loose clothes, jewelry or long hair can be caught in mov- use of the power tool can differ from the declared ing parts.
  • Page 7 (Original instructions) ENGLISH Chargers Warning! Do not charge the battery at ambient temperatures Your charger has been designed for a specific voltage. Always below 10 °C or above 40 °C. Recommended charging tem- check that the mains voltage corresponds to the voltage on perature: approx.
  • Page 8: Troubleshooting

    ENGLISH (Original instructions) Troubleshooting Keyless chuck (fig. E) Warning! Make certain the lock-off button is engaged to prevent switch actuation before installing or removing acces- Problem Possible cause Possible solution sories. To insert a drill bit or other accessory: Unit will not start. Battery pack not Check battery pack charg- charged.
  • Page 9: Technical Data

    Hours MACHINERY DIRECTIVE Battery BL1512 Voltage 10.8 Capacity BDCD12 - Drill Type Li-Ion Black & Decker declares that these products described under “technical data” are in compliance with: Level of sound pressure according to EN 62841: 2006/42/EC, EN62841-1:2015, EN62841-2-1:2018+A11:2019, Sound pressure (L ) 63.5 dB(A), uncertainty (K) 5 dB(A)
  • Page 10 ENGLISH (Original instructions) Guarantee Black & Decker is confident of the quality of its products and offers consumers a 24 month guarantee from the date of purchase. This guarantee is in addition to and in no way prejudices your statutory rights. The guarantee is valid within the territories of the Member States of the European Union and the European Free Trade Area.
  • Page 11 (Original instructions) ENGLISH...
  • Page 12 Australia & New Zealand Stanley Black & Decker Tel. 1800 338 002 (Aus) 810 Whitehorse Road Box Hill VIC 3128, Tel. 0800 339 258 (NZ) Australia United Kingdom & Black & Decker Tel. 01753 511234 Republic Of Ireland 270 Bath Road 01753 512365

Table of Contents