D-Link DMP-110 User Manual

D-link dmp-110 32mb mp3 player/recorder user's manual
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32MB MP3 Player/Recorder
User's Manual
Rev. 01 (Sep. 2000)


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  • Page 1 DMP-110 32MB MP3 Player/Recorder User’s Manual Rev. 01 (Sep. 2000)
  • Page 2 FCC Certifications This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.
  • Page 3: Limited Warranty

    Power Supplies and Fans Spare parts and spare kits D-Link’s sole obligation shall be to repair or replace the defective Hardware at no charge to the original owner. Such repair or replacement will be rendered by D-Link at an Authorized D-Link Service Office.
  • Page 4 Software is delivered. If a material non-conformance is incapable of correction, or if D-Link determines in its sole discretion that it is not practical to replace the non-conforming Software, the price paid by the original licensee for the non- conforming Software will be refunded by D-Link;...
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    DMP-110... 1 PECIFICATION ACKAGE ONTENTS DMP-110 D IAGRAM YSTEM EQUIREMENTS PC ... 3 ONNECTING TO Caution: ... 3 MP3 M ANAGER NSTALLATION AND Installing MP3 Manager... 4 Installing Drivers... 7 Using MP3 Manager ... 10 MP3 File Management ... 11 Download MP3 Files ...11...
  • Page 7: Dmp-110

    Support all MPEG 1 bit rates * Please note: The DMP-110 can access a maximum combination of 128 tracks of MP3 and Voice files. The DMP-110 can access a maximum of 99 tracks of MP3 or Voice files when only one format is stored in memory.
  • Page 8: Dmp-110 Diagram

    DMP-110 Earphone Installation Software CD User's Manual USB Cable 2 AAA-Size Batteries DMP-110 Diagram The diagram below shows the controls and some of the features of the DMP-110, see Figure 1. Figure 1: Diagram of the DMP-110...
  • Page 9: System Requirements

    To download MP3 files from PC to DMP-110, the DMP-110 must be connected to the PC's USB port. 1.Turn on the DMP-110 and plug the provided USB cable into the data port of the DMP-110. 2. Connect the USB cable provided to the USB port of your PC.
  • Page 10: Installing Mp3 Manager

    MP3 Music Web Sites where MP3 songs, technologies, and resources can be obtained. Installing MP3 Manager Follow these steps to install the MP3 Manager for the DMP-110: 1. Insert the MP3 Manager installation CD into your CD-ROM drive. The Auto Play feature will start the disc automatically.
  • Page 11 2. The Welcome screen appears. Click Next Click Yes Please select the directory which you wish to install the program. Click Next to accept the default destination folder or click Browse to select another folder. The D-Link recommends using the default directory.
  • Page 12 Click Next Choose which software type you want to install. Select the type and click Next. When all the installation procedure is completed, click on the Finish button to exit the setup program.
  • Page 13: Installing Drivers

    Click Finish Installing Drivers Verify that “Specify the location of the driver (Advanced)” is checked. Click Next 2. Click “Search for the best driver for your device (Recommended)” and verify that “Removable Media” and “Specify a location” are checked.
  • Page 14 Browse to the location of the CD ROM if necessary and click Next Verify that “The updated software (Recommended)” is checked. Click Next to continue Click Next to accept the default destination folder or click Browse to select another folder.
  • Page 15 Click Next Clic k “Finish” to complete the installation. Click Finish to complete the installation Click Start > Settings > Control Panel > System > Device Manager tab > click on the plus (+) sign to the left of Universal Serial Bus controllers to verify that the drivers have been installed correctly.
  • Page 16: Using Mp3 Manager

    Launch the MP3 Manager by choosing the MP3 Manager icon from the desktop, Start menu or in the Program Manager. Then MP3 Manager Main Screen appears as Figure 2. * Please note: You must power on the DMP-110 and then connect to the PC before launching the MP3 Manager program.
  • Page 17: Mp3 File Management

    Figure 2: DMP-110 MP3 Manager Main Screen MP3 File Management Download MP3 Files Follow these steps to download your MP3 Files from PC to the DMP- 110: From Main Screen, please select the "MP3" tab and the memory of the DMP-110.
  • Page 18: Mp3 Files Index

    All files are re-indexed. Managing Voice Files Download DVR Files Follow these steps to download DVR files from PC to the DMP-110: From Main Screen, please select the "DVR" tab and the memo ry of the DMP-110. Search for and select the target folder. Select the target files from the right window on Main Screen.
  • Page 19: Dvr File Index

    DVR File Index Follow these steps to use the DVR File Index: Select desired files from the DMP-110. Click files will be re-indexed. Others Initialize Internal Memory Click icon to re-format the internal memory. Please Note: This will remove all the files from internal memory.
  • Page 20: Lcd Display Overview

    LCD Display Overview EQ Mode: Indicates Equalizer modes: Flat, Classic, Rock, Jazz and H.Metal. Battery Status: Flashes when the capacity of batteries is low. Hold: Indicates when the Hold switch is enabled. IN / EX Mode: Indicates whether internal memory or external SmartMedia Card is selected.
  • Page 21: Voice Recording

    Press the stop button to stop recording. The DMP-110 will automatically generate a new track if one voice file extends into internal and external flash memory. This will create two separate tracks for the one voice file.
  • Page 22: Troubleshooting

    Press the Erase button twice to delete the voice file. The playback sequence of voice files will be re -index after the file is erased. The DMP-110 is able to delete a voice file during playback. The file length must be at least 5 seconds. Troubleshooting DMP -110 cannot play back files: The files may be corrupted.
  • Page 23: Memory

    DMP -110 powers OFF due to high static electricity. This may occur in very dry climates when first making contact with the DMP-110. The DMP-110 is designed to shut down in this situation to protect itself. To reset the DMP-110, press PLAY to turn the DMP-110 back on and continue to use.
  • Page 24: Technical Support

    D-Link "International support services. D-Link Technical Support hours are 6 a.m to 6 p.m. (PST). We can be reached by telephone at 949-788-0805, by e-mail at ustech@dlink.com, or with the form below. If your product was purchased through D-Link Shop (www.d - linkshop.com) within 30 days or less, please visit D-Link Shop at...
  • Page 25: Specifications

    Specifications Memory Capacity Built-in 32 MB memory Memory Slot SmartMedia Card slot LCD Display TN-type, 37x25 (mm) Signal to Noise Ratio: 90dB Earphone Output 5 mWx2 Frequency Range 20Hz ~ 20KHz Battery 2 x AAA (Alkaline type recommended) Dimensions 65 x 89 x 17 mm Weight: 80g (Without batteries)
  • Page 27 TEL: 39 -02-2900-0676 FAX: 39 -02-2900 -1723 URL: www.dlink.it E-MAIL: info@dlink.it JAPAN D-LINK JAPAN 10F, 8 -8-15 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa -ku, Tokyo 141 Japan TEL: 81 -3-5434 -9678 FAX: 81-3-5434-9868 URL: www.d-link.co.jp E-MAIL: kida@d-link.co.jp RUSSIA D-LINK RUSSIA Michurinski Prospekt 49, 117607 Moscow, Russia TEL: 7-095 -737-3389, 7-095-737 -3492 FAX: 7 -095-737-3390 E-MAIL: vl@dlink.ru...
  • Page 28 Engineering oManufacturing oRetail/Chainstore/Wholesale o Government oTransportation/Utilities/Communication oVAR oSystem house/company oOther________________________________ 9. Would you recommend your D-Link product to a friend? oYes oNo oDon't know yet 10.Your comments on this product? Registration Card * Product installed in type of computer (e.g., Compaq 486)

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