D-Link DMP-90 User Manual
D-Link DMP-90 User Manual

D-Link DMP-90 User Manual

Mp3 music player


MP3 Music Player
Please read all instructions in this User's Guide before using the
product and keep it in a safe place for future reference.


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  • Page 1 MP3 Music Player DMP-90 USER'S GUIDE Please read all instructions in this User's Guide before using the product and keep it in a safe place for future reference.
  • Page 2 Period shall extend for an additional ninety (90) days after any repaired or replaced Hardware is delivered. If a material defect is incapable of correction, or if D-Link determines in its sole discretion that it is not practical to repair or replace the defective Hardware, the price paid by the original purchaser for the defective Hardware will be refunded by D-Link upon return to D- Link of the defective Hardware.
  • Page 3 Software is delivered. If a material non-conformance is incapable of correction, or if D-Link determines in its sole discretion that it is not practical to replace the non-conforming Software, the price paid by the original licensee for the non- conforming Software will be refunded by D-Link;...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    DMP-90 Accessories DMP-90 Player Controls The DMP-90 Smart Media card Connecting DMP-90 Player to PC Initializing Internal Memory Smar t Media card Downloading Files from PC to DMP-90 Power On/Off Key Lock Playing MP3 files Selecting the desired MP3 file...
  • Page 6: What Is Mp3

    PC to the DMP-90. The DMP-90 stores all your music files in flash memory. The DMP-90 stores up to 1/4 hour of MP3 music compressed at 128 Kbps for your listening pleasure. Also, skipping is eliminated due to the DMP-90's’solid state components and design.
  • Page 7: Installing Dmp-90.Exe File

    INSTALLING the DMP-90.exe File 1. Turn on your PC. 2. Insert the installation CD. 3. Open setup.exe in the CD-Rom driver. 4. The welcome screen pops up. Click "Next". 5. Read the License Agreement. Click "Yes" to agree to it.
  • Page 8: Dmp-90 Player Controls

    DMP-90 Player CONTROLS PCMCIA port Play/Pause/Power on PR/Last Track Stop/Power off FF/Next Track Eject (Smart Media Card eject) Eject lock switch Battery Cell Earphone Jack MEMO REPEAT RECORD RANDOM 0 1.45:28 INT EXT FULL MEMONY REMAIN SECONDS NORMAL BATTERY MBYTES...
  • Page 9: The Dmp-90 Smart Media Card

    The expansion card, purchased separately, enables you to store more MP3 files and extend the DMP-90’s playing time. Note: external memory is not included in your DMP-90. The card that comes installed in the device is only a place holder for a Smart Media card.
  • Page 10: Connecting Dmp-90 Player To Pc

    CONNECTING the DMP-90 to a PC 1. Power off the DMP-90 before connecting it to a PC. 2. To download MP3 files from your PC to the DMP-90, the player must be connected to your PC. The DMP-90 connects to your PC through the parallel port.
  • Page 11: Initializing Internal Memory Smar T Media Card

    INITIALIZING INTERNAL MEMORY OR SMART MEDIA CARD Open the DMP-90.exe file in the PC. You must initialize the memory before attempting to download files. To copy files from your PC to the DMP-90, select the desired memory (Built-in flash Memory or Smart Media Card) by clicking on the icon of [card memory].
  • Page 12: Downloading Files From Pc To Dmp-90

    Click the "Detect or "Check song " button once to check the download Mp3 files. DELETE MP3 FILES IN THE DMP-90 PLAYER 1. Connect the DMP-90 player and the PC with the connecting cable. 2. Open the DMP-90.exe file. 3. Select the desired MP3 file.
  • Page 13: Power On/Off

    POWER ON/OFF Power on the player by pressing and holding the PLAY button Press the STOP ( turn off the player. KEY LOCK Press "Menu" button and then press STOP ( keys. To free the keys, press " MENU" button and then press STOP ( ) twice to ) to lock...
  • Page 14: Playing Mp3 Files

    Playing Music on your DMP-90 You must load the music you want to play into the DMP-90 To play the MP3 files stored in the built-in memory select "INT MEMORY". To play the MP3 files stored in the Smart Media card, select "EXT MEMORY".
  • Page 15: Selecting The Desired Mp3 File

    SELECTING THE DESIRED MP3 FILE Use the "FORWARD"( button to select the desired track. The MP3 files stored in the built-in memory will be played before those in the Smart Media card. STARTING PLAYBACK FROM THE MIDDLE OF MP3 FILE Press the "FORWARD"( for searching track.
  • Page 16: Repeat

    REPEAT Press the "REPEAT" button and select either " REPEAT 1", "REPEAT All" or playing. To repeat the current track, select "Repeat one". To repeat all the tracks, select "All". RANDOM Press the "RANDOM" button once to play tracks randomly. Press the "RANDOM" button again to cancel the random mode.
  • Page 17: Selecting Internal Memory/Exter Nal Memory

    SELECTING INTERNAL OR EXTERNAL MEMORY When the player is in stop mode, press MENU button once and then press PLAY button( once to select internal memory or external memory. VOLUME Increase and decrease volume. Press (+) or (-) to increase/decrease volume. REPEAT RANDOM MENU...
  • Page 18: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING If the DMP-90 does not work, check the following before calling for service DMP-90 does not work or nothing is displayed on the LCD: Check the capacity of the batteries, one 1.5V AA-size battery is required. Make sure the battery is inserted into correct polarity (+) and (-).
  • Page 19: Warning

    DMP-90. However, dropping or placing heavy objects on it may cause it to malfunction. Do not get the DMP-90 wet. Wipe the DMP-90 immediately with a dry cloth it any water gets on it. Storing the DMP-90 player. Do not store the DMP-90 in an area with high humidity, strong magnetic fields or high heat.
  • Page 20: Warranty

    Smart Media Card The Smart media Card is a smart media Flash Memory Card with the DMP-90 MP3 player's physical format. User(s) can purchase a standard Smart Media card and format it for the by DMP-90 Mp3 to increase the memory.
  • Page 21: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS Memory S/N ratio Harmonic distortion : <0.1% Max. Output Frequency Range Power Display Slot Transmission Rate : 400kbps Interface Dimensions Weight : 16MB Built-In, Expandable with Smart Media : >90dB : 15mW (16 ohm) : 20Hz-20 kHz : AA 1.5V x 1 : LCD : 1 slot for Smart Media Card : 15pins PCMCIA Port...
  • Page 22: Appendix

    APPENDIX If the DMP-90 can't be detected by DMP-90.exe while it's still turned on, it is likely that your computer is using a non-compliant Parallel Port setting. The DMP-90 requires that you have an ECP-compliant Parallel port. Parallel ports are typically used for the connection of a printer. As a result the computer industry has a number of communication methods that have changed over the years for the Parallel port.
  • Page 23 (COM & LPT) D) At this point a line should read "ECP Printer Port (LPT1)". If it does and the unit still does not function, please contact D-Link Technical Support at (949)788-0805 or ustech@dlink.com. If it does not read ECP, please go to...
  • Page 24 (2) How do I set my Parallel Port to ECP? The DMP-90 requires your Parallel port to be set to ECP to function properly. Most computers will allow you to change this setting in the BIOS. Please note that most users are not comfortable with changing BIOS settings and D-Link does not recommend that you change your BIOS settings as it may cause your computer to stop functioning.

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