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Replacing The Lamp - Epson PowerLite 740c User Manual

Epson powerlite 740c: product information
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Epson PowerLite 740c Projector

Replacing the Lamp

The projection lamp typically lasts for about 2000 hours of use
(in High Brightness mode) or 3000 hours (in Low Brightness
mode). It is time to replace the lamp when:
The projected image gets darker or starts to deteriorate.
warning light is flashing orange.
The message
Replace the Lamp
the lamp comes on. To maintain brightness and image
quality, replace the lamp as soon as possible.
You can check how many hours the lamp has been used in the Info
Turn the projector off when not in use. Continuous use may reduce
the overall life of the product.
Contact your dealer or call Epson at (800) 873-7766 in the
United States for a replacement lamp. Request part number
. In Canada, please call (800) 463-7766 to locate a
Follow these steps to replace the lamp:
1. Press the P
button twice to turn off the projector.
When the P
light stops flashing, unplug the power
2. If the projector has been on, allow it to cool down for at least
an hour (or until the lamp is cool).
Let the lamp cool before replacing it. If the lamp breaks, handle
the shards carefully to avoid injury.
3. Turn the projector over. Press in on the tabs and lift up the
lamp cover.
Epson PowerLite 740c Projector
appears on the screen when
4. Loosen the two screws holding the lamp in place (you don't
need to remove them).
5. Hold the lamp as shown and pull it straight out.
6. Gently insert the new lamp. (If it doesn't fit easily, make sure
it is facing the right way.)
This product includes a lamp component that contains mercury
(Hg). Please consult your state and local regulations regarding
disposal or recycling. Do not put it in the trash.
Do not touch the glass portion of the lamp assembly. Touching
the glass could result in premature lamp failure.
7. Once the lamp is fully inserted, tighten its screws.
8. Insert the two cover tabs, then press down on the cover until
it snaps into place.
9. Reset the lamp timer as described in the next section.


Table of Contents

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