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  • Page 1 Frost Free Combi RCF582W Fridge/Freezer...
  • Page 2 Please read this manual first! Dear Customer, We hope that your product, which has been produced in in a 1st class manufacturing facility and checked under the most meticulous quality control procedures, will provide you with many years of good service. For this, we recommend you to carefully read the entire manual of your product before using it and keep it at hand for future reference.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    1 Your refrigerator 5 Using your refrigerator Temperature Control And 2 Warnings Adjustment ..........18 Electrical requirements ......7 Suggested Arrangement Of Food In Warning! This appliance must be The Fridge/Freezer .........19 earthed ............7 Storing Frozen Food ......20 Energy saving tips ........8 Freezing Fresh Food ......
  • Page 4: Your Refrigerator

    Your refrigerator Congratulations on your choice of a Beko quality Appliance which has been designed to give you service for many years. 1. Temperature setting control 9. Frozen food storage drawers 2. Interior light 10. Adjustable feet 3. Cabinet shelves 11.
  • Page 5: Warnings

    • Do not dispose of the disposal information appliance on a fire. and facilities available. At Beko, the care • See Installation and protection of our Instructions on page environment is an 8 for information on ongoing commitment.
  • Page 6 • To obtain the best • Do not damage the possible performance refrigerant circuit. and trouble free • Do not use electrical operation from your appliances inside appliance it is very the food storage important to carefully compartments of read these instructions. the appliance, unless •...
  • Page 7: Electrical Requirements

    Beko authorised Electrical service agent. requirements Warning! This Before insert...
  • Page 8: Energy Saving Tips

    Colour replacement fuse cover must be the same colour GREEN & 6mm. as that visible on the pin YELLOW GREEN face of the plug. Fuse BROWN covers are available from 22mm. BLUE any good electrical store. BLACK Important! Fitting A CORD GRIP Different Plug 1.
  • Page 9: Compliance With Weee Directive And Disposing Of The Waste Product

    and ensure they are symbol for waste closed properly after electrical and electronic each opening. equipment (WEEE).This product has been 4. Defrost frozen manufactured with high food in the fridge quality parts and compartment, so that materials which can be frozen food acts as an reused and are suitable ice pack to assist cooling...
  • Page 10: Package Information

    Package information Packaging materials of the product are manufactured from recyclable materials in accordance with our National Environment Regulations. Do not dispose of the packaging materials together with the domestic or other wastes. Take them to the packaging material collection points designated by the local authorities.
  • Page 11: Installation

    Do not allow children to play with 5. When positioning your the appliance or tamper with the appliance take care not to damage controls. Beko declines to accept any your flooring, pipes, wall coverings liability should the instructions not be etc.
  • Page 12 at the advised setting [4 - four on 5. The fridge/freezer should the control] the frozen food in the be located on a smooth surface. freezer will not defrost even if the The two front feet can be adjusted ambient temperature falls as low as as required.
  • Page 13: Replacing The Interior Light Bulb

    Replacing The Interior Light Bulb Should the light fail to work, proceed as follows. 1. Switch off at the socket outlet and pull out the mains plug. 2. You may find it useful to remove shelves for easy access. 3. Use a flat tipped screwdriver to remove the light diffuser cover by inserting the blade in each of the two recesses to prise off each side.
  • Page 14: Reversing The Doors

    Reversing The Doors 4. Gently tilt the appliance back against a strong wall on its rear side We recommend that you reverse sufficiently to allow the lower hinge doors before switching on for the first to be removed. Take care to protect time.
  • Page 15 12. Reposition left hand side feet upright and adjust the two front feet on the opposite side.(10) if necessary. 21. Check that doors open and Unscrew and remove the bottom close easily, they are aligned correctly door hinge pin bushing/door and that there are no gaps allowing stopper using a cross-headed ir into the cabinet.
  • Page 16: Reversing The Doors

    Reversing the doors Proceed in numerical order (13) 45 ° 180°...
  • Page 17: Before Operating

    Before operating Final Check Before you start using the fridge/ freezer check that: 8. Front edges of the cabinet may 1. The feet have been adjusted feel warm. This is normal. These areas for perfect levelling. are designed to be warm to avoid 2.
  • Page 18: Using Your Refrigerator

    Using your refrigerator Temperature Control And Adjustment Operating temperatures We recommend that you check controlled by the thermostat (see the temperature with an accurate diagram) located on the ceiling of thermometer to ensure that the fridge compartment. Settings may be storage compartments are kept to the made from min, 1 ...
  • Page 19: Suggested Arrangement Of Food In The Fridge/Freezer

    Suggested Arrangement storage of pre-frozen food. The Of Food In The Fridge/ recommendation for storage Freezer as stated on the food packaging should be observed at all times. 3. Cooked dishes must be stored in airtight covered containers. 4. Fresh wrapped produce can be placed on the shelf.
  • Page 20: Storing Frozen Food

    Freezing Fresh Food 12. Do not leave frozen food at room temperature to thaw; the best Please observe following way to defrost food is to put it in the instructions to obtain the best results. fridge to thaw slowly. Make sure you Do not freeze too large a quantity at avoid defrosting food or food juices any one time.
  • Page 21: Defrosting

    Defrosting B) Freezer Compartment The freezer compartment defrosts A) Fridge Compartment automatically. The fridge compartment defrosts Warnings! automatically. The defrosting water • The fan inside the freezer runs to the drain tube via a collection compartment circulates cold air. container at the back of the appliance Never insert any object through the (1).
  • Page 22: Maintenance And Cleaning

    Maintenance and cleaning ** We recommend that you switch ** To remove a freezer drawer, off the appliance at the socket outlet pull it as far as possible, and then and pull out the mains plug before tilt it upwards, and then pull it out cleaning.
  • Page 23: Do's And Don'ts

    Do's and Don'ts Do- Clean your appliance regularly (See Do- Wrap frozen food when you buy it “Cleaning and Care”) and put it in to the freezer as soon Do- Keep raw meat and poultry below as possible. cooked food and dairy products. Do- Defrost food in the fridge Do- Take off any unusable leaves on compartment.
  • Page 24: Problem Solvıng

    Problem Solvıng Don’t- Freeze fizzy drinks. Don’t- Try to keep frozen food which If the appliance does not operate has thawed, it should be eaten when switched on, check whether: within 24 hours or cooked and • The plug is inserted properly in the refrozen.
  • Page 25: Guarantee Details

    . • The cost of functional replacement parts, but excluding consumable items. • The labour costs of a Beko approved repairer to carry out the repair. What is not covered? • Transit, delivery or accidental damage or misuse and abuse.
  • Page 26: How To Obtain Service

      Otherwise please call the appropriate number above where service can be obtained at a charge. Should you experience any di culty in obtaining service please contact the Beko Customer Help-Line. Tel: 0845 6004911 e-mail:
  • Page 27 BEKO plc Beko House 1 Greenhill Crescent Watford Hertfordshire WD18 8QU el: 0845 6004911 Fax: 0845 6004922 e-mail: 57 5343 0000 website: www

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