Installation Instructions; Mounting Options - Cisco Meraki MT20 Installation Manual

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Installation Instructions

NOTE: Each MT20 comes with an instruction pamphlet within the box. This pamphlet contains detailed step-by-step guides and images to assist you
in the physical installation of the sensors.
Choosing Your Mounting Location
Ideal mounting locations:
1. Doors and rack enclosures with a flushed frame. In this scenario, the installation is pretty straightforward, and
either mounting options can be used.
Sliding doors. The MT20 can also be installed on sliding doors with up to 2 cm of Z-axis separation between the sensor and the magnet enclosure or with
the use of the included 90° magnet mount.
The picture above shows the ideal mounting locations and also the acceptable distance for the most accurate results.
NOTE: If the magnet is too close to the sensor or has been incorrectly placed, the sensor will be put in an alerting mode for Device Tampering
Detected. Make sure there's at least a 5 mm gap between the sensor and the magnet.

Mounting Options

For most mounting scenarios, the MT20 has flexible options to provide quick and simple mounting. Start by removing the battery compartment cover by
unscrewing it from the grey panel. Insert the AA batteries into the battery compartment.


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