Epson ELPDC05 Technical Brief
Epson ELPDC05 Technical Brief

Epson ELPDC05 Technical Brief

Epson technical brief for multimedia projectors
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This technical brief provides detailed information on the following topics, related to all EPSON multimedia
Image quality
Image Quality—Superior brightness
All EPSON multimedia projectors include EPSON's integrated LCD prism technology. This technology is centered
on EPSON's patented optical engine.
EPSON's engine includes 3-panel Poly-Silicon TFT LCD's:
Size ranging from 1.32 inches to 0.9 inches
Resolutions from SVGA to XGA to SXGA.
Improvements in the precision of this LCD structure has allowed
EPSON projectors to reach a superior level of brightness with a
combination of these five technologies, included in most EPSON

1. UHE lamp:

The long-life Ultra High Efficiency (UHE) lamp uses a shorter arc
length. This shorter length is the primary factor in achieving higher

2. Polarization conversion:

EPSON's technology has improved the amount of parallel light
that moves through the LCD panels. More light passes through
each LCD because it is polarized without a filter.
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Image clarity
Keystone correction
EPSON SizeWise™ resizing technology
Flexible controls
ELP Link IV software
Flexible installation
EasyMP and
Parallel light beam
EPSON and EPSON Stylus are registered trademarks of Seiko Epson Corporation.
Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
Non-parallel light beam
Three-panel design:
EPSON-made Poly-Silicon LCD's are
manufactured to the highest standards.


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Summary of Contents for Epson ELPDC05

  • Page 1 Contents This technical brief provides detailed information on the following topics, related to all EPSON multimedia projectors: Image quality Brightness Image clarity Keystone correction EPSON SizeWise™ resizing technology Flexible controls Versatility ELP Link IV software Flexible installation EasyMP and Image Quality—Superior brightness...
  • Page 2 MLA is a layer of the LCD composed of quartz crystal lenses. Each pixel has a dedicated lens that focuses and maximizes the throughput of light from the lamp. MLA allows more light to pass through each pixel, more than twice the light of LCD's of two years ago. (Not included on all EPSON projectors.) 5. "Metal Sandwich" technology: A light shield of metal between the pixels blocks the light leakage.
  • Page 3 This technology allows little or no shift between the LCD panels and the prism, which keeps the pixel alignment precise and the image sharp and clear. Image quality—Keystone correction Many EPSON projectors provide keystone correction, which allows you to correct up to a ±20 tilt while maintaining the correct aspect ratio.
  • Page 4 SVGA Versatility—Flexible controls Each EPSON projector can be controlled by the included infrared remote control and control panel. You use the remote control from virtually any point in the room because the projector has infrared receivers in the front and back of the projector.
  • Page 5 Technical Brief—Multimedia projectors Page 5 Versatility—ELP Link IV software EPSON's ELP Link IV software, which customizes projector controls, comes standard or optional with EPSON projectors and allows you to: 1. Customize remote control buttons to: Draw lines, ellipses, squares, and bars...
  • Page 6 Page 6 Versatility—EasyMP and EasyMP and are available on a select few of EPSON's multimedia projectors. EPSON's EasyMP allows presenters to give presentations without using a computer. All you have to do is: Create a presentation in Microsoft ®...

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